5: Masa Cemazar – How Hard Work And Commitment Pays Off

Masa Cemazar Bio

Masa never heard about network marketing until 2005. After hardly making any money for the first two years, with a lot of hard work and commitment, Masa gained momentum and started to have unbelievable success. Over the last two years, Masa personally sponsored more than 200 people in 16 countries. Her current organization has grown to well over 50,000 distributors, earning her a 7-figure plus income each and every year. Now today, Masa is here on Network Marketing Nation to share her 6 and 7 figure success story with you!

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0:00 – 0:02 Vince Reed

Network Marketing Nation, Episode Five.

0:03 – 0:13 Masa Cemazar (sound bite)

Always reach out to other leaders in the industry and just connect, you know, create friendships and you just never know when the time is right. Hopefully, one day you’ll be working together.

0:14 – 0:32 Vince Reed

You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

0:34 – 1:41 Vince Reed

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Alright, so I’m here with Masa Cemazar and Masa never heard about network marketing until 2005. After hardly making any money for the first two years, with a lot of hard work and commitment, Masa gained momentum and started to have unbelievable success. Over the last two years, Masa personally sponsored more than 200 people in 16 countries. Her current organization has grown to well over 50,000 distributors, earning her a 7-figure plus income each and every year. Now today, Masa is here on Network Marketing Nation to share her 6 and 7 figure success story with you!

So Masa, how are you? What’s going on? Are you ready to rock?

1:42 – 1:50 Masa Cemazar

Definitely, Vince, I’m so excited to be here for Network Marketing Nation and I’m ready to answer anything you have.

1:50 – 2:03 Vince Reed

Awesome, and I’m going to just go ahead and tell everyone, before we got started I was a little late putting together the bio and we had to basically do this a few times but hopefully I did it justice.

2:03 – 2:06 Masa Cemazar

Oh, absolutely, thank you for the kind introduction.

2:06 – 2:22 Vince Reed

Awesome. So why don’t you tell everyone if there were any things that maybe I left out and maybe fill in the blanks a little bit because you have an awesome story and I know a lot of people are going to get a ton of value from the things that you are able to provide and share.

So was there anything I may have left out that you’d want everyone to know?
2:22 – 4:34 Masa Cemazar

You know, Vince, it’s interesting how I really got into network marketing. I was a medical researcher, I live right here in Brisbane, Australia, but I didn’t always live here. In fact, I’m an immigrant and in 2004 I came here with just two suitcases and $2,000 in my pocket. And I thought I’d only stay probably a year or two and do a couple of years of research here at the University and then go back to Europe. But in my first year right here in Brisbane, a 17-year-old girl approached me about network marketing and it was at a dinner, Vince, that I wasn’t even meant to be at. It was actually a friend of mine that asked me to go and represent her at an awards dinner because she was going to be away, and I was seated next to a father and daughter who were there for another reason. And guess what, this 17-year-old girl introduced me to network marketing and this is now almost ten years ago. And then of course, people think, “Oh, Masa’s so good and she got to success so fast and she’s earning all this money.” But guess what, just like probably each and every one of you, the first two years Miguel and I joined network marketing, we were doing a lot of learning. And yes, we were making a little bit of money, but I tell you we never made any profit. You know, it wasn’t enough to go full time, it wasn’t enough for us to really develop a huge business. And the valuable thing about those first two years and our first company was actually the learning, it was us taking action despite the fact that we weren’t having huge results and really learning all the skills that we needed. So about seven years ago now in 2008, we joined our current company, and guess what? We were so prepared, right? We had done a little bit of an apprenticeship and this is where we started to really build. And it’s interesting, people say, “So what did you do? What kind of special things did you do for this business to take off?” And Miguel and I started in this really small, two-bedroom apartment, and guess what we did? We were in home business presentations five to seven times a week. That was our big secret. I mean, literally Vince, each and every night at 7 PM – and mostly we took Saturday night off, not because we wanted but because nobody wanted to turn out – and we just invited and invited and invited, and every night at 7 PM in our house there was a presentation and that’s how we got started.

