3: Robert Hollis – The Secret To A 742,000 Downline

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Robert Hollis is an author, speaker, personal coach and mentor to thousands. Robert’s book, “How is that Working,” is a roadmap from the rat race to freedom. Robert has personally built several successful online businesses including one that serves over 742,000 people in many countries. He helps people to understand two of the most important elements of business building, multiple income streams and residual income. His businesses have yielded him a residual income of over 2.5 million dollars a year. He has inspired and entertained crowds of people from all walks of life and all over the globe. Now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his 6 and 7 figure success story with you!

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0:00 – 0:02 Vince Reed

Network Marketing Nation, Episode Three.

Robert Hollis 0:03 – 017

There’s this phrase that I have and it’s IDK, and it definitely doesn’t mean I don’t know; it’s identify and then document and develop a leader, and then the next part is keep a leader.

Vince Reed 0:18 – 0:28

You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Alright so I am pumped up and excited, I’m here with Robert Hollis. Robert Hollis is an author, speaker, personal coach and mentor to thousands. Robert’s book How is that working is a road map from the rat race to freedom. Robert has personally built several successful online businesses including one that serves over 742,000 people in many countries. He helps people to understand two of the most important elements of business building: multiple income streams, and residual income. His businesses have yielded him a residual income of over $2.5 million a year. He has inspired and entertained crowds of people from walks of life and all over the globe. Now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his six and seven figure success story with you. Robert, what’s going on my friend? I’m excited. How’s it going today?

Robert Hollis 1:58 – 2:12

I’m blessed and highly favored, Vince. I’ve really watched all your stuff online and I just love your heart for people and helping them out. I was really excited to not only do this interview with you but get to know you. So I really appreciate it.

Vince Reed 2:13- 2:34

Awesome, and I was telling Robert earlier, I mean, I’ve been a fan for many years and watched him do the exact same thing and change so many people’s lives, so I know that this interview is going to help a lot of people out there. So I shared a lot of information, a lot of awesome things about you.

If you don’t mind, you want to fill in any of the blanks or any things that maybe I left out about yourself?
Robert Hollis 2:35 – 3:10

Well my biggest claim to fame really is I’ve helped 45 people make over $1 million in a year. And seven of them Vince actually own their own marketing companies, and so with the current company that I’m building right now I have both my sons, Robert Hollis, Jr., and Matthew and their wives, they’re just making a full-time income. And again, I just love helping people. So it’s neat to have my sons follow in my footsteps. That is like the biggest Ahh I got, it’s just such a blessing.

Vince Reed 3:10 – 4:06

Man, that’s the great thing about this industry, the fact that we’re able to be close to our family and bring them in and give them the opportunities to live a life of freedom that this industry definitely can provide. So that’s cool. In fact, I actually met your son a couple of times. He may not remember me but a couple times at a few different events. There was this pretty cool, really sharp guy. So the cool thing about Network Marketing Nation, in order to even be interviewed you have to be currently actively promoting and have earned a minimum of 6 figures or 7 figures in network marketing. And my goal is to make sure that people know that it is possible, and that’s why we love to bring people in like yourself. You know, I want you to kind of talk a little bit about how that actually feels.

You know, because getting the six figures or the seven figures in your business is a great thing and I want people out there kind of for a quick second feel what it feels like to accomplish that type of goal that you’ve set for yourself and achieved.
Robert Hollis 4:07 – 6:14

