12: Shane Morand – Who Do You Need To Become

Shane Morand Bio

Shane is a leader and veteran in the network marketing industry. In 2008, he co-founded one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the world. In 7 years, Shane has built a team of 1.5 million distributors worldwide in 45 countries in 6 continents. He has earned well over 8 figures in the industry through his ability to motivate and develop leaders all over the world. He has worked directly with high-profile speakers and trainers, including Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dr. Mark Victor Hansen, and Brian Tracey. Now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his 6 and 7 figure success story with you.

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Network Marketing Nation, Episode Twelve

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And you look at anybody who’s successful – not just in this industry, but in anything – you can see one thing they all have in common: they love what they do and they don’t get distracted.

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You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Alright, I’m extremely excited. I’m here with the one and only Shane Morand. Shane is a leader and veteran in the network marketing industry. In 2008, he co-founded one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the world. In 7 years, Shane has built a team of 1.5 million distributors worldwide in 45 countries in 6 continents. He has earned well over 8 figures in the industry through his ability to motivate and develop leaders all over the world. He has worked directly with high-profile speakers and trainers, including Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dr. Mark Victor Hansen, and Brian Tracey. Now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his 6 and 7 figure success story with you. Shane, what’s going on man? I’m extremely excited. Are you ready to get this party started?

Shane Morand 1:52 – 2:13

Yeah, I’m fired up Vince. I’ve been looking forward to this call and first thing I want to do is just congratulate you on your success and for being a shining light in the industry and helping so many people get to learn a little bit more and a little bit more on how to become a professional in this amazing, amazing field and industry we call network marketing.

Vince Reed 2:13 – 2:36

Awesome man, I definitely appreciate you and when we started doing these interviews, you were one of the first people we had on our list that we wanted to connect with. You have so much value to share and so much experience, so I’m extremely excited as well. So, you know, your story and obviously some of the things I just mentioned is phenomenal.

Is there anything that maybe you want to fill in that maybe I didn’t get a chance to share in your quick bio there?
Shane Morand 2:37 – 2:52

I think you got it down. We started, you know, with an idea and really the focus is really on helping people just achieve and to develop leadership within themselves to get to the highest levels that they can.

Vince Reed 2:53 – 3:18

Awesome, man. Awesome. So, you know, one of the things I like to do when we first get started is really give the listeners a chance to really feel what it feels like to be you. You know, you’ve earned multiple 7 figures in this industry, you know, you live an amazing lifestyle, you’ve worked hard to get there.

How does that feel to have reached your goals and accomplish a lot of things you set out to reach when you got started?
Shane Morand 3:19 – 5:19

Well, I can best way to help your listeners understand the feeling is just by asking the same question as they’re listening to this and ask them how it would feel for them to be free. And we’re talking about freedom. How would it feel to wake up every morning knowing that you’ve got all the choices in the world? You could play if you want, you could travel if you want when you wake up without asking anyone’s permission. You could look after your sick children without having to ask a boss, you know, if you could go home and look after the children. To give you an idea Vince, just a few months ago I woke up in the morning in Kazakhstan. And had breakfast, had a nice breakfast, but by lunch I met my wife in Moscow and we had a beautiful lunch and then she went back to Canada where I live and I went on to Ukraine to have dinner in one day, you know? About four months ago I woke up in the morning – this is the lifestyle that I want everyone to really realize the feeling, how would it feel for you to wake up in Bangkok, Thailand, have breakfast, and then have lunch in New Delhi, India, and then off to Rome, Italy, for a beautiful dinner? I mean, this is the lifestyle. You know, waking up in Toronto, having breakfast with my wife, lunch in New York, and then I think it was breakfast the next day in England, but it was all in one kind of day. So it is a great lifestyle and in order to really achieve it, I think the feelings came first. I think too many distributors have a mindset that says, “When I achieve this amount of income, then I’m going to feel good.” And I’d like to propose just to flip that upside-down and let’s start off by feeling good, feeling like you’re already a multiple 6-figure monthly income earner, and notice how that feels and that way you become a magnet to attract the right people into your life and the right people into your circle of influence.

