4 Apps To Elevate Network Marketing Success

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4 Apps To Elevate Network Marketing Success

We live in a world of technology and apps. Every day it seems like there is a new app to download or a new app to try out. This can become overwhelming and a bit confusing!

Network Marketers are supposed to Network. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, networking can be awkward for everyone. Thankfully, technology today has provided us with apps to help us become better networkers and create Network Marketing Success.

With all of the clutter in the app store, below are 4 apps that will elevate your Network Marketing business to success!


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Here are 4 Apps To Elevate Network Marketing Success:

1. Meetup

One of the most difficult yet essential tasks for success in Network Marketing is finding people that are interested in your product or opportunity. Once the warm market is exhausted, where do you go next?

Meetup is an app that helps you identify and meet up with people near you that share the same interests!

Whether you are looking to find people as passionate about your Network Marketing company or looking to simply make friends in a new city, there’s a Meetup group waiting for you.

2. Humin

Has a familiar face ever approached you and you felt like you should know the persons name but you completely forgot? Maybe even felt embarrassed? This can happen to Network Marketers especially when you start going to company events! Humin is the answer.

Humin is an app that stores your contacts but has an unorthodox way of searching for them. Instead of searching for a persons first or last name, you can search for things via the way you think i.e. ‘met last week’ or ‘met at company event’.

3. Buffer

Top Network Marketers tend to utilize multiple social media platforms. This can get hectic when you need to create a Facebook update, send a tweet, post an Instagram, and pin a tweet!

Buffer is an app that helps you organize all of your social medias on one, single platform. Any link, video, text, or image you want to share, just add it to your Buffer!

Buffer comes with scheduling too so you can be in the moment and plan out your social media posts for the next few days.

4. Periscope

There is no better way to utilize attraction marketing than through the Periscope app.

Periscope gives you the ability to live broadcast from your phone at any time, any where in the world. Each live broadcast integrates social features so you can see people join, leave hearts, and communicate! Live broadcasts and comments are real time. When the live broadcast ends, replays are made available for only 24 hours.

Periscope is great for team trainings and leveraging your lifestyle!

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