Well Vince one of the things I just found out on some recent interviews I did and I think it’s very unique – when I first found Network Marketing, believe it or not I not only didn’t know who Amway was or knew nothing about it, but I was sort of an introverted person, and on top of that I really didn’t like sales. And I just thought, “Ah man, sales, getting people to buy things that they don’t want.” And so I was really really sort of against it. The reason I did so well, I made $258,000 my very first year, is because my mindset going in Vince was temporary. I thought, “Here I am on workman’s comp; I’m losing everything” and I just wanted to be an auto mechanic and a crew chief. So when I met my mentor – which I believe is the key to my success – I was only interested at the beginning of just doing what he told me to do. So I know some people get in as soon as they see the speaker in front of the room and “Wow, what if I could be a speaker?” and “What if I could do a testimonial?” and “What if I could do trainings?” and “What if I could build my brand?” and that was the furthest stop from my mind, Vince. I just learned that if I could get people excited about me meeting an expert, you know, the thing I use all the time is that idea of Tony Robbins is worth $500 million. Well what did he do for the first 10 years of his life? He introduced people to Jim Rowan. So all he did was, “Man, I found this guy named Vince Reed, this guy is documented, he’s helped other people succeed. You’ve got to check him out.” So just get excited about the information and introduce people to an upline or a mentor that’s documented. And so that’s how I did, well, of course when I kept introducing people to him, Vince, instead of getting in the way, they started getting results and as they got results, the rest is history. So I sort of got addicted that, you know, making $1 million before the age of 30 and then I went, “Okay, so now that I’m making more money than this, than I never could as a mechanic,” I didn’t want to change it much. I hope that makes sense.

Vince Reed 6:15 – 6:38

Absolutely, and when you started making that $1 million, obviously building a business that generates a residual passive income of $1 million, you know, tell us a little more about the feeling you get.

Is it a feeling of accomplishment? Is it a feeling like you have to do more?

Because some people, they think they’ve won and it’s over. You get to that, “What is next?”

Robert Hollis 6:37 – 8:02

Right, it’s an adventure, so correct. It’s sort of like that concept if I won the lottery, I’m done. You’re not. It’s like, the first step of course is the obvious. You know, I got myself out of debt then I bought a couple of nice homes, I bought some nice vehicles, and then the next thing – because of this residual income, I remember the first time I took 30 days off. That’s crazy. And I took 30 days off and I came back and I had more money in the mailbox than the money I made before. Because people were looking at the lifestyle that I had achieved and they went, “Man!” The actually started working harder. So then I thought, “Well, I’ll take another month off” and that turned into three. Well then my family and I, you know, we went on six vacations one year and all of them were over two weeks. And so now after you do vacations, well then what? You know what I mean? Then it all of the sudden came back to the point of going, “Wow, I love giving.” So then it all the sudden turned into me giving money to charities and I got addicted to getting other people to get to this lifestyle. So as you understand, you and I work in a business model that the more people that you help succeed, the bigger your income becomes. And I think a lot of your listeners will be blown away when I say this: I’m not money motivated.

Vince Reed 8:02 – 8:18

Wow, well you know, the awesome thing about this is true: people say all the time, if you help someone get what they want, you get what you want. But that feeling is addictive. When you’re helping people get results, it’s an addictive feeling and it’s a great feeling and that’s clearly what drives you, so that’s awesome man.

Robert Hollis 8:19 – 8:42

Yeah, there’s nothing better in the world in my opinion – there’s a lot of cool things, you know, salvation and stuff like that – that I’m always going to say is awesome and the top of my list. But sitting in a large group of people, watching your people walk the stage is, I’m just a baby. I just sit there in the front row and just cry.

Vince Reed 8:42 – 9:16

I hear you man, it’s a great feeling. And you know what it also does, is it keeps you growing and it keeps you active and doing more so you can keep experiencing that feeling, because you have to grow in order to help them. Awesome man, so you know, 45 millionaires earning multiple seven figures, that’s awesome. So clearly outside of the money you’ve done well.

Why would a person join Robert Hollis?

What is it about you that makes your team the team to get started with than other people out there?