4:34 – 5:01 Vince Reed

That’s awesome, definitely a commitment and you know, you put in the work and that’s why you’re getting the results. And we’re going to dig into a lot of that because I know everyone listening, they’re going to want to know more details of how you were able to pull that off. But before we get into that, you know, when people get started in network marketing, they often have dreams of walking across the stage, getting the big checks, and making a six and seven figure income.

So why don’t you share with everyone how that actually feels to be a millionaire in network marketing.
5:02 – 6:33 Masa Cemazar

Yeah, I mean, obviously it’s a great achievement not just for myself but because I knew that for us having achieved that, there had to be lots of people who have already also achieved success or has already transformed their lives. So it feels amazing not just from the perspective of us having our freedom, time, and financial freedom, but also because we know we have results that we have already helped others. You know, how does it feel? It was interesting: when we started in network marketing, especially for me, Miguel and I always worked together for the last ten years almost, but especially for me it was interesting; it was all about achievement and recognition. You know, each and every one of us has a different motivation. We didn’t have any money but money was not my motivator. It was very much the recognition. And then after a couple of years when we really were comfortable with multiple six figures a year, I started to really understand how my real focus and motivation were now shifting. And I was getting very excited each and every time when one of my team, you know, team mates or leaders was walking across the stage and receiving their award. So I notice every year at our conventions now, when I see my team receiving awards or walking across that stage or getting a millionaire award themselves, I’m more excited than the moment that I’m standing on the stage holding that trophy. And that’s just human. I think it’s wonderful to enjoy the freedom that actually the business brings us, but for us it’s not so much about ourselves and how it feels, it’s really exciting to see people who are transforming their lives.

6:34 – 7:12 Vince Reed

That’s awesome. And I’ve been fortunate, I’m sure you as well, to speak to a lot of people that have had success and one of the things I always find in common is that they’re always so much more excited and pumped up about their team and people that they’ve been able to be connected to that are reaching those same goals just like you, so that’s awesome that you’re able to bring people along with you. So you know, that brings me kind of to my next question. To have the type of success that you’ve had, you’ve obviously been able to build large organizations and build teams.

So tell everyone listening, why would a person want to join your team? What makes your team the team to join?
7:13 – 9:11 Masa Cemazar

Yeah that’s interesting and I think not enough – I’m going to explain it in a second – but I think not enough leaders in our profession are currently really … don’t really have a very good answer to your question, and what I mean is this: we’re all very good advocates for our company, for the product or services we’re representing, but sometimes we do not have a team brand. And I want to explain that because I really think this is super important in network marketing as we go into this new era of social media marketing and all the timelines are getting super compressed. I really believe that you need to offer something special within your company. And Miguel and I noticed this probably four or five years ago when we were heavily building in Asia. We lived in Bangkok for seven months and then in Malaysia and then Taiwan and Hong Kong and traveled into China building out businesses. And it was really very important for us to stand very strong as leaders and represent our team. So we started to understand that the team needs to have a name, the team needs to have a support structure such as website. And then we went and developed a full training system that people around the world now use in our team in many different languages. And it was also interesting because as soon as we had done that, not only were we able to attract more people because we had such a strong brand within our company, but also when people were using the training systems, Vince, it was really counter intuitive. We were spending less and less time in our … I mean, working on our business, yet our income was growing and growing and growing, and we could really see some real leverage. So I think it’s definitely our team has become very strong on the training side, it’s become very good on the systems, how people need to run their businesses, and that gives everybody – both ourselves and our leaders – a lot more leverage and a way to really build their business in a proper way so it lasts longer, they have more duplication, more leverage. And in the end what matters most: more time freedom.

9:12 – 9:22 Vince Reed

Absolutely, so having the appropriate pieces in place to allow your team, to give them a path to success sounds like is something that you provide to them.

