10: Ray Higdon – Long Term Vision Creates Long Term Impact

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Ray Higdon is a sought after speaker, trainer, and blogger for the direct sales and network marketing profession. When the real estate bubble burst, Ray’s investments and wealth were completely wiped out leaving him with only $300 in the bank. When Ray got started in network marketing, he was in personal foreclosure and his girlfriend at the time – now his wife – was paying the utility bills. This is when Ray got serious and built a $50,000 per month income in his network marketing company in only his 10th month. He has since earned over $1 million in network marketing and personal coaching, and in selling his own information products. He also does it in affiliate marketing, as well, and now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his six and seven figure success story with you!

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Network Marketing Nation, Episode Ten

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This is a long-term proposition, but here’s the cool thing: your life is a long-term proposition. The time is going to pass anyway. Why not pass that time by improving your skill set, by plugging into the events, plugging into the tools and the education of network marketing, and building a leveraged income?

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You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Alright, I’m extremely excited, I’m here with the one and only Ray Higdon. Ray Higdon is a sought after speaker, trainer, and blogger for the direct sales and network marketing profession. When the real estate bubble burst, Ray’s investments and wealth were completely wiped out leaving him with only $300 in the bank. When Ray got started in network marketing, he was in personal foreclosure and his girlfriend at the time – now his wife – was paying the utility bills. This is when Ray got serious and built a $50,000 per month income in his network marketing company in only his 10th month. He has since earned over $1 million in network marketing and personal coaching, and in selling his own information products. He also does it in affiliate marketing, as well. And now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his six and seven figure success story with you. Ray, what’s going on man? Are you ready to rock and roll?

Ray Higdon  2:01 – 2:03

I’m ready, honored to be on.

Vince Reed 2:03 – 2:16

Awesome man, I’m always excited and pumped to chat with you. Now obviously, you have an amazing story.

Was there anything, any blanks that you definitely want to fill in? Maybe some things that I left out?
Ray Higdon  2:17 – 3:01

Sure, you know, I’ve always been … I always wanted to be an entrepreneur even though I didn’t really know that from selling Airheads in the 6th grade to being the guy … I mean, one time I even traded my Reebok’s for a Spider Man comic book, then traded that up for other things. I’ve always liked the idea of business and being an entrepreneur but I just never really had the support around me and it was cool to finally go for my dreams about, I guess about 12 years ago now. That’s when I became a full time entrepreneur.

Vince Reed 3:01 – 3:11

That’s awesome man.

Could you ever see yourself doing anything else?

I know most entrepreneurs can’t. Is it kind of crazy to think, what would the other side be like? Do you ever think about that?

Ray Higdon  3:13 – 3:50

Yeah, you know, I mean back in 2009 when times were really lean, I had that terrifying thought of, Man, what if I have to go and get a job? And I just can’t imagine it. I just don’t think I’m employable at this point. I just really don’t. So you know, I think that the rest of my life I will somehow figure it out. We always think that we’re secure in whatever we’re doing, but I just believe in my creativity and ingenuity to figure any situation out now as an entrepreneur.

Vince Reed 3:51 – 4:18

Well you’ve done an amazing job thus far and that’s why everyone loves you. You know, you’ve done well obviously being a seven figure earner in network marketing, I mean, you’ve done information products as a trainer. People listening, you know, that’s obviously a lot of people’s goals to, you know, earn six figures or seven figures,

but tell everyone out there how that actually feels to have accomplished that goal in reaching those numbers.
Ray Higdon  4:19 – 6:24