Robert Hollis 9:17 – 10:48

Well a lot of people don’t understand the power of relationships. I know you do, and so there’s this phrase that I have and it’s IDK, and it definitely doesn’t mean I don’t know. It’s identify and then document and develop a leader, and then the next part is keep a leader. And so you want to establish relationships, I’ve always taught my group, you want to work with people hard and fast until they get a result. When people, you know, we all talk about you have to have faith. I love that phrase faith it ’til you make it instead of fake it ’til you make it. And it’s the whole concept of even though people have faith or believe they have faith, them seeing that result and that check, you know, because I think Vince if you can remember back, man my first check was like $26 or something like that. And I’m still more excited about that check than a big bonus check I get, because that was the pop that happened to me that realized that this is for real. All I had to do was more of what I’d already done. So I think that if a person were to seek me out and work with me, I’m one of those individuals that are very hands on. People still to this day can’t believe how accessible I am and it’s only because I love people, I just love people. I can’t imagine .. I was broke as a joke when my mentor met me. So if he was looking at me based on my income or what I had, he wouldn’t have worked with me. So I just can’t forget that.

Vince Reed 10:49 – 10:58

That’s awesome, well you had me beat. $26 – my first commission was $7. It was an Aweber commission, so awesome man.

Robert Hollis 10:58 – 11:02

Well I can guarantee it was just as exciting.

Vince Reed 11:01 – 11:23

I was so excited when I saw that come in, absolutely. So obviously you have a ton of experience, a lot of people would be honored to learn from you.

But I’m curious to know how would the young Robert Hollis learn from you?

Like if you could go back and tell yourself when you first got started a piece of advice, what would you tell yourself when you first got started?

Robert Hollis 11:24 – 12:45

I would say dream bigger, faster. Dream bigger, faster. I don’t know why we all stop learning, and I know what it is: it’s your environment. So I tell people, Vince, all the time: when you’re in 7th grade, everyone around you expects you to go to 8th grade. It’s not, “I might do it” or “Wouldn’t it be cool?” or “Maybe this is not for me” or “I’ll try to go to 8th grade.” No, everyone you know is going to 8th grade. And depending on certain environments and groups that you go around, it’s almost expected that you go to college. Not if you’re going to go to college; you’re expected to go to college, right? And once you go to college or you get in high school and you graduate and you get a job, then guess what: pretty much everyone you know doesn’t expect anything from you ever again. They might expect for you if you have parents, Vince, to get married, have kids so they can become grandparents, and they probably expect you to be responsible, and that’s about it. So it’s funny when you get involved in personal development or being an entrepreneur; now you sort of got to hang around a crew, a peer group of people that say, “Come on, Vince, man, step up your game.”

Vince Reed 12:46 – 13:27

Absolutely. And it’s so true, I mean, that’s why I love what I do. I get to talk to people like you and it’s so motivating. But I’ve never quite heard that perspective that you just said. I think people need to definitely rewind that and listen to that again because that’s extremely powerful. So tell me this: this has always been one of my favorite questions to ask because the person that brought you in to your business or to this industry I’m sure was a happy person. Hopefully they didn’t quit before you became the Robert Hollis that you are today.

But I’m curious to know, how did the first person recruit you onto their team?

Maybe not, the very first time you got into this industry, what happened?

Robert Hollis 13:28 – 15:25

That is a great question, I haven’t been asked that question. Well first of all, I admire the person so much: his name is Sean Hannigan, that I put his name in my book when my book went out there when Brendon Burchard and a few other people really mentored me, so when the book took off it went to number one in a number of categories on Amazon. And Sean Hannigan didn’t do anything in this industry Vince. He basically, my mentor, was told to go out there and say to people, “Hey listen, if you know anyone that needs to make extra income, do me a favor, help me out and introduce me to someone.” And Sean basically said that to me and I said, “Listen, I’m looking for income.” And I found out later Vince that he did know I was on workman’s comp. He was a guy that was dating my cousin at the time and I only met him a couple times at some family barbecues. But that classic statement that people say, you know, who’s the most outgoing person you know? Who’s a hustler? Who’s a person that grinds, works, always has nice cars, nice clothes? They just want above average. And when Sean was asked that question I still don’t know why he thought of me. So when he said this to me and I think this is a very important point for your listeners, Vince, is he said to me, “Robert, listen, I met this guy. Not a product company or product.” He said, “Robert, I met this guy, I’ve seen his checks – it was attached to the stub – it was over $62,000. And this guy is expanding the company in this area, you don’t need any experience. And he’s looking for people he can mentor and train.” “Do you want to meet the guy?” “Hell yeah I want to meet the guy!”