Vince Reed 5:19 – 5:39

That’s awesome, man. I mean, you definitely worked extremely hard and you’ve been at this a long time, so it’s worth it. And something that I always like to point out is, I guess I should probably ask you: you said you’ve been doing this –

how long would you say total years that you’ve been working hard at your profession?
Shane Morand 5:40 – 6:37

Well, my profession is personal development. You know, my profession is working on myself. My profession is teaching other people how to work on themselves. So in that sense, I’ve been working on myself since I was 19 years old. But actually in the network marketing field, my background is not network marketing. Most people think I was born as a network marketer, but I had to learn just like everyone else. I had to stumble and fail just like everyone else, there’s no difference. But I feel the fact that I had an unfair advantage and that I got to hang around some amazing mentors. I got to hang around and read and learn from really some of the top minds in the world in terms of personal development. And in my opinion, Vince, that’s probably 90% of the success is just building up your own confidence and building up your own vision in terms of what success means to you.

Vince Reed 6:37 – 6:43


I guess more specifically, how long would you say you’ve been doing network marketing in terms of years?
Shane Morand 6:42 – 6:45

Ten years, I would say about ten years.

Vince Reed 6:44 – 6:57

Awesome, and the reason I wanted to point that out is because if you would take anyone and you’d say, “Would you be willing to work your butt off for ten years to have the type of lifestyle that you just mentioned?”, I think most people would do that in a heartbeat if they understood that.

Shane Morand 6:57 – 6:59

Absolutely, absolutely.

Vince Reed 6:59 – 7:11

Awesome, man. Alright well, you know, this is one of my fun questions to ask. You know, why would someone join Shane?

What is it that separates, you know, a person joining your team versus another team?
Shane Morand 7:12 – 8:12

Well, I mean a person would only really consider joining me or our worldwide family if they’re really serious about their personal growth. You know, that’s really in my opinion one of the fundamental keys. If they’re already working on themselves or if they’re willing to work hard on themselves, if they’re willing to become a market leader in their region – no matter where their region is – like you mentioned earlier we’re currently legally now operating in 46 countries worldwide and the pace that we’re expanding, without the dedication and commitment to one’s own personal growth, to one’s own personal development, things could get overwhelming in this industry in a hurry. And that’s what we’ve seen. Our strategies are simple; I like to keep things real simple. So simple that even I can understand it. So my philosophy is if I can understand it, I can teach it. If I can teach it, we can duplicate it. So that’s pretty well what I would advise.

Vince Reed 8:13 – 8:23

Awesome, awesome.

Now what piece of advice would you have given yourself when you got started?

If you could go back 10 years ago when you first got started in the industry, is there anything that you would tell yourself?

Shane Morand 8:23 – 9:18

Well I’m a big Anthony Robbins fan, and I love his saying “Success leaves clues”. I would say find the best mentor. Learn from someone who’s already got whatever it is that you want. It doesn’t necessarily only include network marketing, but in this example, find a network marketer that’s always got – or a person or a distributor that’s got the rank that you want. That’s got the accomplishments that you want, and your team is not always going to make you a fortune. This is again upside-down a little bit because some are going to quit. Your team, some are going to do nothing as we all know. Some are going to engage, some are going to go big. But an amazing mentor and a great mentor who has a proven track record of success, not just guesswork, is really worth their weight in gold. So if I had to start over again, I would have found the strongest mentor even faster.

Vince Reed 9:19 – 9:47

Awesome, that’s definitely great advice to live by. This is kind of a side question, you know, when looking for that mentor, do you have any tips on how a person could connect with you? Like let’s say someone wanted you to be their mentor. I know we could go to your Facebook and do this or that, but is there any tip that you could tell a person where they could connect with a mentor who they may feel is outside their realm of actually connecting with?

Is there anything they could do to capture that person’s attention and maybe get that person to work with them?
Shane Morand 9:47 – 11:04

Well, that’s an amazing question because I like to try to reverse it, right. What would I do maybe a little bit different and how can they do it? It always helps just to make the connection, just to start off by saying, “Look, I’m looking for a mentor. This is what I want.” One of the things that I do look for is .. there’s only two actual things. The background experience is irrelevant to me. Their age, the skin color, the language they speak, it really doesn’t make a difference. Their experience doesn’t make a difference. But the two fundamentals: if I hear someone who’s hungry, who’s had enough and they’re saying, “I’m not willing to live this way. I am hungry for success, I want more out of life.” That’s the first. The second is teachable. If they’re hungry and teachable, those two right there; if the person can somehow transmit that energy and transmit the notion that they’re hungry, they’re willing to learn, they’re looking for a mentor, their chances of stepping up .. because you know what? So few people are doing it. And so by going out there and connecting with a potential mentor and letting them know you’re hungry, you’re teachable, you’d be standing out ahead of 99% of the people out there.