Yeah, you know, I’ll tell you, it’s kind of weird because I strove to hit that $1 million a year mark and I was chasing it. I’m like, Oh man, I came close one year. And then in 2013 I had my first $1 million year and my immediate, I mean within seconds of realizing that I hit $1 million in one year, the main predominant thought was, Man I should have thought bigger faster. And you know, my immediate thought was, Why did this take me so long? And what’s funny is in the next 10 or maybe 11 months, I made $2 million more. So it’s funny, it took me – if you look at my entrepreneur career – it took me 8 years to get … or I guess I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for 10 years now, not 12. But it took me 8 years from being a full time entrepreneur to have my first $1 million year. It took me 10 months to make $2 million. And then just this last month I had my first $1 million month. And so it’s wild, and I think that, you know, hitting it made me realize that, man that’s really true. You can accomplish anything that you want to accomplish, and for me I just have an immediate translation of every dollar that comes into our company, we know that we’re putting somewhere between, you know, $3 to $10 to $100 in value out there, so we know that we’re making an impact with people. You know, I have an immediate translation; it’s not just all about the money. But if you’re doing a good job, if you’re pumping value in the marketplace you should make more money. So that’s what we kind of equate it to, is we know that the more money we make, the more lives that we’re impacting and the more people that are hopefully going out and impacting lives on their own.

Vince Reed 6:25 – 7:09

Absolutely, and you do it each and every day. I mean, anyone that follows you, I mean, you’re putting a lot of value out there and that’s why you do so well and make so much money. Now, one of the things that I think makes you special – you’re one of the special ones – is you actively still are building and you’ve been extremely successful in network marketing and in one of your companies you’re the number one income earner. Now, I saw a picture probably a year or so ago of you getting your six figure ring with your company now. You know, that’s awesome first off, congratulations on doing that. But you know, clearly you’re getting people to get started with you, so tell everyone listening:

why does a person join your team? What is it that Ray Higdon does that separates him from other distributors or reps out there?
Ray Higdon  7:11 – 9:51

Yeah, that’s a good question and I would say not everyone should. It depends on what you’re looking for. The two I think big things that people get with joining our team – and I’ll even tell you the things they don’t get – the two big things I think people get is I teach entrepreneurs how to run network marketing like an actual business. I don’t teach you to run a babysitting clinic. I don’t teach you how to have people plug their umbilical cords back into you. I teach you how to build an actual business and I teach you how to run it like a system, and I’m not talking a cosmetic system like .. some people, they think a system is showing people, you know, a tool and then following up with them. That’s not a system, that’s part of a system. That’s a spoke in the system but it’s not a system. And we teach people how to run network marketing like an actual business. And so I know so many people out there that are making okay money in network marketing, but they’re frazzled. They’re burning the candle at both ends, they’re running hard core, and they’re not actual business owners. They are employees of their network marketing company and their network marketing teams. We teach people how to be business owners period. We teach them how to plug into a system and have their entire business be systemized, not just the exposing of a tool or opportunity or something like most I think people teach. So that’d be number one. Number two is, you know, we are very very good at connecting with either former or current top earners in network marketing, you know, that’s how some of our best leaders really use us is they get us on the phone with people that are successful, either $1 million a year earners as entrepreneurs or small business owners, or network marketers. So that would be kind of our strengths. As far as maybe who shouldn’t join, is if someone is looking for someone to paddy cake them all the way to build their team and really hold their hand for every single step of the process and they’re not willing to follow a system, then I would say there’s other leaders out there that will play that game with you. So we specifically, we look for people that are truly wanting to be a business owner, willing to be coachable to follow a system, and willing to actually do the work. So we don’t recruit everybody that we talk to because not everyone fits into those categories, but hopefully that answers your question.

Vince Reed 9:52 – 10:02

And real quick, I mean, have you ever had a situation where you told someone, “You know what?”, even though they wanted to get started with you, you kind of almost took it away from them?