Vince Reed 15:25

I think so.

Robert Hollis 15:26 – 15:34

I remember saying this Vince, “I’ll come get you.”

Vince Reed 15:34 – 15:36

Can we do it right now, right?

Robert Hollis 15:36 – 15:40

Yeah, let’s go, I’ve got a cast on my leg, I’m ready to go.

Vince Reed 15:41 – 15:44


So what happened from there?
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Robert Hollis 15:45 – 16:43

Well when I first showed up and met my mentor, I had my arms crossed, a lot of your listeners will probably laugh. This is in the mid-80s so I got a mullet and got a full beard as an auto mechanic and wearing a leather jacket, I rode a motorcycle back and forth to work every day. And I sat in the back of the room, very last chair and spun the chair around in front of me to put my feet up on it. And I had my arms crossed like, “Hey, you know what, I’m not going to act like I’m excited; prove it to me.” And I don’t know, it was like, I’m sitting there going, “Wait a minute, we can buy stuff at wholesale and sell it at retail and put money in our pockets? And then if we introduce you to people and they do the same thing, we get a percentage based off what they do? This is brilliant! I’m in.” It was like, it didn’t take much for me to make a decision, Vince, I was like wow, this is awesome.

Vince Reed 16:43 – 16:48

It’s kind of like what Eric Worre always says; network marketing: it’s just better, right?

Robert Hollis 16:48 – 17:30

Yeah, it was immediate pop for me. Of course, when I left there probably like a lot of your listeners: man, then the rejection came. I make a joke all the time because one of my cousins was going to USC as a lawyer. And he looked at me straight in the face, Vince, and I come from North Dakota Montana, and he goes, “Robert, you don’t seem to understand Bobby” – that was a mechanic – “You don’t understand, there’s people professionally trained in California to take your money.” And I was like, “What?” So pretty hilarious today, he’s not a lawyer. And I’m doing okay.

Vince Reed 17:30 – 17:46

And you’re doing pretty good. So speaking of rejection, so I’m assuming that you got started and you’re on your way. How long did it take you … I’m curious, real quick –

how long did it take you to say yes after he proved it to you that this was legit?
Robert Hollis 17:47 – 18:38

I said yes immediately, but I struggled the first two weeks because I was listening to the wrong people. My story’s always, I made $10,000 my first 45 days because the first two weeks I was in this business, I was listening to people that were the upline, as Sean, that were 1000% clueless. And I thank God – I mean this everyday – I thank him all day, every day. I went to an event, and when I went to an event I ran into someone that inspired me on stage and he asked me who my upline was. And when I was sharing the names, he didn’t know what the names were. But if I kept going up, then he finally said, “Oh my God, you’re working with them people? You’ve got to reach out and call the company, they’ll call you back. You need to be working with those people, not the ones you’re working with.”

Vince Reed 18:38 – 19:05

Wow, that’s great advice. So if you’re not getting the support, listeners, that you need, you can always go up the chain and find that person that is. So that leads me to an important question, because we’re always going to face rejection even when you’re successful. I think that people think that when you get successful, you never fail and I think – I can only speak for myself and I’m going to make an assumption, it’s probably the same for you. You’ve probably had more things not work than things that have worked.

Robert Hollis 19:05 – 20:02

Yeah, I would say the more you get past rejection, the more rejection you get. And here’s why: because you just become a little more confident and a little different posture, so what you’re doing is you’re actually asking more questions to more people. So I still get rejected almost on a daily basis, maybe even numbers of times. It still stings a little bit, I’ll always be honest and then I don’t have to remember what I say. Because I’m getting a little bigger and going out there and doing some broader and bigger things, I come up with some great business aspects and great plans, and then share them with individuals that I really, truly respect and they’re like, “Wow, Robert, you’re really out there. I think that’s stupid.” I feel like I’m on Shark Tank.