Vince Reed 11:04 – 11:24

Awesome, awesome. Definitely great advice. So this is a fun one for you: you know, I always kind of get a kick out of this because it takes a lot of you guys back down that memory lane.

So tell me how did your first sponsor actually recruit you onto their team?

I know that was probably a very lucky person to get you. But how did that go?

Shane Morand 11:24 – 12:57

Well not really actually, to tell you the truth, because remember, we all start the same way. I knew nothing really; I’d seen the industry. Like I said, I’m in the personal development background so I was actually traveling around in Canada. I was with Jim Rohn in Saskatoon promoting his seminar. We were at the seminar and Jim talked to me about this television network that was setting up. You see, I had heard and I knew about the network marketing industry, but I never found at that time there was some great companies out there, but I couldn’t see myself doing what they were doing and promoting those certain products. But when Jim told me about this company that was about to set up and their product was personal success, their product – they were designing the first television network in history that was dedicated to success. And so now he got my attention. Now, Jim wasn’t my sponsor but he was kind of referring me. “Go talk to so and so because they know someone who’s in this thing.” So I started down that road and because I loved the product, I jumped in with both feet but not knowing exactly what to do, how to build a team, how to lead a team, that was not my strong suit. So I had to learn. So I don’t think the first person that recruited me was the luckiest person in the world, but maybe the most patient person in the world because I made all the mistakes. I made the biggest mistakes, but thank God I got through it and that’s part of the process. You’ve got to make mistakes.

Vince Reed 12:57 – 13:01

So when you saw it, were you sold right away or did it take a little bit of convincing?

Shane Morand 13:02 – 13:54

No, when I saw the product I was sold right away. So when I saw the fact that we can deliver this personal development into people’s homes without them traveling around, they’ve got access to it right on their TV, that sold me. And then now it started to make sense where imagine working hard, you know, one time and getting paid a lifetime. So I liked that because I was already used to traveling around speaking, promoting. I was already used to doing that, but I didn’t get paid. You see, when I sold a ticket to an Anthony Robbins seminar or to a Jim Rohn seminar, Brian Tracey, Les Brown, I would sell the ticket and get paid, but I’d have to wake up the next morning or the next week or the next month and do the same thing over again if I wanted to continue to feed my family. But I love the idea of that residual, ongoing monthly stream of income, so I kind of got addicted to that concept.

Vince Reed 13:54 – 13:56

The leverage, right? That’s awesome.

Shane Morand 13:56


Vince Reed 13:56 – 14:31

Awesome. So, you know, to be one of the top income earners in this industry – we really didn’t hint on it too much, but just for those of you listening – Shane isn’t just a top earner in his company; he’s one of the all-time top earners in the network marketing space, in the entire industry. So with that, what people often hear when you say that is, “This guy’s making a lot of money.” But what they should hear is that he’s probably faced more rejection than any of us, right?

So tell us a little bit about your worst story of rejection, because to get to where you are, you have to have a lot of no’s.
Shane Morand 14:31 – 16:47

Yeah, absolutely. And that’s fine. One of my – well, the one that comes to mind immediately is I was in Ottawa, Canada, living in Ottawa and I’m fired up about my project just like everyone listening to this call, you’ve got to be fired up about your opportunity and your product or your service, whatever it is you’re on. And that was me. And I used to run little ads. I didn’t know any better, so I would run a little ad in the paper and spend all this money, and I got a call one day – this has got to be the biggest area. So I get a call one day and it’s one of the big shots, you know, “Hey, you don’t know who I am but I’m a big shot. And I love what you guys are doing and I would like to be part of it, but I live in Toronto”, you know, the guy said, “I live in Toronto which is like 5 hours away.” And he said, “I can put some people together. Will you come down and speak?” And I’m going, “Absolutely.” I said, “How many people can you put in the room?” He says, “I can easily put 300 people if you give me a couple weeks.” Now, I had never heard anyone say they could put 300 people or even 30 people in a room at that time, so sure enough I was so excited about this guy, you know, the guy that’s going to put 300 people in a room in 2 weeks. So I contacted him, I said, “Okay, no problem.” I rented the hotel space, I rented a room because I was going to stay overnight. So here’s the rejection: and we had the room set up for 300 people with a screen, everything was ready, I’m preparing, I get into Toronto early, I get my room set up, you know, tried to relax and prepare for the event. I go down at a certain time. Not only did none of the 300 people show up, zero. But the person that was organizing the event never showed up. So I got to pay the bill, I got to pay the expenses to get down there, pay the bill for this empty room where I didn’t even get to present even a one-on-one. So I was telling this story, you know, just recently I was telling this story of how I traveled 5 hours for 300 people and nobody showed up, not even the organizer. And then someone said, “Yeah, you think that’s bad? I flew to Paris and did exactly the same thing.” So I didn’t feel so bad anymore, but that’s got to be pretty bad.

