6: Lisa Grossmann – Lessons From An Industry Legend

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Lisa Grossmann is a multi-million dollar earner and sought-after consultant, thought trainer and speaker in network marketing. She is a 25-year veteran of our great profession. Today, Lisa and her business partners’ organization consists of over 150,000 people in 15 countries around the world and her business regularly earns a six figure monthly income. Her brilliant engaging storytelling, effective teaching, and the simple way Lisa breaks down the most fundamental, key elements that are essential to success for anyone building a network marketing business will help you and your team understand exactly what it takes to build a large global team, and now she’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share her six and seven figure success story with you!

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0:00 – 0:02 Vince Reed

Network Marketing Nation, Episode Six.

0:03 – 0:14 Lisa Grossmann (sound bite)

Keep it simple, people like simple and network marketing is simple because it’s about a lot of people being able to sing in harmony to create a movement that’s sweeping the world.

0:15 – 0:25 Vince Reed

You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Alright, I am extremely excited, I’m here with the one and only Lisa Grossman. Lisa Grossmann is a  multi-million dollar earner and sought-after consultant, thought trainer and speaker in network marketing. She is a 25-year veteran of our great profession. Today, Lisa and her business partners’ organization consists of over 150,000 people in 15 countries around the world and her business regularly earns a six figure monthly income. Her brilliant engaging storytelling, effective teaching, and the simple way Lisa breaks down the most fundamental, key elements that are essential to success for anyone building a network marketing business will help you and your team understand exactly what it takes to build a large global team, and now she’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share her six and seven figure success story with you. Lisa, you know you’re one of my favorite people in the world. How are you today? What’s going on?

3:32 – 3:39 Lisa Grossmann

I’m doing awesome, I’m back in the country, sitting in the rain and talking to one of my favorite people. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

3:39 – 3:55 Vince Reed

Absolutely, I’m so excited and not only are you one of my favorite people, you seem to be everyone’s favorite person because everyone we interview, I ask them who their mentor is and they mention you, so kudos to you. And that’s just awesome.

3:54 – 3:57 Lisa Grossmann

That’s humbling, flattering, and honoring. It’s real exciting.

3:57 – 4:09 Vince Reed

Absolutely. So obviously you’ve got an amazing story and you’re definitely successful in many ways. So why don’t you fill in the blanks?

Is there anything I may have left out that you would love everyone listening to know about?
4:11 – 4:48 Lisa Grossmann

No, I mean actually it sounds a lot better than it is because I’m nothing more than anybody can be and that’s a person who just keeps moving forward because they believe. I suffer from TB and that’s true believerism in the profession of network marketing and what we do. I get to get up every day, be with absolutely exciting, positive-thinking people who go out to change the world by showing people that they can take control of their destiny and live life to the fullest. And I don’t think there’s a better way that you can spend your day. So I feel like I’m the lucky one.

4:48 – 5:21 Vince Reed

Well we’re all lucky to have you and we thank you every single day, at least I do. So you know, you’ve made a lot of money in this industry and I know a lot of people get involved in network marketing because they want to have that life of freedom, they want to be able to have more time to do the things that they want, and I want you to just kind of tell the people listening, you know,

how does that feel to be a person that’s made millions of dollars in this profession?

Because we all strive to get there and I think it’s important to know, what is that like? What does that feeling of accomplishment feel like?

5:22 – 6:32 Lisa Grossmann

Well, it’s an interesting question Vince, because I’ll tell you that today it feels a lot differently than if you’d asked me the question 10 years ago. Today I feel excited about it because it means that a lot of lives have been impacted. You know, the bigger the paycheck, the more lives you’ve touched, and that’s really the reality of it. When we get started – and anybody who sits where you sit or where I sit will tell you – that when you get started, you sit at the back of the room, you’re not at the front yet, and what you want to do is you want to get on that stage because whether you’re afraid to speak in front of a crowd or you want to speak in front of a crowd because you think you’ll be great at it, your mind is connected that the person on the stage has the success and makes money. But by the time you get on the stage and you’re on the other side of it, what you realize is yeah, you want to get on the stage quickly but you want to get off even quicker because you want to get other people on the stage and be back in the audience watching them be successful. Because what you’re really looking for, what’s at the top of your bucket list is something that wasn’t even there when you started, and that’s joy. And what I feel today is the joy you get when you know that what you’re doing is making a difference for others.