Vince Reed 20:02 – 20:24

Well you know, the thing is I think that when you feel the sting of rejection it’s a good thing because normally, that means that you want so much for that person. So the rejection is sometimes not the pain that we feel from being rejected, it’s the pain of maybe that person not being able to get what you really see and want for them.

Robert Hollis 20:24 – 21:08

Correct, Vince, or more of compassion, you know what I mean? Nowadays when people say no to me, I sort of want to say a quick prayer for them. But one of the things is – I know that you probably have heard this many times Vince – is when you’re having a conversation with anybody, you’re either selling or buying. And one of the things that you realize, it doesn’t make a difference if you’re talking about sports or what club or bar you go to, or where you would like to do a hobby. There’s someone always that has more enthusiasm and confidence and belief in what they’re saying. Now it doesn’t mean that you have to have all this crazy enthusiasm, but rejection really comes from you accepting someone else’s opinion over your own.

Vince Reed 21:09 – 21:11

Wow. That’s awesome.

Robert Hollis 21:11 – 21:14

And it’s all based on belief.

Vince Reed 21:15 – 21:22

That’s great insight.

So tell me what’s your worst story of rejection and your best story of success.
Robert Hollis 21:24 – 22:14

That’s a great question. I think my worst one is, you know, I can remember when I first started dating and man, it took all the courage in the world to go up and ask this girl out for a date. And I just thought, “Man, I’ve got to do it.” And I remember like it was yesterday, Vince, looking at this girl and saying, “Hey listen, I’d really like to take you to the prom.” And it wasn’t that she said, “No”, she said, “I would probably go with anyone but you.” And I still, maybe one day I’ll have the courage to track her down, find out why she said those exact words. It sure halted my dating career, that’s for sure.

Vince Reed 22:14 – 22:26

Well if you can go through that, you can go through anything.

So tell me, was there ever any type of feeling like that in maybe trying to recruit a person into your business where it just kind of stung like that?
Robert Hollis 22:26 – 23:13

Well not in an asking, because I always seemed to know that I need to find a person at the right place at the right time. But maybe in the business of network marketing and marketing is when you build those really incredibly close relationships with someone and they come in and actually start doing some stuff and then they now find what they consider their new home. And now they decide to go to another company, and man did I take that personal. And I didn’t even think once that was it good for them? Was it a good decision for them? Was it good for them and their family? I just took it all personal and a personal rejection that the reason they left the business and the company we’re in was because of me.

Vince Reed 23:13 – 23:39

Definitely understandable, I can totally see that. I think that that gives you a different perspective of people, and that’s why I think more people probably stay with you than do that because you have the compassion and you’re able to see that.

So do you have a success story that stands out? Maybe someone in your team that just came in and started crushing it?

Or maybe your own personal success story. What would you say is your best story of success if you had to pick one?

Robert Hollis 23:39 – 24:38

Well you know you’re living life to its maximum when you keep getting a higher, higher one. You know? And one of them recently happened to me about 10 months ago. My wife and I, we flew into California because my son Robert Hollis, Jr., was having his first son which was my first grandson, his name is Ryder. And it took Amy a while to have Ryder and so it actually went into a weekend event that we were doing in L.A. And so my son and I go to this event on the last day, and that was the awards day. So what we were able to do is I was able to get a picture of Ryder – my new grandson – I gave it to the people in the back of the room to do all the audio and video. And when my son was called up to get his award as one of the top achievers, they put my grandson’s picture behind him as he was getting the award

Vince Reed 24:38 – 24:52

Awesome, man. I knew he was just – he probably shed a few tears on that one, I mean, I just had my first child now 9 months ago, so that’s an awesome feeling.

