14: Jessica Nelson – Raise The Bar

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Jessica Bowser Nelson got into the marketing agency accidentally five years ago. After struggling for the first five months, she has since become a seven figure earner with her company while helping a lot of people on her team with complete financial freedom. Jessica has grown her entire business on social media and is known for her emphasis on team culture and helping people realize their potential in life and business. She is here today on Network Marketing Nation to share her 6 and 7 figure success story with you.

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Network Marketing Nation, Episode Fourteen

Jessica Nelson 0:03 – 0:13

When you raise the bar people would rise to it and that’s my favorite thing about life when you just encourage people to do more than they did yesterday and they show up.

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You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Alright I’m extremely excited. I’m here on the line with Jessica Bowser Nelson and I’ve been looking for this interview. A little bit about Jessica Bowser Nelson got into the marketing agency accidentally five years ago. After struggling for the first five months, she has since become a seven figure earner with her company while helping a lot of people on her team with complete financial freedom. Jessica has grown hen entire business on social media and is known for her emphasis on team culture and helping people realize their potential in life and business. She is here today with Network Marketing Nation to share her six and seven figure success story with you. Jessica what’s going on are you ready to rock and roll?

Jessica Nelson 1:45-1:47

I am. I’m so excited to be here.

Vince Reed 1:47-2:12

I’m so pumped for this and I’m going to be utilizing this time to ask you a lot of questions but also fitness tips as I get to see each and every morning when I do my insanity max workout. So, we’ll definitely talk about that in a second. Obviously your story is amazing, is there anything that you to share with everyone who’s listening and fill in the blanks of anything I’ve missed?

Jessica Nelson 2:14-3:08

Yeah, I’m sure people ask how did you start it accidentally and that was my story. When I started, I was simply looking for a discount on some products and I really had no idea that I got into network marketing which is kind of funny because I’m one of those people that had this huge resistance to MLM or anything of that nature. So, literally when I found out I was so disappointed because I was so like “Oh no I was one of those crazy MLM. What am I going to tell my parents. I got to go hide”. It was pretty crazy but now you know I’m a million dollar earner and it literally has transformed my entire life. If I had known what I was doing I would have not been talking to you today. So, I’m thankful I didn’t know and things turned out how they did.

Vince Reed 3:09-3:37

That’s awesome. So, you did kind of what they told you and money started to appear. It’s pretty cool. Now, I like to start off with this question because you’ve earned seven figures which is awesome.

People dream about making that kind of money in their business and you’re doing it, share with everyone listening on how that feels because was it something that you set out to do or is it just kind of happened?
Jessica Nelson 3:38- 4:35

It definitely is mind blowing because obviously I wasn’t even planning on working this as a business, so it wasn’t what I set out to do. I have always had big dreams and inspirations. I’m sure anyone listening wouldn’t argue with if you were making that kind of money. What’s truly amazing about it though is not just the number in my bank account but what makes the biggest difference is how I’m getting to live a life that’s so fulfilling and I’m going to affect other people on so many levels. Then to get paid with that kind of money is just seriously humbling and makes me grateful every single day that I get to do this because I definitely just don’t take it and tried. I’m much honored to be in a position I’m in and I just take it very seriously but it’s definitely mind blowing for sure.

Vince Reed 4:36- 4:57

Just a side note to people listening do you think that it’s something that can be achieved by pretty much anyone because sometimes people say “I don’t know if a million dollars is something I can do” and I know for me I never got started saying I was going to make millions I just kind of got started. I would say I believe anyone who would put their mind can do it, do you feel the same?

Jessica Nelson 4:58- 5:33

I do and actually I’m very passionate because I always said that especially in networking marketing any one can do this and hear people say that’s it not for everyone. I disagree with that because like you said I feel like if you put your mind to it and if you’re coachable and willing to do what it takes that anyone can say 100% do this. I didn’t start out way either but as I heard other people doing it as your mind set grows you do realize why not me and that was kind of what happened and drove me.

Vince Reed 5:34-6:04

That’s awesome. So, you’ve had a lot of success, you’re using social media, you’re doing some awesome things and I’ve got a chance to actually see you speak live which was awesome.