9:22 – 10:12 Masa Cemazar

Definitely. I think it’s .. and you know, in the first world countries such as Australia where I’m sitting or where you’re sitting right there in San Diego, USA, you know in our countries a lot of people think that systems need to be lead generation systems. And I kind of leave that to my team, I mean, they can plug into a lot of things to generate leads, right? But what I’m talking about here is when somebody gets into your business, there needs to be a defined path of what they do in the first 24 hours. The first week, the first month, the progression through the different live events, you know, the monthly, the quarterly, the yearly, the weekly, whatever you’re doing. So I think that gives them such a structure that the people who are ready – and I’m emphasizing, not everyone’s going to do this – but the people who are ready, they’re going to be able to follow the structure and they’re going to get motivated by going through it.

10:13 – 10:36 Vince Reed

Absolutely. Wow, a lot of experience here. Everyone listening is definitely getting the value here. That leads me to my next question, you know, if you could go back in time and you could talk to yourself when you first got started, obviously you’ve got a lot of experience now throughout the years of you being in the network marketing profession. What would you tell yourself?

What piece of advice would you give yourself back then when you got started?
10:37 – 11:51 Masa Cemazar

Yeah, I would only do one thing different and that is to do more faster. And you know, when we first started in network marketing, Vince, you have to kind of go back into our mindset and Miguel and I are both from Europe, we’re living in Australia, we’re both highly educated, we have all these opportunities in our careers, right? But we’re time and money poor, so we’re looking for this new opportunity and a 17-year-old girl brings it to us. And so we are not really willing to go full out and make a lot of mistakes because we have very well-positioned careers. Miguel is a commercial pilot, I’m a researcher, so we’re all good. So the only thing that I would do different is I would make more mistakes faster. That means in our network marketing profession, I would speak to more people faster. I was a bit resistant to speak to people such as my boss and a lot of people that I had on my chicken list because I was really afraid for what it would mean for my reputation, you know, in my profession. I was already successful in that. So the only thing I would do is let go of that, I would talk to everybody straight away, I would make a lot more mistakes in a faster way so that I could learn my skills faster, and that would give me my success faster.

11:51 – 12:24 Vince Reed

Awesome, I always tell people that failure is life’s biggest learning lesson, so the quicker you can have those failures, the faster you can learn from them. Awesome, so you kind of mentioned how you were first brought into the industry, but why don’t you go into a little bit more detail, you know,

how did your first sponsor recruit you onto their team?

Like, what was said, how did the presentation go? Because that was a lucky person to obviously get you on their team and you never know who you’re going to be bringing into your business. So is there anything interesting that you can tell us about that encounter?

12:24 – 15:07 Masa Cemazar

Yeah, I think it is very important – and I’m going to tell two stories because I’ve only ever had two sponsors in my life in the ten years – because they’re both really … I think they’re really valuable to the people who will be listening. So the first instance, I met the 17-year-old girl pretty much randomly at a dinner sitting next to me. And it was interesting because I reached out to her and since I’m working at the University and she was going to apply to the University, I said, “Oh, just tell me if you need something.” So we exchanged details, so I think that’s the first important thing and throughout the whole dinner she only built relationships, she never told me about her business. That is the key, guys, you never want to go ahead and start saying, “This is what I do” and “I think you should look at it.” On the first encounter, you really need to find something in common with people and build that friendship. And then, guess what? She built a relationship with me over email because she had my business card and she was talking to me and just keeping in touch. And it wasn’t until about a month later – it must have been for a reason, what was happening in her business and so on – her parents were obviously very successful in network marketing company. She had then invited us and said, “Look, I know you and Miguel are looking to create a difference in your life. I know you are not entirely happy with how your career’s developed and even though you’re so successful, I really want to share with you what I do. Because I help people create their own businesses” and so on and so on. And she set up an appointment, her and her mom came to our house and gave us a one-on-one presentation – this was old school, you have to remember. It’s ten years ago – and Miguel and I were really excited, we signed up on the spot. So what’s important about that story is she built a relationship first, she stayed in touch, and when the time was right she reached out and had enough relationship with me to say yes to an appointment. So that’s really important. And then the second time around, my other sponsor was a very successful leader in network marketing and, you know, I went to a generic network marketing event and he too built a very good friendship with me for about three months. So obviously I looked up to him, but I was very tied into the vision of the company that I was with, so I was never going to leave my company. But you know what? That all changed in about three months’ time and he had stayed in touch with me all that time. And when the time was right, I asked him what he was doing. So I think that’s kind of the key and being in touch with people, reaching out to people, perhaps even giving some value. This is like, a real advice of seven figure earners. If you’re really looking to be very successful in this industry, always reach out to other leaders in the industry and just connect, you know, create friendships and you just never know when the time is right. And hopefully one day you’ll be working together.