Has there ever been a situation like that?
Ray Higdon  10:03 – 12:07

We have certainly prevented people from joining, and you know, a lot of people they hear this, the takeaway, and you know, most people they equate the takeaway as a persuasive tactic to get more of what it is that you have to offer that you’re taking away. I really do take away, so I literally don’t … there are people that I talk to, if they don’t have the right personality, if they don’t have the right energy, if they’re not coachable, if they’re not willing to put in the work or if they have false expectations, we will not allow them to join. So it’s not a takeaway. They won’t be allowed. And by the way, I don’t just do that in network marketing; we do that in our coaching. Every single year, we offer a 12-month Mastermind program, and every single year we turn people down. Now keep in mind, these are people that paid deposits to apply, and we refund their deposits because if they don’t have the right expectations, it’s not going to be a great experience for us. They might not have a great experience either. If they don’t have the right energy or attitude, then they’re going to affect the rest of the team, or in this case the rest of the Masterminders. So it just doesn’t make sense and that is one of the benefits of having a successful business is you’re able to choose. You’re able to be picky, is probably not the greatest term there, but you’re able to make sure that you’re building your dream life. And here’s what I know from talking to network marketers from all walks of life is there’s people that you’ll let in your team that you’ll wish you didn’t. And we just take that into consideration up front and I could frankly not, I really don’t care about a sign-up bonus or hitting some kind of, you know, bring someone in and get a bonus. I really don’t care about that because I’m a long-term thinker. I think about, Do I want to be around this person for the next X number of years and really work with them in an intimate environment and if the answer to those questions is no, then I don’t care about the sign-up bonus.

Vince Reed 12:08 – 12:44

Makes plenty of sense to me. And I think that if a lot of people thought of their business that way, they’d probably be successful a lot faster versus just trying to get anyone in their business. I mean, it’s like if you worked a 9 to 5 and you were working for a company and everyone coming in they were just hiring, you would think twice about whoever is running that company, so why should you run your business that way? So it makes plenty of sense. So moving onto the next question, what piece of advice would you have given yourself when you got started?

So if you could go back and talk to yourself when you first joined your first network marketing company, is there anything you would tell yourself to do differently?
Ray Higdon  12:45 – 14:18

Yeah, you know, in the context of network marketing, I would tell myself a couple things: number one, become irrelevant. And what I mean by that is when I first started, I did 6 to 8 presentations a week, I did home meetings every single night, sometimes I did breakfast meetings and I ran the damn show. And I was really good. I was really good at presenting and what I created was this kind of star phenomenon in my team where the team, if Ray wasn’t doing the presentation, then they ain’t doing any. And so I should have become irrelevant, you know, and really utilize the system. And that doesn’t mean to work less, it means to teach to teach. And teaching my people to do the presentation and then teaching them to teach their people, etc and so forth. That would have actually been less stressful for me, but way more beneficial. I would have developed more leaders early on. And so that would probably be my biggest advice in regard to network marketing, is to become irrelevant. You don’t need to be the star if you’re the star, you’re really, in my opinion, you’re going to run into a wall and you’re going to have a limit to how much success you can actually have in something like network marketing.

Vince Reed 14:17 – 14:31

Makes sense, great point. So here’s a fun question I always like to ask, and that’s, you know,

how did your first sponsor recruit you onto their team? What did they do, how did they grab your attention, like what actually happened?
Ray Higdon  14:32 – 17:26

Yeah, you know, it was my first network marketing company I ever joined was February 2006 and I was knee deep in real estate. And me and a partner, we were buying rental properties in the ghetto and buying these duplexes, triplexes, single family homes and me and him were managing the properties and we’d go collect the money in these low-income, rough kind of neighborhoods. And I don’t know how he got introduced to it but he calls me one day and he’s like, “Hey man, I think I got something we can make a lot of money at”. I’m like, okay. I mean, we have millions of dollars worth of real estate together, so I’m going to listen to him. And he said, “Ah, it’s this juice dude.” And I’m like, “Oh no, come on man, really? Juice? Come on.” And I’m like, “Is this like, one of those pyramid deals?” And he’s like, “No, you don’t understand man, this is different.” And, you know, I’m like, “I’m not interested, man.” And so he kept coming at me, he kept coming at me and I told him, I’m like, “Alright, man, you know, I’ll buy the stuff from you because you’re my buddy. I will never do this as a business, so I’m not going to do this as a business but I’ll buy the crap from you, I’ll drink it, I’m sure it’s healthy for me, whatever.” And so I buy it and couple things happen. One, I gave some to my mom and it started helping her. Her knees started feeling better, she started feeling more energy, etc. And I’m like, oh yeah that’s kind of cool, whatever. And then he introduced me to a lady that was making $8,000 a month from it, and I thought, “Man, really?” And I thought, “Okay, let me just run this scenario in my head. So we buy these duplexes and triplexes. We spend, you know, tens of thousands to put money down to get these duplexes. We have hundreds of thousands of overhead. If someone slips and falls, we’re getting sued. We’ve got to go and collect on the first of the month from these war torn areas in the ghetto. And I have people yell things at me as I drive down the street and risk my life to make $100 or less of profit per month. And this lady is telling people about this friggin’ juice, and she’s making $8,000 a month? She’s making more residual income than we are with 37 rental units?” And I thought, “You know what, maybe there’s something to it.” So I went to an event and saw it and I’m like, Alright fine. You know, and so I started doing it. I did it all the wrong way but I was able to make a little bit of money. I think my best month in that company was maybe $2,000 and a lot of things happened that kind of pushed me out of that company, but it was an interesting experience and I’m very glad I had it.