Tell everyone why they should join your team.

Is there anything that you would do, any systems in place, any philosophies that you’ve incorporated that make your team a desirable place and may be you can kind of hint on things other people could do to their organizations a place where people would want to join.

Jessica Nelson 6:05- 7:26

Sure. A couple of years ago when I was reading personal development I came across a statistic that stated that 90% of the people believe they’re incapable of great things and that just hit me so hard. It was actually so disappointing to know we live in a life full of people that don’t believe that they’re capable of doing great things. So I kind of just formulated my team culture around that very concept to let people realize what they’re capable of literally from the inside out. I just transformed that into my business not just hitting about numbers or making a pay check, it’s about so much more than that to me and I would rather people who would truly change their life and have something that’s sustainable and that trickles into their relationship into their business into their everything and that’s what I feel what sets my team apart but what I really feel is so vital that everyone can use to create a community of people where they know you have their back. They know you’re there to support them, to lift them up, to encourage them because they’re going to have bad days as everybody does. Every business does. I think a safe haven to go to and be encouraged and uplifted is vital for longevity and for people to thrive because we just don’t have unfortunately in our everyday lives that frequently.

Vince Reed 7:27-7:54

That’s awesome and that’s the cool thing about this industry like I feel the people I mean think about if you work about 9 to 5 are worried about keeping their jobs so the last thing they’re willing to do is help you be more successful. In here, you’re in industry where the more you actually help people, the more you make and you’ve clearly got that down to a size. So, kudos to you.

Any tips for someone that they can do like immediately to get stared so that they can kind of build that team culture?
Jessica Nelson 7:55- 8:42

Yeah, my number one tip would be to find something where you can have a system in a place because I’m about systems that you’re using your time wisely but have something that you can bring into team that you can recognize so the team knows what to do and kind of set apart and everyone has a common vision, goal and mission. As your team starts to hit team goal raise the bar because I’m telling you when you raise the bar people would rise to it and that is my favorite thing about life when you encourage people to do more than they did yesterday and they show up, so that would be my number one tip. Find an indicator in your business that effects the bottom line to get the whole team on board towards that similar goal.

Vince Reed 8:42-9:00

That’s a great advice and with that advice it brings me to the next question.

What piece of advice would you have given to yourself if you can get started all over again, as in when you got started?

Is there anything that you would have whispered in your ear if knowing what you know now that you would tell your self today?

Jessica Nelson  9:01-9:47

It would definitely be to remove myself from the outcome. If I could have done that sooner because once you realized that I feel like your unstoppable but you know as humans we want people to say yes to us, we want to feel accepted and we want to be feel liked but when you are able to separate yourself from that and share regardless from this opportunity, I feel like your success is going to be expedited so much faster so I had to take some time to learn that and get defeated of course at first. As you’ve said, I wasn’t making money for the first couple of months so it would take me a while to catch my strive before I realized that was kind of the process and not take it personal. So, that would have been the best advice I would have given myself.

Vince Reed 9:47- 10:19

Absolutely. I mean everyone kind of goes through that in the beginning and a lot of it is going from trading your time for money to now you have all the time in the world and you get out of it what you put into it.  I think not even knowing if you’re even doing it right.

So, this is one of my best question to ask how your first sponsor recruited you on their team. I know you said you accidentally got it in but how did that happen? Walk us through that process.
Jessica Nelson 10:20- 12:00

Yeah so it was really kind of funny because in my business we have online fitness coaches so when you create an account you get an online fitness coach so I would get random messages from this random person encouraging me along my fitness journey. If I ever had a question  I would just message this women now in my mind, I have no idea if this is just a crazy hairy man on the other end whom I shouldn’t be even talking to but I would shoot a question whenever I had them. So, I was actually doing the insanity workout and I was in month 2, if anyone has done month 2 of the insanity program it sucks. It’s like an hour long and I was drained. Honestly like life had gotten the best of me, I was drained at life. I was living with a lot of disappointment in myself and in my dreams where I allowed my life to go. My marriage was failing as well. Now, I’m doing this workout program that’s beating me in the ground and I was messaging the stranger in hopes that she has some solution for me. She recommended that I drink a shake. I was devastated because I didn’t want to one of those weird shake people and she knew also I was very thrifty so she said “what try it, you can send it back if you don’t like it even if you drink the whole thing” and I’m the kind of people who would totally do that. So I was like perfect I would buy this thing, I would rink it and I would send it back. So she encouraged me to become a rep in case I decided to keep it and that was how I started my journey in network marketing.