Vince Reed 16:48 – 17:15

Well out of all the people that I’ve talked to in this industry, that has to be the worst story of rejection. So you take the cake on that one. And to still be here, alive and kicking, is an awesome story. So enough about the negative stuff; let’s get into some of the positive stuff. Tell me your best story of success for yourself and maybe someone on your team.

Was there a moment where you kind of looked back or you just had this proud moment that you want to share and then maybe someone on your team that’s done extremely well?
Shane Morand 17:16 – 19:32

Sure, sure. Well I have a philosophy. Thank God I have this philosophy, and I don’t know where I learned it. I’ve had so many good mentors over the years, but basically it goes something like this: if you want to really build a large organization – and anyone out there that wants to build a large organization, you’re really working on two things. You want to either develop leadership or attract leadership. Okay? So develop leadership or attract leadership. The challenge is for newbies and people just getting started, it’s very very difficult where if they’ve never had success in the industry, it’s very difficult to attract leadership in the beginning because you have no credibility and no evidence of success and so on and so forth. So for someone who’s listening in here who is new to the industry or has not had previous success, my recommendation – this is what I did – is I started developing leadership first within myself. First, work on yourself harder than you ever work on your job or your company. Work on you. Once you start developing your leadership, you’ll be able to easier .. it’ll be easier for you to develop leadership within others. Once you start down that path where you’re developing leadership within others, then you become a magnet. People want to be around, people want to be around leaders. That’s the process and that’s the thought form, and so as a result, one of my proudest moments was I wanted to put something together to really make a stand in our seriousness of developing leadership and attracting leadership. So we put together a situation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and their World Learning Center where we became the first and only company in history that has our logo branded on the front cover of that book. In my opinion, the fastest way to develop your leadership is to read that book. I mean, this is the book where more than 1 million millionaires, you know, said, “That’s the book.” 1 million millionaires said, “When I read Think and Grow Rich, my business started to change.” And so that was something that we’re very very proud of and that we actually give a stepping stone for distributors to go ahead and start on the road to personal leadership, personal development.

Vince Reed 19:33 – 20:03

I love that, and people won’t forget that. You know, that’s the cool thing about things like that, so awesome. Awesome man, so you know, this is an interesting question because they’re going to be very similar, but they couldn’t be more different.

So what would you tell a person getting started in network marketing?

So they just got started, they just received their product, they’re brand new. Are there any steps that you would tell that person in getting started?