6:32 – 6:51 Vince Reed

That is so powerful and so true, I mean, seeing other people have success is really the thing you will find when you get to that place where you’re making six or seven figures. In my opinion – I can only speak for me – it’s definitely more fulfilling than getting that check, seeing other people hit those goals.

6:52 – 7:01 Lisa Grossmann

And it’s the one thing you don’t realize when you’re on the road to trying to do it yourself. You never realize that that’s going to be the thing that excites you the most because you’re not thinking about that yet, you’re just thinking about you have to do it.

7:01 – 7:26 Vince Reed

Absolutely. So you know, you’ve had so much success not only personally but training and coaching and being a mentor and consultant. You know, if a person were to get started with you, what – and you were starting … let’s say you were starting over again or even right now.

Why should a person join your team over someone else?

Is there certain things that you have or you do that separates you from other people out there?

7:27 – 8:54 Lisa Grossmann

I don’t know, and I say that because at this point in my career I would want to join with somebody who … I think the team you join is everything. Assuming you pick a good company, and everybody should do that, I think the team is the most important thing. And I think whether you’re at the very beginning or you’re an experienced veteran like you and I are, I think a team is bigger than one person. So what I look for in a team and what I like to think is part of a team that I am a part of or that I would lead, is somewhere that when you’re brand new, all you have to do and focus on is learning how to say the very least to the greatest amount of people to get them in front of a team. Because the way that you’re going to learn is not by studying everything and learning everything you get to know. You learn this business the same way that a baby learns to speak. They don’t go to language school, they learn by immersion. They’re around people that speak all the time and then eventually you can’t shut them up. And the way that you learn network marketing is the same way, but the quality of the language that you speak is going to be dictated by the team of people you associate with. So I would say you want to be involved with a team whose leaders are experienced, have integrity, are majoring in major things, and are putting the team’s success ahead of their own, because when the team wins, everybody does.

8:55 – 9:21 Vince Reed

Wow, that’s powerful, and it’s so true especially in our profession and I think that could be one of the reasons why some people struggle, because when they get in they think that it’s about them like typically it is in the corporate world, you just focus on yourself and how can you get up the ladder. And you get in the network marketing profession and it’s so much about the team and you have to be able to help other people get the results; otherwise you’re going to stay exactly where you are.

9:21 Lisa Grossmann


9:21 – 9:45 Vince Reed


So what advice would you have given yourself when you got started?

I mean, when I talk to you, you’re like the person that whenever I see you, I can just sit and talk to you forever. So .. and this is a cool question for me because I’m curious what you would tell yourself back when you first got started.

9:45 – 11:04 Lisa Grossmann

Well, I think two things: the first thing I would tell myself is the same thing I tell everybody today: lighten up. I was too worried about everything because nothing you do is fatal. At the end of the day, here’s the reality about learning anything new and becoming successful at anything: you are going to suck when you get started at anything new. You know, if you want to know the pattern of getting good at something, it kind of goes suck, suck, suck, suck, get mediocre, mediocre, mediocre, average, and then eventually you’ll get good. Repetition is the motherhood of accomplishment. And here’s what I can tell you: you’re going to be better the 10th time you do something than you were the first time and better the 25th time than you were the 10th time. All you’ve got to do is get to 25 times and understand that the first 10 times are going to be terrible, but you’ll survive it. So that’s number one. And the second thing I tell myself is something that I learned from Holton Buggs: think bigger faster. At the end of the day, I look at the major leaps I made in my career and it wasn’t like on Tuesday I got up knowing much more than I’d known on Monday, especially like the 10 year mark, the 15 year market. But I just saw a bigger picture. And if I had to do it all over again, I’d ask opening … I’d ask questions that forced me to think bigger faster than I did.

