4 Ways To Increase Network Marketing Influence

4 Ways To Increase Network Marketing Influence

Why would someone join your business over all the other reps that have the same products and services you offer? The answer is simple. You! Being able to influence others through words or actions is a key component to achieve Network Marketing success.

Below are 4 ways you can increase your personal influence in Network Marketing. When mastered, your newfound influence will attract new prospects, keep current team members active, and give your Network Marketing business that extra boost it’s always needed!


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Below are 4 Ways To Increase Network Marketing Influence:

1. Honor Commitments/Follow Through

Nothing can crush personal influence and credibility faster than lack of trust. Building trust with your team and future prospects is fundamental to Network Marketing success. This can become difficult, especially if you manage a large team.

Try creating a schedule to help manage your time so you can be consistent with commitments. Another tool you can leverage is Facebook groups. Create a private Facebook group and only invite your team members. Use this group as an open platform to answer any questions or concerns from your team.

Going that extra mile and honoring commitments will position you as a leader and give a great example for your team to follow.

2. Be Present

Nothing is worse than talking to someone and mid-conversation they check their phone or answer an email. When engaged in conversation with someone, give your full attention. Put cell phones and laptops away, especially at Company events! How do you think the speaker feels on stage when they look into the audience and see you occupied with something else? Not the best look for your personal brand! If you want to influence and have your voice heard, you have to give the same respect to others.

The overall takeaway from this point is simple: Give people 100% attention and time; they will do the same for you… and when they do the same for you, that means they are listening – and you’re influencing!

3. Invest In Yourself

The fastest way to increase Network Marketing influence is by showing you are willing to invest in yourself. This can be done many ways such as purchasing a personal development course, learning a new strategy/skill or attending a leadership event. This shows that you are willing to not only spend money to be successful, but also go above and beyond what most others would do to educate yourself.

If you truly want to influence others, start by getting the best out of yourself!

4. Share Results/Teach Others

Now that you have positioned yourself to honor commitments, be present in the moment, and invest in yourself, the last step to increase your influence is share your results and teach others what you learned!

The most influential people are problem solvers – they provide a solution to people in need. Take what you learned from investing in yourself and share it! Share it on social media and with your team.

If you invested in a skill, take it a step further and be open to teaching it too. Creating success for others is the #1 most influential thing you can do in Network Marketing.

If you honor your commitments, stay present in the moment, invest in yourself, and share your results while teaching others… you are well on your way to being an influencer and a Network Marketing success story!

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