15:08 – 15:31 Vince Reed

Absolutely, it’s definitely all about relationships. So, you know, you’ve clearly done well. I mean, you’re a seven figure earner, you’ve helped a lot of people have success, which means that you’ve probably had a lot more no’s and rejection than people telling you yes.

So is there a story that comes to mind? I mean, I’d love to hear your worst story of rejection.
15:32 – 17:46 Masa Cemazar

Yeah, you know, in our first company, Miguel and I were so lost at what exactly one is supposed to do. We had some guidance, we actually had good mentors, but we were just so ambitious that we were going to do anything it took. So I remember this one Saturday afternoon, Vince, we got on the phone – and this was nine years ago or something, ten years ago – and there was still phone books. I mean, we still got printed phone books in the front of our houses every three months and so we opened the white pages, and we said “Well who should we call?” And we said, “You know what, Miguel, you’re Spanish, how about we search some Spanish names, maybe we can connect with those people.” So we were cold calling the entire afternoon. And that’s a really great lesson, we did a lot of cold calling in those days because it did build our muscle, however it did not give us a lot of results. So don’t repeat this at home; that’s not a way to build network marketing. But what we learned of that is, after a whole afternoon of rejection, we really built our resistance and resilience and eventually one lady said yes. She said, “Yeah, I know your company and I know those products and I know for a particular product that I’ve used that I really like.” And guess what, it was a $15 product, and we said, “No problem, we’re going to come to your house and we’re going to fill out an order form” – I mean this is like, it wasn’t even online ordering, I don’t know. So we drove – listen to this – we drove for two hours, she was two hours away, that night on a Saturday night to get to her house, to fill out an order form for $15. So you know, I wouldn’t repeat those things again, but it was really good learning and it really gave us … what that gave you is not just a resilience and a muscle of how to talk to people, but it also made a big question mark in my head is, What are we supposed to do? Surely a six or a seven figure earner is not doing what I’m doing on a Saturday night. So sometimes making those mistakes gets you closer to perhaps finding a mentor or perhaps looking and buying a program online that’s going to tell you exactly how to do it and that is your short cut. It is not going out and trying everything, it’s finding mentors, it’s finding programs that you can follow.

17:46 – 18:16 Vince Reed

That’s awesome. Well, you know, those are the things that you remember and I think those are the things that make you well respected as a leader because you’ve done it all: you’ve cold-called, you’ve driven miles for $15, you’ve done it all. And I think that’s what makes you great. So, you know, with that being said, we’ll change gears from rejection to success.

What’s your best story of success for yourself and maybe for one of your team members?

Do you have anything that stands out in your mind you want to share with us?