11:05 – 11:11 Vince Reed

Wow, so powerful. And just kind of side note: what do you think it is that keeps people from thinking big?

11:11 – 12:12 Lisa Grossmann

I think – and I do whole trainings on this – but I think the challenge is we don’t get what we wish for, we don’t even get what we want. We get what we believe in and we get what we picture in our head. And I think that the challenge for most people is that sometimes, the things they say they want are not pictures they see themselves in, but rather things they’ve heard. For example, let’s say I go to a meeting and you’re on the stage and you’re talking perhaps about your home on the beach and the fancy cars that you have, and I sit down and say, “Gee, that’s what I want” and I write them down. Well, you’re on the stage not because you’re average or even because it happened overnight; you’re there to validate what is possible, and it took a long time. Well, if I’ve only ever lived in a two-bedroom apartment all my life and there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m not going to picture myself in a house on the beach. So people have to start with pictures that are more than what they have, but things that they can actually see to make them come true and then expand their picture as they go.

12:12 – 12:33 Vince Reed

Wow, I wish I could go back and rewind and listen to that again, which I will several times. Awesome, so tell me this – this is an interesting question and I’m looking forward to your answer here –

how did the first person / sponsor recruit you on their team?

Who was that lucky person that recruited Lisa Grossman?

12:33 – 14:44 Lisa Grossmann

You’re going to laugh, but it was by the book. My aunt called me on the phone and said, you know, and it was wild because she was all excited so it was one of those a little bit crazy phone calls. She was going to get rich and she had found it and it was the most exciting thing she’d ever seen. She wanted to come over and show me something, and she basically came over and hooked up a water filter to my sink and my initial thought was, “I can’t believe she’s going to be a plumber.” And she asked me to try the product for a week, and I did and I liked the product, I was willing to buy the product still not really understanding how that was going to make her rich. But she said, “You need to watch this video” which back then was a Beta max video, it will show you just how old I really am. And the video was very compelling but I understood it not at all. She put me on a three-way call with her upline who was making $30,000 a month, and I understood not a word he said but I did find it compelling that he was making that kind of money. He invited me to go to a meeting, I went to a meeting, I have to tell you Vince I hid in the back of the room scared to death somebody I knew was going to see me. The only consolation I had was I would have seen them and I figured it would be a mutual, we won’t tell anybody we saw each other at this crazy place type of thing. And I couldn’t wait for it to be over. People were drawing circles and it went on and on and on, and when it was finally over or so I thought and I was going to get up to escape, she said, “No, you’re going to miss the best part.” And I sat down and people lined up to go across and give what they called testimonials. But what it was was stories. And as I listened to the stories, I really did get kind of captivated, because it wasn’t about money for me. I was making money in my business, but when you win the rat race you’re still a rat. And these people were talking about having fun and enjoying themselves and travel. And when it was over, I remember walking to the lobby and I called my husband from the pay phone – again I date myself – and he said, “How bad was it?” And I said, “Steve, worse than you could ever imagine except for one thing.” And he said “What?” And I said, “These people are dumber than we are, they’re uglier than we are, and they’re making more money than we are and they’re having fun doing it.” And that was how I got in.

14:45 – 15:16 Vince Reed

I love it, I love it. You know, you are classic Lisa. I can’t say enough about you. Awesome. So tell me this: you’ve had success, you’ve crushed it for many years and with success, there’s often more failure than success. So is there a story that kind of sticks out in terms of maybe you tried to talk to someone and they rejected you, it was one of those moments where maybe you wanted to just go home and hide under a rock?