Vince Reed 17:26 – 17:37

Awesome, what a story. I mean, imagine that individual .. is that individual by the way today still doing network marketing and seeing your success? Or are they out of the industry?

Ray Higdon  17:37 – 18:26

Nope. They, well, he ended up … so we worked together. We were in the same, he was the cubicle in front of me at the last job I ever had at an insurance company. And I quit in April of 2005 to do real estate full time, he quit maybe .. I want to say maybe a year after me and we did real estate, we actually bought an advertising franchise together. The advertising franchise didn’t work out, real estate didn’t work out. He actually moved and is now back in a job, but I understand he’s doing real estate on the side. So he got completely out of network marketing and he’s actually back in a job, but he’s doing real estate part time. And from what I can tell he’s doing well.

Vince Reed 18:25 – 18:27

Does he know how well you’re doing?
Ray Higdon  18:28 – 18:30

He does. He does.

Vince Reed 18:30 – 18:48

Awesome, well, awesome. That’s a great story. So throughout your success, clearly you’ve had a lot of success which means you’ve had a lot of rejection.

Tell us the worst story of rejection you’ve ever had.

Was there ever anyone you tried to talk to about your business and you just wanted to crawl into a hole afterwards? Anything that stands out?

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Ray Higdon  18:49 – 20:11

You know, I mean, I’m pretty unmessable so it’s tough. I’m just, I recognize the fact that I’m weird and you know, I tell people this and I really do mean it and I really should actually test this theory. But I believe if you hooked up a heart rate monitor to me and you were on the other side of  a wall and couldn’t hear what was being said, you would be unable to tell the difference between a massive rejection and a yes. Because it just doesn’t affect me. So I kind of block those things out. I’ve had some funny experiences, and see, I’m the type of person that the way that I’m wired is rejection or doubt – especially doubt – it fuels me. It really does, it makes me want to just smash them in the face with results. Not physically, but with results and just kind of laugh all the way to the bank. And you know, so I really don’t recall a really bad … I’m sure I’ve had it and I’m sure that that has happened, but other than dating in high school, I really don’t remember a massive rejection that actually affected me.

Vince Reed 20:12 – 20:35

That’s awesome man. So just keep moving, right, just keep on moving. You’re going to face them; just keep moving forward.

So do you have an awesome story of success, either for yourself and maybe for one of your students?

You know, was there that point maybe when you hit six figures or seven figures, or was there anything that happened to your business where you were like, Man, I’ve kind of made it? Or maybe one of your students doing something that you want to share?