Vince Reed 12:01- 12:50

Awesome. So you started with the product first, it’s a huge advantage and I loved that. I need to get with you because I want to try one of those. Every day I get to see the commercial and I’ve never tried the product. By the way I mentioned earlier and this should be a good time, Jessica is actually in the fitness video for her company and I actually do the work out every day. When I was at an event recently she was the speaker there and I was like “You know what you were one of the people that I was actually really excited to meet. One, you’re an awesome entrepreneur and two, we work out every morning. I get to see you kicking my butt, so how cool is that just to be part of it.

We don’t have a lot of time but I guess how did that come about?
Jessica Nelson 12:51- 13:33

First, kudos to you for doing it because that’s no joke. You come out a champion that’s for sure. We already know you are one, so makes sense. It was really random, I actually, I’m a big believer in writing down goals and then training and big and writing down big scary goals too. And randomly and for absolutely no reason, about two years ago on my… I have a dream board that I’m going to be on a workout program with Sean T and about a year later I saw an ad on Facebook actually, it was in 3 days there was an audition. I bought a plane ticket, I flew to New York, and I made it and I moved there.

Vince Reed 13:34 – 13:35

Wow you moved to New York?

Jessica Nelson 13:36- 13:50

Yea I moved to New York in two months because you were supposed to live there to be in it, you know, because it’s a month long process. Well luckily I got a live a life by my design, so just consider me having been a resident of New York.

Vince Reed 13:50 – 14:16

That is and that’s even makes the story even better. How awesome is that? So cool. So, love doing that. By the way and you guys have not got max thirty, reach out to her and that’ll change your life, it’s tough but it’s definitely worth it. Awesome, so you know, you got in, you got the cake and I’m assuming at that point you were in the business.

And then how did you actually realize you were in a business where you can earn?
Jessica Nelson 14:17- 14:53

Well honestly, the shake, I didn’t want to pay for it, so I literally just assumed that, probably they just want to earn money by selling it to me, so I just started digging in to their policies and procedures to figure out how I could earn money as well. And then I thought, wait a minute, you know it’s just crazy how your vision grows. First I will like I’ll pay for it, now I was like wait a minute, what if I could get, you know earn a little more money. And then it was, you know what this is so much cooler than my job. What if I could really take this thing and run with it? That was kind of how the transition happened.

Vince Reed 14:54 – 15:16

Awesome. So you know, to earn seven figures in any industry, but specifically in the network marketing industry, clearly you have to face rejection. Every one’s going to tell you that.

So there’s a story that stands out, that there’s one where you just felt like it knocked the wind out of you and you’re just thinking man, this is tough. You want to share?
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Jessica Nelson 15:17- 17:24

For sure, I mean I think first and foremost, everyone needs to realize that. I mean I almost think it’s more about rejection than anything else. So I think so many times when you see that top earners, they just have it easy, but it’s more that they have resiliency. Because I’ve definitely been rejected over and over and over again. And one of my biggest rejections early on, my dad, he didn’t really understand my business, how I was doing it, you know, understanding issue. So he would try to help, so he would tell me I have a friend and he needs to lose weight. That was it. And next thing you know, I told dad, I meet with people, I work online, and I shoot those videos, I send them videos to help explain things I don’t ever, especially in my business because I don’t really have conversations with people. And he’s like well, I’m outside your house right now, so come get in the car, because I’m taking you to my friend’s office. So I am a very introvert person. I mean if you don’t know me, I’m very shy and reserved but I’m the kind of person that would rather be at the back of the classroom, not on the stage. So I am completely mortified that I know have to go talk to this man face to face. And I walk, but my dad is making me, so all of a sudden I’m like 12 years old again. And I’m doing whatever my dad tells me, so I go out, get in the car and he drives me to that man’s office. And literally, walks me in to this big corporate office. He’s sitting in this big, fancy chair, and the man says I need to lose my weight. What can you do for me? And I immediately say my company name and he just literally laughs in my face and says oh you’re in one of those things. He says that isn’t going to be around in about a year from now. And I just did not…I mean I was very new, my dad sitting there who was you know trying to impress Phil and I just literally wanted to disappear and I think I just stopped talking. I was like ok, you’re right never mind. Yea, it was horrible. I was rejected, I failed, the guy did not get started with me and I just went back home.