Shane Morand 20:03 – 23:15

Well, I can give you practical and I can give you other steps, but I would say one of the things – if you’ve got a pen and paper, you might want to write this down if you’re listening to this call – is that, find a mentor. And it may not be your sponsor. It may be your sponsor’s sponsor’s sponsor, but you’ve got to find a mentor that’s able to, you know, teach and to help you to only develop your skills that are necessary to lead a large organization, but also you want to ask yourself, who do you need to become? Who do you need to become to lead a large group of people? Now, how do I know that’s an important question? Because that’s what I did. I asked myself that question every single day. I heard a rumor that this individual that I really respected had built a team of a half a million distributors. And at the time, you know, my organization might have been 40 or 50 distributors. But this person, the rumor was – whether it was true or not is irrelevant – but the rumor was that this person built a team of a half a million, and I kept on asking myself almost every day, “Who would I need to become to lead a team of a half a million people? Who would I need to be every day? Who do I need to become?” And I started working again on myself and becoming that person and that’s when, you know, maybe it was a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago now, where I logged into my own back office and there was over 1.5 million distributors. And I’d realized, “Oh my god, we’ve surpassed my wildest expectations.” And the other things is, if you’re just getting started, make a decision never, never, never quit. Don’t quit. Don’t quit on yourself, don’t quit on your dreams. Just don’t quit. And finally, I know we’re going around a little bit here, Vince, but you’ve got to love what you do, because you’re going to get rejected. That’s a given. You’re going to get knocked down. You know, Mike Tyson had this saying, it’s one of my all time favorite sayings. You know, when he was rocking and rolling, he was unstoppable. Nobody could beat him. But all the challengers would say, yeah. They would interview them and they would say, “Yes, but I have a plan. I have a plan to beat Mike Tyson.” Everybody. And then they go to Mike Tyson and say, “Hey, so and so has a plan.” And Mike Tyson said this beautiful quote. He says, “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.” And so in network marketing, you know, you’re going to get punched in the face. I don’t mean physically; I mean you’re going to get rejected, you’re going to get knocked down. The question is, how fast can you get back up? Not whether you’re going to get knocked down, because you’re going to get knocked down. Now, here’s the thing: if you don’t love what you do, you’re not getting up. You’re going to stay down for the count, and a lot of the people who get rejected, they quit and they never fell in love with the process. They never fell in love with their company or their product or their comp plan or the system or their leadership that’s guiding them, you know? So these are some of the best of the best tips that I can give you, and it’s not just one tip but there’s many many subtle tips in between.

Vince Reed 23:15 – 23:23

I love that, I love that. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t get up. I mean, that couldn’t be more true.

Shane Morand 23:22 – 24:04

You know why, Vince? You know why, Vince? I’ll just interrupt you for a second here because only people that are crazy in love with what they do will have the courage to stand back up. And you find that. And if there are leaders listening in on the call and you see some of your people are going to quit, and maybe they don’t love it because the vision of where they want to go isn’t strong enough, it’s not big enough. Yeah, it’s not colorful enough for them, so when those hard times come – and they come – if your vision’s not good, if you don’t love what you do and you look at anybody who’s successful, not just in this industry but in anything, you can see one thing they all have in common: they love what they do and they don’t get distracted.

Vince Reed 24:05 – 24:27

Absolutely. Now here, like I said, here’s a question that’s very similar but could be more different.

What would you tell that struggling veteran in network marketing?

Maybe the person that’s jumped around and been in several companies, or maybe that person that can’t get over the hump, they’re stuck at that $1,000 or $2,000 a month and they’re starting to lose faith. They want to keep going but they’re struggling. What would you tell that person?

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Shane Morand 24:28 – 26:50

Well again, we’re right back to, you’ve got to fall in love with what you’re doing. If you love what you do … but here’s some of the things: number one, with a person that is a veteran in the industry, one of the things is they’re typically not in the zone, they’re not in the correct zone to build. Because what typically happens is in the beginning, you know, they’re work work work work work work work, which is what I like to call Zone One when they’re retailing and they’re recruiting and they’re presenting and they’re in that zone, that’s where all the money is made. You see, zone one is where all the money is made in network marketing when you’re engaged. And typically what happens to the leader is they slip into zone two. Zone two is pretty bad, it’s pretty bad because zone two is when you’re managing people who are in zone one. You see, there’s not as much money in zone two as there is in zone one, and then if they keep doing that, they’re going to slip into something called zone three where they’re managing people who are managing. And it couldn’t get worse than zone three unless they slip into zone four, and zone four is when they’re managing people who are managing people who are managing, because everyone is watching them manage and they figure that’s how you build the business. And leaders that find themselves in zone four, they have no choice but to quit because there’s no money in zone four. So not for a brand new, but for a veteran, my recommendation is get back in that zone. Get in the sweet spot, and there’s no feeling better than sponsoring and recruiting a brand new distributor and teaching them and helping them have the success that they’re looking for. And so if you’re at the top of your company and you’re in zone four, what I like to recommend is, go do it again but do it with a brand new team within your company. What I mean is, a lot of the leaders, a lot of the veterans, they’re relying on their current team to even get them to a higher level within the company. What I’m suggesting is love your team, and if they need to contact you, let them contact you. Don’t run away from your team, but show your team that you’re going to go do it again with a brand new team. That will fire anybody up. So this is the best of the best for veterans out there.