Ray Higdon  20:36 – 25:22

Yeah, you know, I got two quick ones. One, after .. you know, something happens. The only thing worse than not making money is having made a lot of money and then not make money. And so after real estate, I had some serious success in real estate but when that crashed and I was dead broke, something in me changed for a period of time. And I was constantly like, you know, just looking over my shoulder. Because I can tell you, even when I was at $50,000 a month in network marketing, I was terrified of losing it. I was terrified and I was terrified of spending money, I was terrified of investing in anything. At that point, here I was doing $50,000 a month. I wasn’t investing in a damn thing because I was terrified I’d lose it because in real estate, I invested in all kinds of things and not one of those things worked out. And so I was hoarding my cash, I just wasn’t spending much money, I wasn’t investing much money and that’s not a smart way to be. It really isn’t. You need to invest your money in smart, leverageable ways. And so when I got married, when we got married which was November of 2011, for the first time ever since I lost all my money, I decided I was going to spend a lot of money. I was going to spend a large chunk of money and that was on our honeymoon. You know, here’s a woman that stood by my side when I was dead broke, when I was in foreclosure and life sucked. And so I wanted to reward her, I wanted to do something really really awesome. And so I went to my buddy at the time who was a travel agent and I said, “What’s like the most awesome place that we can honeymoon?” And he gave me a few options and one of them was Fiji. And so he showed me the prices and I’m like, “Holy crap, that’s more than I paid for my last car.” And I said, “Let’s do it.” And so up until .. so when I paid for that in cash, I paid cash for it. For the month up to it, I was doing webinars every damn day because I was so terrified of spending so much money and I was just so worried about it and I was so stressed out and even I think it even affected me at the wedding. I was still a little stressed out at the wedding. But we go on this honeymoon and it was a blast man. We went to Nemale in Fiji, Tony Robbins’ resort, we went to these over the water bungalows in Leeka Leeka Lagoon. It was about a mile away from where they filmed the movie Castaway. And again, all out. We did it all. There was no expenses bartered. I mean, we did it all. And when I came home and I went to my post office box. I came home to more money than we had spent. And something clicked in me. So here we went on this 10-day, amazing trip, but I came home to more money than we spent. And something clicked in me and it said, Wow. Who would want to go to anywhere in the world that they possibly would want, you know, could possibly go and make more money than what they spent while there? Well that would be the entire world. And it actually reignited me about this profession and about spreading the word and really getting excited, and it completely eliminated my financial stress at that time. So that was definitely a big one. Another one was one of my favorite student stories, a gentleman came to me .. came to us, I should say, me and my wife. It’s been like two years now and when he came to us, he had failed in 10 different companies, he was working as a retail manager making $35,000 a year and he had some rough family stuff going on, but we just saw his potential and one year later, actually last year, he was able to quit that job and he since had $10,000 days. That’s my buddy Terry Gremow out of Dallas, Texas. Just really really proud of that guy and you know, we have a lot of different stories we could share but that is definitely one that I hold near and dear to my heart. And he’s now one of our diamond coaching clients, so check this out: when we started working with him two years ago, he was making $35,000 a year. He now pays us over that much per year to coach him, meaning that’s how profitable he’s become. And so it’s really, that’s one of the stories that stands out. We’ve got quite a few but I know we got a limited time here.

Vince Reed 25:22 – 25:50

That’s awesome, and the funny thing is, your excitement level – I felt like it went up when you shared his story, which a lot of people will start to experience as really the ultimate goal when you start to see people that you’ve worked with and helped reach their goals.

So tell me this, what would you tell a person getting started in network marketing?

They just started, their autoship is on the way. Is there any advice you could give them to help them get on that fast track to success a little bit faster?

Ray Higdon  25:51 – 27:34

Yeah, totally. Okay, number one: don’t seek acceptance and approval. Just don’t seek it. That is the most common way to quitting network marketing, is you go out there, you’re fired up, you go to your friends and family and you seek acceptance and approval. You want them to approve of your decision to be an entrepreneur or to be a network marketer. You ain’t gonna get it. You’re just not. And unless you’re in a really special situation, like you’re extremely socially connected with well off individuals or people that just really support you, you’re not going to get acceptance and approval, so stop seeking it. And make a decision that you’re going to be doing what you are doing 12 months from now. And then in 12 months, you plan on being here the next 12 months. Do not look at this as, “I’m going to see if this thing works out” or “I’m going to dip my toe in the water and test it for a month” because it won’t work. It doesn’t work in a month. And even if you have success in a month, it still doesn’t work. This is a long-term proposition, but here’s the cool thing: your life is a long term proposition. The time is going to pass anyway. Why not pass the time by improving your skill set by plugging into the events, plugging into the tools and the education of network marketing, and building a leveraged income? Someone asked me the other day, what is freedom? And freedom in my opinion is doing what you want, when you want, with who you want. And those are things that you just don’t have the luxury of doing if you don’t have residual income. So remember why you joined network marketing and hopefully residual income is in there somewhere, because that is the big benefit of network marketing.