Vince Reed 17:25- 18:02

Wow. But she kept going and if you can get through that, you can make it to anything. And it’s funny you say you’re an introvert, because I am as well. And people always think, you speak on stage, you do things, and you have to be this really outgoing like I’m very much more comfortable just alone, like kind of doing my own thing. But I obviously we can adapt if we have to, which is interesting. You’re not the first person to say that what people on the outside might think you’re very outgoing. So I want to point that out because there may be people listening, and there are a lot of like I don’t know if I can go out in front of these people, because as you get more skills and you get more comfortable, you’ll be fine. So any comment on that?

Jessica Nelson (18:03- 18:27)

I totally agree. Because I get all time…you know when I tell people that, they don’t believe me. But I’m like well if you were in my head, or feeling the social anxiety or if it’s Friday night I would much rather just be at home with a movie than out with a crowd. So. And like you said, I mean it goes to show though, that anyone can do this. It’s a choice.

Vince Reed 18:28-18: 18:39

Awesome, awesome. So enough of the negative rejection talk. Let’s move into the positive, cool stuff.

You know, are there any stories of success that you want to share from yourself, in a moment that you felt extremely proud. And maybe a story that someone on your team that’s done some amazing things you want to highlight?
Jessica Nelson 18:40- 21:43

For sure. One of my stories of success. It was actually kind of a failure because I’m very big on failing forward and realizing that failure is a part or a stepping stone to success. But a couple of years ago, I literally was…I was kind of going through golden dreams in my head and what I wanted out of my business. And I realized, it was like light bulb moment, where I realized that I was selling myself short. And I never considered myself capable of being a top coach. Or a top rep or whatever. And I was kind of disappointed in myself like wait a minute, why do I believe that these people can do it, but I don’t believe that I can do it. So in that moment I decided to change my thinking and I went for top ten in my company. I wanted to finish that year, certain perimeters, it’s not necessarily the top ten earners but its top ten rank. And I decided I was going for it. And I hustled, I mean I worked, I did everything I could do. I didn’t want to feel like I had left anything on the table and I finished 12th. And remember of course when I got the news, I was devastated. But in hind sight, like that, this failure so to speak turned out to be one of my greatest successes, because for one, I pushed myself further than I thought and I could go, and I got further out of my comfort zone than I ever had. And I just expanded, my mind just realized that what you know, I can do this. And that helped me, tell other people how they can do it too. So although I didn’t hit my main goal, I think it’s more about who you become in the journey that necessarily getting from point A to point B because there’s never an end. There’s always a further destination. So I don’t think I would be a seven figure earner here today if I had not decided to just put it all out there and go for it. So that’s definitely one of my biggest successes. Personally, within from my team, that is so hard because I have so many amazing successes. One of them, probably one of my most recent one, is one of my teammates Casey, this gentleman was morbidly obese, and he had an autoimmune disease. He was literally, he had lost his job while in a hospitable bed with ten different medications. And needless to say his future was very grim. And he started his journey and he showed up every day and started working out for 25 minutes a day. And he has gone on to not only become one of the leaders on my team, but he also won the 100,000$ grand prize this past year for his fitness transformation. So it was just amazing to get to just be on the sidelines and see him transform. Not only and his physical body, but on the inside and in his business altogether. So that was probably one of my proudest moments and most exciting moments because we all got to be there, when they reveal the envelope and everything.