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18:17 – 21:17 Masa Cemazar

You know, there’s so many. We were fortunate, Vince, that in our company it’s very international, so we got to travel around the world. I mean, seriously. We have been from Nigeria to Mexico, I mean, we have been to so many countries. And in every country, there’s a story. I mean, right where we started in Brisbane, Australia, there was a single mother that started one week later than we did in our company. And in nine months build a business, and then later retired and moved countries that she still lives on. I mean, those things … they’re not like, super six figure income stories but they’re stories of people who have done a little bit, focused for short amounts of time and changed their lives. I mean, I thank God for example so many stories in Asia, we have a very strong business in Asia. Just recently 90 days ago, we sponsored a young couple that – listen to this – we never met and we had no common friends, but that just through Facebook we started to interact with them and guess what, they didn’t have much experience in network marketing but they really looked like … I could just tell they’re really good. And when we went to Taiwan, this was in Taiwan, we met with them, they said yes, and this was 90 days ago. And today, Vince, they’re earning something like $6,000 a week. So you know, I’m just so proud of those … I mean, there’s huge success stories. There’s stories of people in third-world countries here around the Pacific area where we have a big business, in counties where an average salary is $200 a month, we have leaders earning $20,000 a month, which is outstanding and you know, in that country, then we have perhaps I would say a few hundred people who are earning $1,000 a month. And that is a lot. So for me, helping anyone to basically be able to be full time and to be able to do network marketing as a choice rather than just as an extra business to do it full time. Those success stories matter really so much, you know, they’re so inspiring. And one thing I’ve noticed is as you travel countries, you know, from Malaysia to Thailand to Nigeria to Mexico back into Australia, you know, up to China: really people are people and yes, there’s some cultural differences, but just remember, no matter where you’re listening from, I mean, this is the Network Marketing Nation. We are all the same, we all have the same challenges. It is not your city, it is not your country that is different, that has a specific unique set of challenges. We all have the same challenges. People are negative and not everyone is made for network marketing professional. So I think that, you know, I want to encourage everyone who’s listening to reach deeper. It’s really about our own leadership and how much we want to transform ourselves and our lives and that’s kind of the greatest thing about our business today, Vince, it’s so multi-cultural, it’s so super global and it gives me such pleasure to see those success stories.

21:17 – 22:11 Vince Reed

What awesome memories and what awesome things you can look forward to each and every day knowing that you can travel the world and I’m sure people listening, the same exact thing: you never know where this business, this profession is going to lead you to and that’s what I think makes it great. That’s awesome, so many success stories, so many possibilities. So, you know, I think that what I’m about to ask you is one of the most important questions, I think, to probably a lot of the listeners because we get a lot of newbie network marketers that are just getting started, trying to find their way. And someone like you, you have so much experience and wisdom in this profession.

What would you tell a person getting started in network marketing?

Maybe not necessarily even if they’re on your team. If they’re someone that just got started and they’re looking to make this their career, what would you tell that person getting started to help them go down the right path to success?

22:12 – 24:07 Masa Cemazar

I would definitely tell them to find a mentor, that is a leader that currently is experiencing the results that they’re seeking. So if they want to be a six figure earner and go full time and have a great business, they need to find a leader preferably in their local area, in their city that they can lock arms with and just follow. And I would tell them, don’t question anything, just do what they tell you. Number one, you really need somebody to tell you how otherwise you’re going to go cold calling. And number two, I think it’s really important what we were saying also before is, make a lot of mistakes fast and we are kind of brought up all in a way in this first world society is that looking bad is not good. I mean, making a fool of yourself by not being perfect at something that you’re doing is not accepted. But I would say the opposite. You say, this is an industry where the more you’re able to let go of your ego, the more you’re able to just be yourself and go out and honestly just speak to people from the heart because you believe you have a gift to share with them, an opportunity that can change their life, the faster you’re going to get to your skills, number one. Because really, this is an important thing, you know, the skills and success for yourself, but the skills, it’s really like, this is really what I want to impress upon everyone today. Your journey is getting to the skills that will make you a million dollar earner, so tomorrow Vince, if all our money disappears, I’d sleep very peacefully at night because I know that I have the skills to go and do it again tomorrow. So that is the journey, I would just tell them stay in for the long term, stay in for you building a set of skills that you can depend on and rely on, rather than the money that can sometimes come and go through different circumstances. So I think that’s the main message.