Is there any story of rejection that kind of sticks out in your head that you want to share?
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15:17 – 16:55 Lisa Grossmann

Well actually there are two but they’re not your typically stories of rejection. And I’ll tell you why: I’m not afraid of people telling me no, I never have been because I ask myself a different question. I really believe we have the financial .. the cure for the financial cancer that’s killing people. So I was always more afraid that somebody I knew might actually need what I have than them laughing at me. So that was okay for me. But you always want your family to be proud of you. I was in network marketing a couple of years at the time and I was doing quite well, I thought, and my father just couldn’t stand it and one Thanksgiving he called me and he said, “Now, when you come over to our house, I do not want you hawking your wearers to our friends. And if they ask you what you do, don’t tell them. Say something else, anything else that’s more respectable.” And I said, “Dad, what would you suggest?” and he said, “I don’t know, tell them you’re a madam.” And then my brother – this is in 2001 – my check hits $40,000 a week, I’m calling everybody I know to tell them because I’m so excited, I can’t believe it. It was like the biggest fluke I had ever seen, knew it was never ever going to happen again but my gosh, it was so unbelievable. And I call my brother who at the time is making maybe $45,000 a year and I tell him and he says to me, “Well now that you’ve made some money, do you think you can quit that crazy thing you do and do something normal?”

16:56 – 17:00 Vince Reed

Oh my goodness. And how did you respond to that?

17:01 – 17:09 Lisa Grossmann

I said, “Scott, I just made in a week what you make in a year. If it lasts ten weeks, I’ll have earned what you earn in a decade. Exactly how long does it have to last?”

17:11 – 17:25 Vince Reed

Oh my goodness, wow. The things that … and I want to actually dig into that a little bit because I don’t want to let this one go. So what do you … so after that, what was his reply to that?

17:26 – 18:17 Lisa Grossmann

You know, the same that you would expect it to be: excuses, I got lucky, it was too late for him, those things don’t work. I know all the right people. And it’s typically what it always is with people, and you know, I love my brother, I love my family but they’ve never really seen eye to eye with me on anything. I was in a family business for a long time. For those that know my whole story, and we’ll go into that somewhere else, it’s online anyway. That didn’t really work out well for me, but I always tell people there is a place for family and friends in network marketing to support you but it’s really not getting in your business. Don’t be upset when they tell you no because the only thing that’s worse than when they tell you no is if they tell you yes. Trust me, I’ve worked with my family; it doesn’t get much worse.

18:18 – 18:20 Vince Reed

And if they ever come around and join you at any other time later on?

18:21 – 19:53 Lisa Grossmann

Later on is a different story, you see, when you first get started you’re under a lot of pressure mostly in your own head. And you’re under this pressure to prove something to yourself. And your family knows you how they know you, which is typically at your worst. The 11-yyear-old kid who couldn’t shut up at the dinner table or the 17-year-old kid who ran out of gas and had to be picked up in the middle of the night. IT doesn’t matter that you’ve now graduated summa cum laude from law school; they still see you how they see you. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet and you’ve established yourself and you have belief in what you are doing, it’s  whole different story. That’s why they make great customers in the beginning, to help you out. Think about it Vince, if you’re in the traditional role, there’s three phases of money raising: the second one is venture capitalism, the third one is institutional money or going public. When you first get started in a business and you have just an idea, you have no collateral, you have no track record, what’s the first money raise? Close friends and family, right? Well when you first get started in the network marketing business and you’ve got that product that just showed up and you need people to try it out, buy it and try it and share their testimonial, where do you go? Close friends and family. But nobody ever in the real world goes when they open a business and says, “Gee, I want all my family to come work with me when I’m under the pressure to make it succeed.” They want to be clear headed and go out with people that are their colleagues. You go to your family for help but later on, when you’re comfortable, that’s when they will typically come to you to see what you’re doing and to get more involved with you.

19:53 – 20:06 Vince Reed

Awesome, and the reason I wanted to keep digging was I want people to know if you do face rejection and you keep moving toward your path, they may come around or they may be your best customer. So don’t let them stop you.