Vince Reed 21:44- 22:44

Absolutely love that. And I’ll point this out as I often do. It’s just amazing what happens when leaders and successful people share success of others. You can hear you voice elevate and you can just feel how proud you are. And I think that people when people think that you would make money, you don’t really think of that. So when you focus on the success others, you can make it happen and how cool is it that your business is making people successful literally in life, whether it’s not money or not. I mean you’re changing people’s lives and that’s awesome. So let’s here. Gosh that’s cool. So these two questions, they’re exactly the same but they couldn’t be more different. You know, what would you tell a person who’s started in network marketing. Let’s say they just got started, they just got their auto ship, and they just joined.

Are there any tips that you would give to a complete newbie just getting started?
Jessica Nelson 22:46 – 23:19

Definitely that you don’t have to do a lot. You have to do a little consistently. Because I think that when people get started, they’re over whelmed, they all lose hope. But they don’t know what to do or it’s just a lot. I think the best part about our industry is it’s not this huge thing that you have to do, it’s more about getting your snowball rolling and getting on the boat. So it’s more about showing up every day and doing small things and in turn, that will become big things. That’s probably my number one tip for a brand new person.

Vince Reed 23:20 – 23:43

Awesome, awesome.  And then on the other side, you get that person as tried, they’ve been on multiple companies. Maybe they’ve made a thousand dollars or two thousand a month and can’t quite get over the hump. And potentially they’re thinking about quitting, they’re questioning if this is even possible.

What would you tell that struggling veteran in network marketing to kind of help them get over the hump?
Jessica Nelson 23:44 – 24:47

Well that’s a tough one. I mean I think it’s so important especially when you’re a veteran, because I think sometimes, you know we’re used to the concept of time should equal success. You know seniority, I’ve been doing this for a year so therefor I should be more successful than the person doing it last. But that’s just not the case, especially in network marketing. So I’d encourage them to make sure they are going back to the basics. That they are being consistent, that they are working on themselves, you know I love this saying that your business will grow in proportion to how much you do. So I think a lot of times when you have been in longer and you see people succeeding faster, you know it’s very easy to fall into that trap of being jaded and somewhat bitter. And that’s 100% going to roll into your business.  So I would pull it way back and make sure that they’re not sabotaging themselves because typically, in my opinion if you are and you’re not getting the success that you want, there probably are some personal changes that you need to implement right away, to get your mind on the right track.

Vince Reed 24:48 – 25:26

Absolutely. So it’s really about that mindset right? I mean understanding that…you know also just for those of you, you could make add on to this, but for me, I always found that the most money came when…I thought I was going to make a lot of money, didn’t. Made adjustments and kept pushing through then the money came. It was weird. It was like the thing that I was most certain about you know this is definitely going to happen, never would, and it was that point where the average person would’ve quit and you keep pushing through that and then it happened. So what do you think? Would you agree to that or?

Jessica Nelson 25:27- 26:05

Yea that picture where that guy is chizelling through the hole and the diamonds are right on the other side and he quits, he tires out or whatever. It’s just like that. I just think that’s what separates the successful people from the unsuccessful. The successful people keep going when they don’t want to or when the signs are showing that success is around the corner, they just like you said, they push through. So that would definitely be someone, a struggling veteran to just keep going. Don’t have an end in mind, go all in because people sense that. If this is something that you’re “trying”, it’s not going to work, it has to be all or nothing in my opinion.

Vince Reed 26:06– 26:21

I agree, 100%. Awesome. I can’t wait to listen to this again, so much value. So that leads us to the time is money round. I’m going to be asking you a few questions here and you have to do your best to answer them in 60 seconds or less. So are you ready?

Jessica Nelson 26:22 – 26:23

All the questions or per question?

Vince Reed 26:23 – 26:38

Per questions. Hey not problem you can go a little over. We won’t penalize you.

Alright, so what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers getting started?

So this is there anything that can kind of help push their business out there?

Jessica Nelson 26:40 – 27:07

Yes. Be authentically you. Especially if you’re on social media, because so many times people join network marketing and all of a sudden transform into this spam robot. So I want you to talk the same way you talked before you joined. And figure out a way to be passionate about your company, about your product and how to share that with your friends just like you would if you went to an amazing dinner and saw a movie that you loved.