24:07 – 24:43 Vince Reed

Absolutely, and that’s so powerful. I always tell a lot of our students, I say, “Your level of expectations much match your expertise.” So if you want to make $1 million, you better have $1 million worth of value and skills to offer. So true, so true.

So, you know, what would you tell that struggling veteran in network marketing that’s not getting the results that they’ve wanted, they tried maybe a few different companies, they’ve invested some money and they just can’t quite get over the edge or they just aren’t seeing the results that they want to see?

Is there anything for a person that’s been in a little bit longer that they could try to kind of help them move forward?

24:44 – 26:08 Masa Cemazar

This is a great question, Vince, I really want to commend you on this question. And I want to also say, not just a person who’s tried a few companies and is kind of stagnating, I’m going to answer that in a second too, but there’s another type of person that’s emerging in network marketing profession: that’s someone that’s been in it for a while and that has had success before. And I see a lot of people who have had success in the past maybe five years ago, ten years ago, or even more, but they’re not really struggling in their life, and I think both of these people, what I would tell them is number one: go and recharge. You really need to find your inspiration again. A lot of people who are disenchanted because they keep trying, keep trying and don’t get there, they really need to work deeper into themselves, into their emotional and spiritual energy. And so I would get some guidance on that, you know, perhaps with a counselor or somebody that you trust and really find that inspiration within yourself because it is about our energy and how we’re able to pull that to create some new things in our life. So perhaps take a vacation that inspires you, get all your energy together, come back and then find a mentor and without doubting them, without saying anything, do exactly as they tell you and follow the exact recipe that they have followed. I don’t think you can fail. And those are the only two things that you need to do to have a clean slate.

26:09 – 26:30 Vince Reed

I definitely agree with you, I’m going to throw this one in.

This one is a question just kind of on top of this question: if a person is struggling to find a mentor, how would you suggest that they find that mentor?

Let’s say they’ve got a sponsor who maybe has made six figures and they’re not giving them the guidance. Do you encourage them to go up the ladder or find someone outside of maybe their company and pay for coaching? What would you tell that person?

26:31 – 28:16 Masa Cemazar

Both of those things are great, Vince. You know, sometimes you really need to ask yourself whether what you’re doing is really inspiring you and whether you’re in the right environment. I mean, sometimes it’s not the mentor. Sometimes – and I’m not an advocate for changing companies. Everyone has heard today, we’ve been with that company for seven years. You need to find a home and make it a long term home. So if the company is right for, you know, it’s going to be around for a long time, it’s paying your checks, then most probably you should stay. And yes, you can go up the ladder and find somebody that’s willing to give you guidance. And quite often, Vince, this person may not be earning as much money as the person that’s now giving you guidance, but they’re kind of in the game. They’re doing it right now, and it’s interesting, they don’t always need to be a stellar seven figure earner to teach you how to make seven figures. So I think, you know, go up the ladder is great. I think reaching out of your company can be amazing. Miguel and I have done this continuously and guess what? Just in the last 12 months or 24 months we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in our coaching and mentoring from other people on a totally different level. And what we found is when you reach out of your company, now you really have to find a mentor who is really going to be very generic. I mean, you don’t want to go to someone who’s going to recruit you into another company, that’s not the point. But, you know, there are so many people in our industry who are valuable trainers and coaches who are also seven figure earners. And if you go outside, I think they will give you a different perspective. It’s often going to be, you know, your horizons are going to widen, you’re going to really find a solution within your company and go faster. So both of those things are great.

28:16 – 28:28 Vince Reed

Awesome, awesome. Well so much value, very very exciting. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to move into the time is money round.

So I’m going to ask you some questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less. Are you ready?
28:29 – 28:30 Masa Cemazar

I’m ready! Let’s go.