20:06 – 20:40 Lisa Grossmann

Well here’s an interesting thing about rejection, especially from the people that know us best. People that know you really well, they like you, they love you, they typically don’t have all that much faith in your business acumen and part of that is because if it’s that good, they really really wish that they were calling you instead of you calling them. So sometimes if you’re just still there three months later, the fact that you’re still there with new information and a story that has a new chapter, and their story is very much the same as it was three months ago, is all it takes.

20:41 – 21:00 Vince Reed

Wow. So true, so true. So everyone listening, make sure you rewind that and listen to that again because that is extremely powerful. So moving past the rejection question, let’s change the mood a little bit.

What’s your best story of success?

Personally or maybe someone on your team as well.

21:01 – 22:53 Lisa Grossmann

My best story of success … Again, it’s different stages in your life but I think one was 12 years ago, that company where I had my big breakthrough, made $1 million in a year. I was in Southern California when I got a call, that very same thing we talked about earlier and the week before my check had been like $8,000 which was the biggest check I’d ever gotten in network marketing because I’d been monthly plans, this was weekly, so it wasn’t the biggest check but certainly on a weekly basis if you were to monthicize it out. And they called to tell me .. and I thought they called and told me my check was $14,500 but then they said, “No, Lisa, it’s $40,500.” And I had one of those Nokia phones, you know, those old flip phones that could survive anything. And it literally went 20 feet in the air and landed in a parking lot in Newport Beach because I was so flippin freaked out, I couldn’t believe it. And I was sure they had to be wrong, and it was really a testament to how great the people on my team was because I certainly did not believe that I was and still don’t believe that I was good enough to have accomplished that. It was just an amazing thing. But really I think the biggest moment of success for me was when I started 22 years ago, there were a great many people that I looked up to, and I thought Gosh, if I could ever speak on stage with those people, I would really have arrived. And one of them was Eric Worre, Robert Hollis, Paul Pricher, really a lot of the people that I spoke with this previous weekend at the ANMP. And I still look up to them, I don’t think I’m anywhere near as good as them. But I think when I started getting asked to speak at events with all of those people, to me that was like the most exciting and the greatest success of my career because I never thought that that would happen. And then one day I knew it would happen and then it did happen, if that makes any sense.

22:53 – 23:23 Vince Reed

Absolutely, and you’re an amazing speaker. If anyone ever has a chance to see her speak live, it’s just awesome for sure.

So tell me this, to a person getting started, that new network marketer that just got started, they’re listening to this and they’re getting inspired hearing your story and they’re on Network Marketing Nation, is there anything you could tell them they could do to help them move toward that path of success?

We’re talking a complete newbie, what’s some of the things they could do?

23:23 – 23:34 Lisa Grossmann

Okay, yes, and I’m going to let you in on some secrets here. And I’m only doing this because it’s Vince, and you need to write these down and you’re going to think I’m joking but I am being deadly serious.

23:34 – 23:35 Vince Reed

My pen is in hand.

23:35 – 23:38 Lisa Grossmann

Okay, not you, I’m talking to the people listening.

23:37 – 23:38 Vince Reed

I’m still going to take notes.

23:38 – 25:16 Lisa Grossmann

Network marketing is first and foremost about marketing to your network. And most people forget this. They think about Who am I going to talk to? and Where am I going to go? and I don’t want to talk to people that I know. And eventually you’re going to talk to people that you don’t know. But here’s why you want to start with people that you know: your hot market, that close friends and family I talked about to go for customers, that is your most forgiving market. They love you the most, and in the beginning, you don’t know anything. But you have a support team that does. And your most forgiving market where you don’t know anything and you feel foolish and ridiculous, who are you most comfortable feeling foolish and ridiculous in front of? The people you’ve been foolish and ridiculous in front of your whole life. And you’re going to get better because the more times you do it the better you are. And then you’re going to go to your warm market because you’re more practiced now, and they’re also pretty forgiving. And it doesn’t cost anything to talk to them. And then you’re going to go to people you don’t know because they’re your least forgiving market and you’re going to spend money in that market and you should, because eventually you’re going to get outside of the circle of the people that you know. But when do you want to go to them, your least forgiving market? When you’ve had some practice, when you feel a little bit more comfortable and when you’re ready to spend money that is well spent. So remember, marketing to your network, your network will keep getting bigger and bigger the more skilled you become, and the best place to practice your skill is the people that can’t hang up on you and have to sit there and be a captive audience; that’s what friends and family are for, so start there.