Vince Reed 27:08 – 27:13

Great. Great advice.

Alright so, who do you look up to a mentor entrepreneur?
Jessica Nelson 27:14– 27:42

Oh that’s tough. I have such a long list because I am such a personal development geek. Of course I love Tony Robin, Jem Ronse, Zig Ziggler, let’s see people that are still alive, I love Ray Higden, who has taught me so much. But pretty much any one that helps personal growth space, because like I said I’m pretty big on my business growing, so I know that I need to grow to attract better quality people and to keep going onward and upward.

Vince Reed 27:43- 27:59

Awesome. This one, this is the one where most people either run or most comfortable, or they don’t know how to approach it.

So how should a new network marketer approach friends and family about their business?
Jessica Nelson 28:01 – 28:39

Great question. So I’m big on, it’s not my responsibility to get people or convince Reed people. It’s just my responsibility to share. So I honestly share with my friends and family the same way I share with anyone. Just openly and honestly like just hey this is what I’m doing, if you’re interested, it’s here. No pressure, no strings attached, just let me know. But it’s done so much for me, or it’s done so much for my up line or for other people I know whatever the case may be, that I feel like I’m obligated to share it. So, but I also won’t take it personal if they say no. Because sometimes friends and family aren’t the best to work with either.

Vince Reed 28:40 – 28:57

I agree. 100% with that. Which leads us to the last questions I mean, for those of you who listen to this regularly or know me. They know it’s almost impossible for me to do anything without providing any type of service or value to you.

So is there any question you may have for me that you may like me to answer for you?
Jessica Nelson 28:58 – 29:25

I would be interested. So I know you’re big on twitter marketing right now. But I’m still more in the Facebook space. So if you were me would you be doing more ads video or…so three choices, video ads, or promoted posts, where they look like a traditional Facebook post, or like a more ad looking post, does that make sense?

Vince Reed 29:26 – 30:57

Yea if I were you, hands down it would be video. It wouldn’t even be a question. One video is going to be more cost effective for you. And if I were you, I’d have one basic strategy, maybe…would be one quick video of you doing a workout enjoying…you know staying fit daily. And like some type of video, just of you consistently talking about nutrition and your results. And then I would make videos highlighting my team and their results. And that would be enough attraction to market if you’re targeting the right people, to get people reaching out to you. Absolutely, I would do one working out, if you’re at the gym, if you’re the doing the thing of insanity, I would be doing at least one of those a week of not every day. Just some type of workout. People know that that’s what you do and then you can target people who are into fitness. And then I would do one with you taking your shakes. And I would just, basically have like a clockwork for different products that your company has. So let’s say once the weight loss shake, and once the energy drink and I would just have a video with my work out on that is up, drink this drink real quick, awesome, have a great day. And then success of your team. So proud of person A for working out and drinking this and then this this week lost ten pounds, got off their medications, so pumped. If you want to know how these people are doing, just reach out. I would never mention the company, I would just use that clockwork every single day targeting people who are into fitness in your area.

Jessica Nelson 30:58 – 30:59

Awesome. Thank you for that money tip.

Vince Reed 31:00 – 31:33

No problem. And honestly, each video will probably only cost you one to three cents per view on Facebook. So if you’re already good on social media, and then which you can do, I always tell people who aren’t big on that platform, just set it up to where you have a twitter account and that’s also shared there, you’ll start getting followers, you don’t even have to do anything on twitter. Your Facebook content will just share right to twitter. And you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Alright? Awesome. So thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. Is there any place or you know where people can connect with you to get more information about what you’re doing?

Jessica Nelson 31:34- 31:46

Oh for sure, Facebook would be probably the best. I am fb.com/jessicabowsernelsonfitness but I also have a blog, jessicabowsernelson.com.

Vince Reed 31:47 – 32:19

Awesome. And we’ll make sure that we’re linked to your social media site underneath the audio on the website. So again thank you so much, we truly appreciate it and every one listening. I mean there’s so many things, make sure you rewind this one and listen to it again. And that completes and concludes another interview and I definitely look forward to seeing you guys on the next one. Take care.