28:30 – 28:36 Vince Reed

Alright, so what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers?
28:37 – 29:23 Masa Cemazar

I would say number one marketing tip is learn how to use social media in the correct way to market your business. I see way too many network marketers putting pictures of their products still, and branding themselves with the brand of the company they represent. So we really need to understand that we are our own brand and that we need to start giving value to people. So if we’re educating people on health, for example, okay, start putting out some value about how you can improve your health rather than putting pictures of your products. So the appropriate use of social media is really important and that’s the number one way you can generate leads, recruit people, meet new people, and if you know how to use it powerfully, you’re sorted. You’ll be done.

29:23 – 29:41 Vince Reed

Awesome, awesome. Great answer, by the way.

Alright, so number two: who do you look up to as a mentor or entrepreneur?

Is there anyone that we would find, I don’t know, maybe in your library or on your phone? Who are you listening to and who are you studying from these days?

29:41 – 32:03 Masa Cemazar

Wow, there’s so many people. I have learned from so many people. Definitely one of our mentors with Miguel is Terry LaCore, who is the owner of our company. He is a network marketer who is a leader for a long time and at the age of 29 he owned his first company, so he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. And somebody that is just amazing and just, you know, he’s probably one of the smartest people I know. So definitely Terry. We have great colleagues in our industry that we learn a lot from. Lisa Grossman, Curtis Broome. So many other people that we interact with. And then on the online marketing area, I mean, Jonathan Bodd and Mark Hoverson, they have helped us so much over the years. They are just truly amazing. I owe so much of our success to them as well. And then for example, speakers and trainers Jerry Clark, for example. Some of you may know him. He is an amazing veteran. I mean, he’s a part of our success story from day one in our first company, he was a trainer. So many people, Vince, and these are just people that directly impacted us, but in addition to that, like I said before, Miguel and I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, six figures, to invest into ourselves to go to events, to go and buy courses, audio / video programs to learn from other people who are mentors. So we really believe in this. The reason we believe in it is because we have find a short cut. It’s like, you want to do something different, you want to learn a skill that you don’t already have, just go to someone who already has it. And if you have to pay a lot of money for it, it is totally worth it long term. So those are some of the people. But you know, oh wow, I think Elon Musk is super inspiring. I’ve just been reading about him and of course, you know, many other entrepreneurs: Richard Branson, you know, one of my lifelong goals is to go to Necker Island and visit Richard Branson. So it’s very inspiring to read people from other industries as well and to really read about their stories because network marketing is just one of the industries, it’s just one profession but we want to be well-rounded. We want to know what is happening in the world, so I always encourage people to be well read and really get to know a lot of different entrepreneurs.

32:03 – 32:35 Vince Reed

Well that’s a great list of people to learn from, absolutely. And the cool thing is a lot of your mentors are also mine, so you definitely keep good company. So this last question is one that I think everyone will definitely love to hear your answer to and that’s how should they approach their friends and family about their business, about their network marketing company?

Is there something they can say, is there something they can do to approach friends and family about their business?
32:36 – 33:31 Masa Cemazar

Sure, yeah. You know, I’m one of those people that I’m a great advocate that you have to tell friends and family first, and the way you tell them is not necessarily try and recruit them but if you were just, you know, you were family or a close friend to me, Vince, I would say to you, “Well, Vince, I want to let you know that I found something that I believe can really change my life and because I truly respect our friendship, I want you to be one of the first people I tell now. This may not be for you, and I totally respect that. However, I’m going to do this really really seriously because I believe it’s my only way to get from here to where I want to go. And so really, I just want you to know I’m doing this. If you know anyone, by the way, that would be interested in these products or services, please let me know. That would help me so much, but I really just want to let you know because I don’t want you to get to know when I’m, like, super successful or anything. So Vince, you know, I’m doing this business.”

33:32 – 34:18 Vince Reed

Awesome, where can I sign up? Awesome, I love it, I love it. Hope you guys rewind that and listen to that again, that’s a great approach and you guys will definitely get your friends and family on your side, and that’s what you want when you do that. So, you know, I really appreciate all of the awesome insights and value that you provided, but you know, if you know me and if you don’t, you should know that it’s not possible for me to do anything without sharing a little bit of value with you. So is there any question or any marketing strategy or technique – it doesn’t even have to be about that – that you’d want to ask me if you had the chance to ask me one question about marketing or business?