Robert Hollis 24:52 – 26:03

Congratulations. For me, I always heard that being a grandparent was a whole different level of unconditional love, which it is, so to see my son on stage and my new grandson that was born a couple days ago, you know, on the screen behind him, that was ahh. And one that just happened! I don’t think I could beat it. I got to speak at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals in Dallas this weekend and when I went there to see all the incredible, there were over 50 speakers there, all combined over $500 million in earnings. And I was asked by the President Garrett to be the anchor speaker and close out the event. And to have my peers and owners of the other companies that I know walk up to me afterwards and even a pastor walk up to me Vince and put his arms around me and said, “You know what, God told me to tell you he’s proud of you.” And I was like, “Wow.” It was quite the highlight on Sunday; it was pretty incredible.

Vince Reed 26:03 – 26:25

That’s awesome, man. Congratulations for that, that’s awesome. So tell me, you know,

what you would tell a person getting started in network marketing, because I’m sure there’s a lot of people here getting started.

Maybe they faced some rejection. What would you tell a new person getting started and some basic steps that they should take?

Robert Hollis 26:26 – 29:10

Well, our environment tells us that we need to be independent. You know what I mean? We work our butts off, we’re dependent our whole life from our parents or siblings or people that raised us. And then we work really hard, Vince, as you know to become independent. That’s when you know you’re a teenager because you now know everything. You know, and then what you do is you try to make yourself independent and unique. So I’m standing on my own two feet, I got my own apartment, my own car, blah blah blah. And because of the culture and environment that we’re raised in that’s really competitive as a culture, we think it’s bad to ask for help. And so the number one thing I would share with all your new listeners and even old listeners that feel like they’re stuck and they just can’t figure this out or they’re stuck at a plateau, is you need to seek out people that have already been there. I think the funniest thing with success, Vince, and it’s not funny, is people that have never been to some place think they can get there without asking for help. It’s absurd. The mind that you have, according to Albert Einstein, is the mind that got you right where you are right now. So if you want to get out of whatever you’re doing with your relationships or whatever, you need to seek and you shall find. You need to find documented mentors, not hypesters, find documented mentors that are not only documented but have helped other people get out of situations in their lives. So ask for help, seek out a mentor, and when you find one, listen. Just listen and do what they tell you to do. If I look at my whole career, I truly believe this 1000%: is I could have easily made 5 or 6 times more money than I’ve made if I just wouldn’t have got out of the pockets of allowing my ego, you know, edging that out. All of the sudden I had it figured out. Why? Because I had a couple of good months? Are you stupid? You know what I mean? If I could have just stayed in the pocket, dreamed bigger, and just continue to follow the systems that my mentor shared with me that now are worth billions, I could have done some incredible things. But we back slid and then we come back and I think the people that are your listeners, the ones that realize that they’re struggling and then become re-coachable: See I really admire you, Vince. You and I … you reach out to people that know more than you and I do too. I hang around people that give $110 million a year to charity. It makes me look like I’m not doing anything.

Vince Reed 29:10 – 29:44

I love it. That’s wisdom, that is wisdom. I’ll have to rewind that and hear that again. So you know, that’s great advice definitely for new people in network marketing, experienced people in network marketing. Anyone can take that advice and definitely run with it and you will definitely see results.

But what would you tell that struggling veteran?

Obviously you would tell them that and you should definitely listen to that again, but is there anything specifically you would tell that person? Maybe they’ve tried a couple companies, they’ve jumped around, they haven’t got results? Maybe they’re at that point where they’re close to quitting. Is there any advice you would tell that person?

Robert Hollis 29:45 – 31:44

You know, it’s funny: it’s the same advice. I think that what a person should do is really humble yourself. I think people would find this pretty surprising: most successful people that I know. If you ask people, and I mean they’re super successful, and if you said, “Listen, do you have a mentor?” I guarantee you that you could very rarely find a person that was worth millions of dollars that doesn’t have mentors. And so when I talk to people that are struggling, Vince, that have been in the industry for a while and they’ve gone from company to company and sort of lost that spark, it’s because I feel they’re still trying to be the deal. The way that you can catch your vision, your passion, like myself or you look at people like Rhonda Aburn that put the movie out called The Secret. You look at Tony Robbins with Jim Rowan. If you really go out and seek people that have done well, they help somebody else make their vision come true and caught onto it. So I find out what Vince is doing and I do everything, if I don’t have a passion or a dream or something to go through, then I want to find out what Vince’s drams are, what he wants to accomplish. And I’m just going to be one of his best promoters, his best edifiers until I make money from that, and then I can go back to building my brand. So it always goes from this place of being coachable to un-coachable to wanting to give up, and that’s why you and I know a lot of people that say they swear it off. “I’m never doing marketing again. I’ve had it.” Well, your mind’s already expanded to the concept of leverage and residual income. You can’t throw that away. You’re going to take a break right now but we’ll see you back in a couple of years.