Vince Reed 27:34 – 28:02

That’s awesome. That right there is something everyone should rewind and listen to again. That was powerful. So here’s a different angle, because I think there’s a difference between that person getting started and that veteran that’s kind of jumping around that maybe has made $1,000 here, $500 here, kind of up and down and they’re on the verge of quitting.

Is there anything you would tell that struggling veteran in network marketing?

Is there anything different that they could do to maybe get over the hump and start to get a little momentum in their business?

Ray Higdon  28:04 – 32:07

Yeah, you know, I’ll tell you one of my favorite stores about this profession. This is a story I heard from one of my mentors. My mentor shared with me he was a number one income earner in this company a long time ago, and there was this guy that would show up to all the events. And this poor guy, he just wasn’t crushing it. He wasn’t having success. But boy this guy showed up to every damn event, he bought every tool, he bought every resource, he read every book. But he just wasn’t making it happen. And my buddy got out of that company and hadn’t heard from this guy in years. And he called him – this was I think 8 or 9 years later – he calls him and he says, “Hey Jake”, that’s my mentor’s name, Jake. He says, “Hey, Jake, you still live in Tampa, Florida?” And Jake says, “Yeah, I do, man.” And he goes, “What’s going on? How you been? It’s been a long time.” And he goes, “Oh, it’s going really well. You know Jake, I just want to call you. We have an event going on in Tampa. Is there any way you can make it?” And Jake thought, “Man, that’s so cute. That’s so cute. I mean, this guy, he’s still at it. Man, that’s so cool.” And he goes, “You know what buddy, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Sure, I’ll come.” And he knew it was a network marketing event, he knew it was an opportunity pitch, but he’s like, it’s my buddy, I’ll go. So he goes to this event, Jake goes. He’s looking for his buddy, looking for his buddy. Can’t find him. He’s looking around, can’t find him. And all the sudden, he hears this announcement, and it says, “Now coming to the stage, Jimmy!” It’s his guy. Now, in the last 8 years, this guy had went from prospecting his bankruptcy attorney with, you know, he was going through bankruptcy, he prospected that attorney. He had gone from that to the number one earner in this company making over $350,000 a month. So you can imagine Jake is in the back, tears rolling down his face. The guy is 80 frickin’ years old. He’s now making more per month than he made as like, 20 years as a butcher. And so my feedback to you is know that people in network marketing, you know, and quite frankly entrepreneurship but probably more so in network marketing. You don’t fail. You either succeed or you quit. And there are so many people that I’ve met along the years, just like that guy Jimmy that could have quit, should have quit, all logic would have pointed to quitting, but they didn’t. And they kept going. And you don’t know where your success is going to come from. And I’ll tell you, if you’ve been in this game for a long time, then your story is going to inspire way more people than the people that have fast success. The people that inspire the most people are not the people that crush it their first month; it’s the people that didn’t quit. And I remember, you know, last year we started a program called Top Earner Success school and I had a gentleman in that course, Eric Newman, and he wrote me a testimonial and he said, “Ray, I just had my first $1,000 month.” And I’m like, “Sweet, dude! That’s awesome, man. Congratulations.” I’m like, “How long you been at this thing?” He said, “18 years.” 18 years and he just had his first $1,000 month! And you know, golly man. That is amazing. It’s amazing how many people quit in 18 years. That’d be 90% of them, right? And so my suggestion to you is the time is going to pass anyway; why not keep working on yourself? Why don’t you just start changing your vocabulary to recognize that success is right around the corner for you and I guarantee you man, you keep going at this thing, you’re going to make it happen.