Vince Reed 26:51 – 27:31

I love that, the zone. I’m going to have to listen to that again. Whoever is listening to this, definitely rewind and listen to that again. That was very powerful, I’ve never heard it broken down that way. And it’s so true, you know, you start building and … I don’t know if you call it, you get lazy, I don’t know if that’s the right term. But you start really just kind of sitting back and watching your team, versus doing the things that got you the success that you get when you’re in that first zone. So that’s a great concept that you have there. Awesome, man, so that moves us into the time is money round and what I’m going to do is basically ask you a few questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less. Are you ready?

Shane Morand 27:31


Vince Reed 27:32 – 27:36

Alright, so what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers?
Shane Morand 27:38 – 28:23

Alright, so number one marketing tip would be practice, practice, practice, practice, practice your presentation. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice your presentation. You know what? My first presentation, it sucked. I mean, it was really really bad. It was so bad, I’m surprised the people I was presenting to didn’t just up and walk away. But guess what? I got better. So practice your presentation. Ask your friends, ask your family, ask your cat, ask your dog, “Can I practice my presentation?” What I found out, Vince, when I started asking people if it’s okay if I come over to practice my presentation, they’d say, “Sure, come on over!” and then I would start presenting and they would sign up. And I’m going, “What?” But they would sign up. So you get better and get better and get better.

Vince Reed 28:23 – 28:29

Awesome, awesome.

So who do you look up to as a mentor or as an entrepreneur?
Shane Morand 28:30 – 29:15

Well, my mentors and my heroes, number one is a CEO, is Bernie Chua. He’s just an inspiration. And also our Holton Buggs, the legendary Holton Buggs. He is just absolutely phenomenal. I believe he’s the Michael Jordan of this industry and I’ve learned so much from just watching and listening and taking notes and applying a lot of the principles. I also, one of my first mentors are people like Jeff Olsen and Eric Worre where I got my start. Darren Hardy, Ed Parker, that really really laid the foundation for me to become who I am today in terms of network marketing.

Vince Reed 29:16 – 29:43

Awesome man, great people you mentioned there. So we could go on and on about those guys, but I’m sure we’ll have another time sometime soon to chat about those guys, but I love all of them. Alright, so tell me this:

how should I approach my friends and my family about my home business?

I know this is the one I like to leave to the end, because I know people that get started, that should be who we communicate with. Is there any tips you can give a person when they’re approaching their friend or family?

Shane Morand 29:44 – 30:42

Well, first of all it depends who’s listening, okay Vince? So let me try to give you two answers here: number one, if you’re brand new getting started, use your friends and family to practice your presentation to get better and better and better. Don’t worry about blowing your presentation. Now, if you’re a veteran  like myself – I would say I’m a veteran now – I don’t allow my friends and my family in my business. I just don’t. They’ve got to ask me at least ten times. You know, if a family member calls and says, “I’ve thought about it, I see where you live, I see how you’re travelling and I think I want to join.” They’ve got to call me ten times before I’d even consider allowing them in the business. But if you’re new, practice practice practice practice so that you can get better. So as you develop better and better, then you can talk to people maybe you don’t know as well and you’re there with a refined approach and an approach that you believe that will give you a better chance of success.

Vince Reed 30:43 – 31:32

I love that mindset, by the way, because it really puts you in that, you know, this is a real business. This isn’t a hobby, right? That mindset from the very beginning, whereas some people, they come in and they truly say, “My friends and family is the way I’m going to build my business”, versus the way you’re thinking about it and building your business is, “This is a legitimate business, I’m going to practice my presentation with my family.” And like you said, some of them will be wanting to get started with you. So that’s awesome, man. So this has been an amazing interview. I mean, I can’t wait to listen to it again. But for those individuals who do know me that are listening to this, they know that it’s very difficult for me to do anything without providing value to you.

So is there any question you’d like to ask me?

I mean, it doesn’t have to be about marketing or lead generation. Definitely feel free to ask.

Shane Morand 31:33 – 32:22

Yeah, I do. I do have one, and that would be – because when it comes to online marketing, I’m an amateur. I’m just going to tell you flat out, I’m an amateur but I’d like to ask you a question as it relates to network marketing, but I know some people are reaching out and they’re learning how to reach out online. But if someone, a brand new person – whether they have experience, they don’t have experience – if they want to earn a full-time income or if their dream is to earn a full-time income in network marketing where they can actually leave their job, my question would be: what percentage of time allocation would you recommend, for example, for someone to invest in their online activities versus face to face activities? If the intent is to become a full-time professional network marketer.