Vince Reed 31:45 – 32:31

So true, so true. It definitely sucks you right back in, there’s no getting out. I tell people all the time, I say network marketing is like the mob a little bit. You’ll get in, but there’s no getting out. You know, this is awesome man, I can’t wait to listen to this again. So this leads me into the final portion of these questions, and we can go all day, man. I can’t wait to – when I see you again – I just want to take you to the side to the bar and just talk, because you’re so much wisdom. So this is what I call the time is money round, and basically you have 60 seconds or less to answer these questions.

So what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers?
Robert Hollis 32:32 – 32:37

The number one marketing tip for new network marketers. I’m going to say it again: seek a mentor.

Vince Reed 32:37 – 32:57

Awesome, so seek a mentor, guys, make sure you’ve done someone who’s done it and mirror what they do and you’ll make it happen. So who do you look up to as a mentor? We’ve talked a lot about this, or entrepreneur.

Do you have any people that you really look up to that you’ve studied for a while that you would share?
Robert Hollis 32:57 – 33:50

Yeah, of course Jim Rowan. It was so sad to see him leave this planet. He would be now my number one virtual mentor, but also my beginning mentor, I don’t mind saying his name – it’s in my book – his name is Bill Gold, he’s now worth over $1 billion. Tony Robbins, and recently I’ve really gotten a kick out of getting to know Eric Worre. You know, Eric Worre has really been able to do things that I feel has been very very important in me going forward. He was the one that made me go out and start teaching other people outside of my group in my company. So now I’m out there learning from all these people and then one that’s very close personal friend which is a guy named Bill Ebert. He’s made millions in this industry too, so those are the ones that pop out in my mind right away.

Vince Reed 33:50 – 34:05

That’s awesome, man. A couple things on that – Eric Worre, great guy, obviously, everyone loves Eric. But don’t play poker with that guy: he’s a shark, he’ll take your money every time. And I still …

Robert Hollis 34:03 – 34:06

He hasn’t gotten me yet, that’s good.

Vince Reed 34:06 – 34:19

Yeah, and I’m still a little angry at him because a few years ago, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, he actually beat me out by just a few sales for an Audi R8 in an affiliate competition.

Robert Hollis 34:19 – 34:21

Ah, Jonathan Budd’s futuristic market.

Vince Reed 34:21 – 34:36

Absolutely. That was a lot of fun, I definitely have to get him on here soon.

So how should I approach my friends and family about my networking marketing business?

Is there any questions or any way?

Robert Hollis 34:35 – 35:31

There’s a thing that I put together from a bunch of other people – Big Al Schroeder and some of the big names out there – and it’s called the million dollar question, Vince. And what it is is understanding that you’re asking people to do you a favor and sort of like doing it fear or loss. So I call you up, Vince, “Listen, this is Robert, you got a minute?” I always ask permission. “Sure, what’s up?” “Listen, I need a huge personal favor from you.” And then I pause. And then I say, “Vince, listen, do you know of anybody right now that would like to be happier and have more joy or peace in their life or maybe that would like to make some extra income?” And the response always back from that is, “What is this?” And I go, “Why, are you interested?” And they go, “It depends on what it is.” And I go, “Great, let me shoot you over a link, it’s a short video and when you watch this video, Vince, it’s going to make you comfortable referring to me people.”