Vince Reed 32:07 – 32:26

Powerful, powerful stuff. Well that leads us to our last few questions here and I call this the time is money round, which means I’m going to ask you a few questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less.

So question number one: what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers?
Ray Higdon  32:28 – 32:38

Create content daily. Videos – I prefer a blog, but create content daily that solves a problem of others and attracts people to you.

Vince Reed 32:39 – 32:52

Powerful, and by the way – Ray is the best at it and I could share my testimonial of that but we’d run out of time. Absolutely works.

Alright, number two: who do you look up to as a mentor or entrepreneur?
Ray Higdon  32:54 – 33:13

You know, there’s quite a few. I would say I really appreciate Marie Forleo. I think she’s built an amazing business and I love her brand. And I would also say Tim Ferris, love his brand as well so I would go with those two.

Vince Reed 33:12 – 33:24

Nice, awesome. I didn’t expect the Marie one but I love her as well. Awesome entrepreneur.

Let’s see: how should I approach my friends and family about business? The big one.
Ray Higdon  33:25 – 33:40

You should approach them without seeking acceptance and approval, and you should not care if they say yes or no. And all you should do is just see if they are open, and if they are not, then don’t tell them about your opportunity.

Vince Reed 33:40 – 33:43

Is there anything like a quick phrase or something they could do to approach them?
Ray Higdon  33:44 – 33:49

Hey, I’m just curious: would you be at all open to a side project that didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?

Vince Reed 33:50 – 34:07

Simple as that, guys. Awesome, awesome. And then the last one is one that, and obviously we’ve known each other for a while. It’s hard for me to do anything without offering you anything of value in return,

so is there any question you have for me that I could be of service to you?
Ray Higdon  34:08 – 34:23

Yeah, you know my strategy of creating content. What the hell should I be doing with Twitter pay per click? Tell me what do I need to do, because I have ad agencies that do different things for me, but I really feel like I’m missing the boat with Twitter pay per click.

Vince Reed 34:24 – 35:24

Um, awesome. I think that the thing you can do is simply create what’s called a Twitter website card. And for you it would be very simple. Basically what you do is you can create these website cards, and what a website card is on Twitter, it just stands out in the newsfeed a lot better than just a typical tweet. And you would basically use the image that you would use on Facebook that would show up on Twitter and then you would do a similar ad that you would do on Facebook. You could do an ad to promote directly to your website targeting maybe people who are following other leaders or maybe if someone makes a tweet saying your name or someone else’s name that you know would be interested in your stuff, they would see that Twitter website card and when they click it, it would take them right to your website. So you would just double your traffic and in fact, here in a little bit I’m going to be sending you over some information about that to help you get that, because I think you would absolutely crush it. It would hands down double the traffic you’re getting to your website.

Ray Higdon  35:25 – 35:26

That’s a bold claim.

Vince Reed 35:26 – 36:05

I think Twitter is the secret weapon of traffic these days and people haven’t really figured it out.  Awesome, man. I truly appreciate you, as you know you and I not only have become good friends but I consider you a mentor to me. The things you’ve coached me on and my blog has done wonders for not just from blogging but just being an entrepreneur in general. So I appreciate you and I’m sure everyone listening appreciates you as well. Is there any place you’d love for people to connect with you? Obviously we’re going to have a place for them to connect with you on social media. Is there any place they can go to kind of get more information and connect with you more?

Ray Higdon  36:05 – 36:32

Yeah, sure. If you’re in the home business, I mean obviously if you’re reading this then you probably are. One of the big things that people struggle with is where to locate people to talk to about your opportunity, and that’s why I put together a totally free audio, it’s called 29 sources of network marketing leads. And you can download that audio for absolutely free at RayHigdon.com. That’s R-A-Y H-I-G-D-O-N .com.

Vince Reed 36:32 – 36:42

Awesome. So you guys know where to connect and that concludes another awesome interview and I look forward to sharing more on the next one. Take care guys.

Vince Reed 36:43 – 37:03

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