Is there anything that you’d like to ask me?
34:18 – 34:27 Masa Cemazar

Yeah, I know you have this very new secret of how you build fan pages to tens of thousands of people in a very short amount of time. I’d really love to know about it.

34:27 – 35:51 Vince Reed

Well, you know, it’s really not necessarily even really a secret. I think it hits on really the core part of marketing and that’s really developing a niche market and developing audiences around them. I think sometimes marketing gets very broad and it’s hard to build quickly when you’re broad. So long story, what we do is we just build several different what we call micro niche fan pages that are geared toward specific niche markets and then we’re able to target those pages with individuals that we know like that specific type of product. So for example, let’s just say you like … you’re in the health and wellness niche. I could create a page where it’s targeting people who love The Biggest Loser. So my page could be The Biggest Loser community, and all we would do is run light campaigns of people who watch that show, and then we would provide content about weight loss and value and then sooner or later you run an ad and you say, “Hey, if you’d like to lose a couple pounds, you want to see how people are doing and earning”, you invite those fans to a webinar. So it’s very simple to do, but we’re not looking to build each page to millions of fans; we’re looking to have several pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, and that’s really the idea behind it.

35:52 – 35:59 Masa Cemazar

Wow, that’s awesome and I hope everyone’s listening to what you’re saying because this is so simple to implement for a network marketing business.

35:59 – 36:25 Vince Reed

Absolutely, if you focus on becoming a product of your product, you can make it happen. And if you focus on providing value and solving people’s problems on the other end from those pages, they will be willing to look at the things that you have to offer as well. So I really want to say again, I appreciate you for coming on and also wanted to give the chance to share with people where they can connect with you and also if there’s anything that you have going on now that’s exciting that you want them to know about.

36:27 – 37:23 Masa Cemazar

Yeah, well thanks so much. So our website is PyjamaBosses.com. It’s spelled P-Y-J-A-M-A Bosses.com and definitely there’s plenty of free value. We have free videos, we have different programs there that you can tap into and just get a little bit of how we train network marketers to be successful and home-based business owners. And I think everyone, you know, depending on when this interview goes live, but everyone’s going to be really excited because we’ve just put together a brand new training series and it’s going to be on building momentum. It’s going to come out I think the start is on Monday, June 8th. That is going to be so exciting because I’ve never seen in our industry a place where momentum is really taught as in a process or given a system how to create momentum in a home-based business, not just for network marketers, actually. It’s also for online marketers, coaches, affiliate marketers, anyone. So I think that’s going to be really valuable for people. So just look out.

37:24 – 37:38 Vince Reed

Definitely look out for that, I know it’s going to be awesome and if you are a network marketer, it’s all about investing in yourself, implementing what you learn and teaching what you do.

So again, anything in closing, anything you want to leave with the listeners in closing before I let you go?
37:38 – 38:19 Masa Cemazar

I just really really want to thank you, Vince, I mean what you’re putting together with the Network Marketing Nation is going to be a tool and a resource for network marketers for decades. I mean, people can go back to these interviews and listen to the jams of other people who have had to go through some struggle to create some success, and I think this is just another shortcut. You know, I love shortcuts. I like learning from people who have been successful. And so I really want to commend you and thank you for what you’re creating. This is kind of a legacy that I think you’re already creating with it. So everyone, make sure that you’re listening to these interviews and plugging into Vince Reed’s new Network Marketing Nation. So, Vince, thanks so much for putting it together.

38:19 – 38:33 Vince Reed

Awesome, I appreciate you and I’ll definitely make sure all of the places to connect with you are in the notes. And definitely reach out to Masa, she knows what she’s talking about and can definitely help you get where you want to go. Take care guys and I’ll see you on the next interview. Bye bye.

38:35 – 38:51 Vince Reed

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