Vince Reed 35:31 – 35:36

Awesome, I have never heard that before. That is awesome.

Robert Hollis 35:37 – 35:45

So now I can call people that I’ve talked to a million times, I can talk to family members, you know because I’m asking you if you know anyone.

Vince Reed 35:45 – 36:44

And you know what’s cool about that is, they always have a need to protect. So it’s almost impossible not to have that response because one, they either want to be the person to say, “Oh, that wasn’t good” or they’re going to say they don’t want to be left behind. So that’s a great thing to say, so definitely rewind that and listen to that again. And the last question I have for you here is, it’s hard for me to do anything without providing a little bit of value in return, and obviously for me my passion is traffic and lead-generation. And one of the reasons I decided to do these types of interviews for network marketers is because I want to make sure that I’m gearing the things I create to network marketing because to be quite honest, I think a lot of Internet marketers are kind of tainting the beauty of network marketing and making it way too complicated.

So if you could ask me one marketing question, what would it be?
Robert Hollis 36:46 – 37:04

If I was going to ask you one marketing question, I love helping people Vince, and I would love to know your number one thing that you can teach someone that has no confidence or no belief, and a way to be able to find someone that’s interested to talk to.

Vince Reed 37:05 – 38:05

Well I think that the first thing is what you were saying earlier, I think that a lot of times people think that in order to be successful, they have to one, be making a lot of money or two, be one of the top ranks in their company, and that’s not true. The first thing you need to realize is all you have to do is borrow proof. That is what my first network marketing sponsor said, he said borrow proof. So if I’m new and I’m utilizing let’s say the internet, and let’s say social media, I might build a fan page to brand myself as a person that’s professional, make it look professional. And I would simply share, I would go up the ladder like you talked about, find someone that’s already getting it done. And then I would find ways to promote that person and say, “If you have more questions, they may be a little bit too busy but I can help you.” And I would borrow the heck out of the proof of the person that’s already doing it, and then until … and obviously from there I would be able to share some of my results. But that’s what I would do from a marketing perspective getting started.

Robert Hollis 38:06 – 38:19

Well thank you, Vince, very much, because that’s how I made my money. So maybe my listeners, as I promote this, my listeners will listen to you instead of me.

Vince Reed 38:19 – 38:33

You know what it’s like, they probably view you as the parent and when the parent tells you something, your kid doesn’t listen, but let the best friend tell them that or someone else, it’s like it came from God himself right?

Robert Hollis 38:33 – 38:34

So true. Expert from afar.

Vince Reed 38:34 – 38:50

Exactly, so this was awesome and I want you to take this time where people can connect with you more and we’ll be sure to put all the places they can connect with you in the notes of this interview as well. But is there any place where a person can connect with you or maybe a website or anything like that where they can get to know you a little bit more?

Robert Hollis 38:51 – 39:26

Yeah, the best website to get a hold of me is SuccessInMinutes.com. And also if you want to search me on Facebook, if you do any Google search of Robert Hollis. Send me a private message, I have a fan page not only for my book but also my personal profile. So I respond back to all my personal messages and you can go to Amazon or put in HowIsThatWorking.com and that’s going to lead you to my book. So that’s good enough.

Vince Reed 39:26 – 39:35

Awesome, we’ll definitely link to that as well. So listen, Robert, I appreciate you man, you’ve done so much in this industry and taught me a lot through the years, and we definitely have to do this again.

Robert Hollis 39:36 – 39:57

We will, we definitely will and I’m looking forward to really getting to understand some of the stuff you do. Everyone tells me I’m doing awesome, but if I can find ways to help my brand new people out there that’s never done it, I’d love to be able to do a webinar or something with you, Vince, for my people so that they can hear the experience and knowledge that you have.

Vince Reed 39:58 – 40:07

Absolutely, anytime. Well there you have it guys, the Robert Hollis. Hope you guys got a ton of value and we’ll see you guys on the next one.

Robert Hollis 40:07 – 40:08

God bless, bye bye.

Vince Reed 40:09 – 40:24

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