Vince Reed 32:23 – 35:00

That’s a great question. And, you know, there’s a couple points I’d like to just mention here. Number one: prospecting is prospecting, whether you’re prospecting face to face or prospecting on the Internet. When you interact with that individual, there are going to be some similarities. In terms of the Internet, what typically happens is because it’s the Internet and it can be a little overwhelming if you’re not used to it, you think you have to master everything the same way you think you have to master your presentation when you meet with people. With me, you know, when I got started in my first network marketing company, and that’s how I got started, I knew that I could use the Internet. My goal was just to get people in front of my presentation, so I did that with webinars. And I learned how to place ads and drive traffic to an online webinar, and I would do presentations each and every day. And then I said, “Well I do these presentations, I’m pretty good at it. So why don’t I just teach my team to drive traffic to the same webinar and I would do it for them and I would just say at the end, ‘Hey, if you were brought by this person, get back to them’.” And that’s how I was able to grow my organization in network marketing. SO my point is this: I’m sure you know who Lisa Grossman is. I mean, I’m not sure if you know Lisa, but I love Lisa, a good friend of mine. One of the things she said, actually, I saw her speak not too long ago at an event we were both speaking at. She said, “People always talk about this 10,000 hours to be an expert.” And it’s true, you do need to put in 10,000 hours to be an expert. But she said, “Do you know how many hours you need to put into something to be proficient in it? To be effective at what you’re doing?” And she said, “20 hours.” And I thought that was fascinating. My point is, if there is a specific method that you like – I always tell people find the thing that attracts them. So let’s say you’re on a social media site and you see someone do something, and if it got your attention, chances are if it got your attention it would get someone else. So buy a course, spend some time learning how to do it, but stay to your core. I think the problem with Internet marketers … while network marketers try to use the Internet, they start thinking that it’s easier to just sell a product online versus build their business, and it’s the same. Whether you’re selling a person into your network marketing company, or selling a person into your product, it’s still a transaction. So my point is, stay focused on what you’re doing. If you’re going to use an Internet strategy, use it to put more people in front of your presentations. And if you can stay focused doing that and be proficient at one marketing method, and you can teach your team that one marketing method, you can make it happen. So hopefully that answers your question. A little long-winded.

Shane Morand 35:00 – 35:38

Yeah, I think it does because it’s very similar now. I’m listening to your answer and it’s very similar to when I get a question, for example, from a distributor where we’ve got different tools – maybe a DVD or maybe an online movie or maybe a flip chart or whatever the tool is – and the question would become, “Well, what should I use? Which one do I use?” And my answer is, “Well, use the one you like the best.” Right? And so your answer is pretty well the same. Whatever attracts you, whatever gets you fired up, use that one. You’ll probably do, you know, go that way because you’ll probably do better using something that you actually like.

Vince Reed 35:38 – 36:01

And you know why I think? I think we all operate from a place of certainty. When you’re certain about something, you just react better to it. So if you use a marketing method that attracted you, you have a different level of certainty from it than me telling you to do something that you’ve never seen and you’re not sure that it works. So we always teach people to do what attracts you because already you have a heightened level of certainty before you even get started.

Shane Morand 36:02 – 36:05

Excellent, excellent. Yeah, that’s awesome.

Vince Reed 36:05 – 36:14

Awesome. Well man, this was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to listen to this again. Let everyone know where they can connect with you. Is there any place where they can meet you or connect with you?

Shane Morand 36:15 – 36:37

They can just Google Shane Morand, they’ll find me all over the place. But don’t … I would ask for everyone to respect, don’t contact me if you’ve already been contacted by somebody within the organization or something like that. But I’d be happy if you have questions and so on, fire them off. I’d be happy to answer questions and help you out in any way I can.

Vince Reed 36:38 – 36:54

Awesome, and we’ll be sure to link to your fan page as well so people can meet up with you there on Facebook, as well. Well again, I appreciate it and that concludes another awesome interview with the man, Shane Morand and I really appreciate it and I look forward to connecting with you more, man.

Shane Morand 36:54 – 37:03

Thanks for everything and everything you’re doing in the industry. It’s awesome. We need more people like you helping the entire industry, not just their own companies. Thanks a lot, Vince.

Vince Reed 37:03 – 37:05

Awesome, awesome. Take care.

Vince Reed 37:06 – 37:15

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