25:17 – 25:34 Vince Reed

I love it, I love it.

So with that being said, what would you tell the struggling veteran, maybe the person that’s tried several companies or maybe even that person that’s had success before and they haven’t quite got over the hump where they want to go.

Is there anything that you would tell that person that’s kind of stuck?

25:35 – 26:37 Lisa Grossmann

I would say nobody can take what’s between your ears. The most important thing you have is your knowledge and your contacts, and nobody can take those from you and your integrity unless you surrender them. And every day is a new day; don’t bring the baggage from yesterday or what happened yesterday or in the last company or whatever happened that upset you, into whatever new thing you’re doing. Don’t bring old disappointments into new relationships, don’t bring things that didn’t work out into new business endeavors. It will not serve you well. If you ate in a restaurant and the food was bad, you wouldn’t stop going to restaurants and you wouldn’t go into the next restaurant and yell at them because the last one served you a bad meal. Always approach every new person with an opportunity for them to earn your respect on their own merits, every new company, every new business. But with the knowledge that you bring from the last business endeavor, and if you do that, you’re going to have great success.

26:38 – 26:49 Vince Reed

Awesome, awesome. So what we’re going to do now is move into what I call the time is money round, so I’m going to ask you a few questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less. So are you ready?

26:49 Lisa Grossmann


26:50 – 26:58 Vince Reed

Alright, so question number one:

what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers?
26:59 – 27:08 Lisa Grossmann

Passion trumps knowledge. Go to work, action, learn by doing.

27:08 – 27:20 Vince Reed

Awesome, awesome. Alright, so this is one that I am excited to hear your answer to.

Who do you look up to as a mentor / entrepreneur?

I know you mentioned some people earlier.

27:20 – 27:57 Lisa Grossmann

Yeah, I mean the list is long for me but obviously Eric Worre, you, Ray Higdon, Jeff Roberti, Nathan Hicks, I mean the list is so long because I’ve been in the space for so long. Terry LaCore without exception. Wendy Lewis, Theresa Gregory, I could go on and on, I’ve had the enormous good fortune of being mentored and coached and taught and trained by so many world class professionals in my career that I am blessed, blessed beyond belief.

27:57 – 28:16 Vince Reed

Awesome, and there’s some people there that I actually haven’t met, so I’ll definitely be doing my research. So this is the question that I think everyone would probably want to know your answer to, and that’s

how should I approach a friend or family member about my business?
28:17 – 28:57 Lisa Grossmann

“Hi Vince, this is Lisa. I’ve just started a new business, I am really excited about it. I am not asking you to join it, I am not asking you to be my customer but I am asking for your help. I would like you to either A)” and you can go either way with this, “I would like you” for the family members I usually go with A – “I am going to ask you to buy my product, try it for a month, and I need your feedback, I need your story for my marketing. If you like it, I will show you how to become a preferred customer and get it forever. I’ll even show you my business at that time to see if it’s something you’re interested in. If you don’t like it, I will never ask you to buy it again but can I count on you to help me out?”

28:59 – 29:01 Vince Reed

Where can I sign up?

29:01 – 29:40 Lisa Grossmann

Okay, if I want you to seriously look at the business, it would be the same thing: “Vince, I’ve started a business, I’m excited about it, it’s probably not for you. But on the off chance that you could see … you see what I see, I think together you and I could crush it. So as a friend, I’m going to ask you to evaluate it with an open mind. If you see enough to want to know more information about it, I will give you everything you need to make an informed decision. If you determine that it’s not for you, I won’t bother you again. Are you willing to investigate this to see what it is you’re saying no to before you tell me no?”

29:41 – 30:15 Vince Reed

Absolutely. That’s great. I hope everyone rewinds that and listens to that again. That’s why everyone loves you Lisa, you’ve got an amazing ability to make things that seem so complicated very simple. So you know, you’ve known me for a few years now and it’s not like me to suck all the value from you; I want to be able to provide value to you as well.

So if there was one thing you could ask me about marketing or any question, it doesn’t even have to be amount marketing or about business, what would it be?
30:15 – 30:33 Lisa Grossmann

Okay, I will ask you this: I have been told by marketers that I respect that I’ve got the greatest brand that nobody can access. So if you were me, what would you have online to have a brand, because I don’t have any of it and I get confused by the sheer multitude of all of the things people tell me I should have.

30:34 – 30:54 Vince Reed

Well one of the things I always tell people is that you want to … it’s not like you have to do any one particular thing; you want to take advantage of your strengths, so I would first off figure out which platform, whether that’s Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is that you feel the most comfortable with.

30:54 – 30:59 Lisa Grossmann

Well other than a Facebook profile page, I don’t have anything, so I’m a blank canvas.

30:59 – 31:30 Vince Reed

Okay, well you’ve got an awesome following and I think people would be willing to do that and I think with you I would definitely start with your person, what we call our personal hub and that would be a blog or a website. I mean, I think people would do anything for a piece of content from you once a month or even once a week. So if you could get someone to help you out with the blog, create a quick little fan page on Facebook so every week or every month you just provide the awesome wisdom that you already do and put that on the blog and then you post that on your fan page, I think that thing would go viral in no time.

31:30 – 31:36 Lisa Grossmann

See, that’s simple. I could probably get a blog and a Facebook page.

31:36 – 31:37 Vince Reed

Absolutely, I’m going to help you with that.

31:37 Lisa Grossmann

That’s good advice.

31:37 – 31:40 Vince Reed

That’s our goal, I’m going to help you make that happen before the end of the year, how about that?

31:40 – 31:41 Lisa Grossmann

That sounds awesome.

31:42 – 31:48 Vince Reed

Alright, we’re going to make it happen. Well in closing, I just want to let you know that I truly appreciate you, you know, so much about you.

31:48 – 31:50 Lisa Grossmann

Oh, I appreciate you.

31:50 – 31:56 Vince Reed

And every time, I can’t wait. I know I’m going to be seeing you here soon, there’s a lot events coming up and I can’t wait to hang out with you.

31:56 – 32:09 Lisa Grossmann

I can’t wait either, and you know, I know your time is valuable, I certainly know your audience’s time is valuable so I want to thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of their time with you and with them and thank you so much for having me on the show.

32:09 – 32:15 Vince Reed

Absolutely. And I know like you said, you don’t have a lot of places for people to meet you but where could a person connect with you if they wanted to?

32:15 – 32:28 Lisa Grossmann

My Facebook profile or my Facebook fan page such as it is, but anybody who sends me a message, I respond to all my messages myself and if you feel like I can help you in any way just reach out and I’ll be happy to answer back.

32:28 – 32:43 Vince Reed

Absolutely, and we’ll make sure we put links to her social media sites on the notes of this show so you can connect with her and see all the awesome stuff that she’s doing and all the awesome stuff that she still has to come. Any last things in closing you want to leave with the listeners?

32:44 – 33:21 Lisa Grossmann

Well it’s funny, you and I were laughing about how people always ask for quotes, but I will leave people with one because it’s my new favorite quote lately because I love simplicity, and try this one on: Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove. Keep it simple, people like simple and network marketing is simple because it’s about a lot of people being able to sing in harmony to create a movement that’s sweeping the world, not about personally standing out and singing a solo. So if you can do that, you can take over the world.

33:21 – 33:38 Vince Reed

Awesome, we appreciate you guys and I appreciate you Lisa for coming on, and we’ll definitely be back here on the next episode. And make sure you connect with Lisa because she is an amazing person and someone you definitely want to learn from. Take care guys and we’ll see you on the next interview.

33:39 – 33:58 Vince Reed

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