1: Cesar Rodriguez – How To Become A Master Recruiter

Cesar Rodriguez Bio

Cesar Rodriguez has been in Network Marketing for 13 years … known for his unbelievable ability to build teams and recruit new team members, Cesar hasn’t met an objection he can’t crush… Cesar is also a speaker, trainer, product creator and the #3 recruiter in his company out of over 300,000 reps in 28 countries. His skills earned him his first million dollars by the age 29, and now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his 6 and 7 figure success story with you!

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0:00 – 0:02 Vince Reed

Network Marketing Nation, Episode One.

0:03 – 0:10 Cesar Rodriguez (sound bite)

You know, if you want to make more, you have to become more. You know, so I focused on becoming more and eventually my income caught up.

0:11 – 0:30 Vince Reed

You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

0:31 – 1:43 Vince Reed

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Alright, so I’m here with Cesar Rodriguez and I’m honored to share his awesome story. You see, Cesar Rodriguez has been in network marketing for 13 years, known for his unbelievable ability to build teams and recruit new team members, Cesar hasn’t met an objection that he can’t crush. Cesar is also a speaker, trainer, product creator, and the number three recruiter in his network marketing company out of 300,000 reps in 28 countries. His skills earned him his first $1 million by the age of 29 and now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his six and seven figure success story with you. Cesar, I’m honored. Are you ready to rock, my friend?

1:44 – 1:45 Cesar Rodriguez

I am ready, brother.

1:45 – 1:57 Vince Reed

Awesome, man. So, you know, I don’t know of a more awesome story than yours. A millionaire by 29. Why don’t you kind of fill in the blanks of some of the things that maybe I missed.

1:58 – 2:09 Cesar Rodriguez

Well, I think you covered it, I think you covered my intro pretty well. Matter of fact, I’m thinking, like, how can I pay, you know, Mr. Vince Reed to walk around town with my every day and introduce me to places?

2:11 – 2:12 Vince Reed

Be your hype man?

2:11 – 4:08 Cesar Rodriguez

Yeah, that’s it man, like before I check out groceries: “Whoa, hold on, hold on, before you ring this guy up, let me just let you know who you’re talking to.” So I guess really just to fill in the blanks, I was, you know, first kind of introduced to this industry at 21 years old. You know, so I was just working at a mall and a gentleman came into the store and he just, he prospected me. And the way that he kind of approached me was in a way that was very unique. I mean, I was very excited and I chased him down. I mean I actually, funny enough Vince, I actually submitted a resume, cover letter, and like, I was really like, interviewing for the job to be in network marketing. And I didn’t know any different, I’d never seen any network marketing before, you know, so I took it pretty seriously. I got in, I failed, you know, I mean I guess it’s not really a failure if you learn from your mistakes. You know, by most people’s accounts I wasn’t having any success. I took four months to sign up my first person and I kind of went 0 for 100, so if anyone listening out there right now is feeling discouraged, maybe you’re not getting the results, just know hang in there, it’s okay. I was there, too. And it was just kind of that passion that I had from all the rejection, Vince, that really just drove me to, you know, going out there and figuring out how to get more yes’s in my business and how to eliminate rejection and really that passion just drove me to doing tons of personal development. You know, if you want to make more, you have to become more. So I focused on becoming more and eventually my income caught up. And it’s just been a beautiful life ever since.

4:09 – 5:01 Vince Reed

Awesome, man. I mean, you know, when you make that decision, it’s really when you draw that line in the sand and you say, “Hey, I’ve been rejected 100 times, you know, if I can be rejected 100 times, what’s 101, right?” And you just keep going. That’s awesome, man. So one of the cool things that we try to do is we want to make sure that people in the network marketing space, they know that there are people like you and there are a lot of people like you that are having a tremendous amount of success, which is why we only interview people that have had a minimum of six figures in network marketing, or seven figures, and you happen to be one of those individuals.

You know, I’m curious and I’m sure everyone else that’s listening is curious, how does that feel to know that you’ve made millions of dollars in network marketing?

What does it feel like being Cesar Rodriguez every single day knowing that you’ve accomplished something that, honestly, isn’t easy, it shouldn’t be, but you’ve made it work for you. So how does that feel?

5:02 – 6:13 Cesar Rodriguez

Well man, I’ll tell you, it feels phenomenal. It was a long time, it felt like it was a long time coming. But the beautiful thing is, you know, years later, now I’ve actually been in the industry now, I just realized, 14 years. And what’s really interesting about is no one cares. You know, if it takes you 10 years to make $1 million or if it takes you 20 years, it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day, you know, when you’re going to get there, it’s going to be worth it. So it feels amazing. It’s interesting, I was in the gym today, I prospected a guy, got his number, and the guy was like, “You know, I don’t really know what your work schedule is like for tomorrow or whatever.” And I just kind of laughed and was like, “Hey man, I haven’t had a work for a minute.” You know? I said, “I stay pretty open. Let’s focus on your schedule and when you can be home by a computer next.” So just little things like that, being able to wake up when I’m done sleeping, being able to wake up next to my beautiful girl, I mean, it’s a great life.

6:14 – 6:42 Vince Reed

That’s awesome, man. That’s freedom, right, being able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them. That’s awesome, man. So tell the people listening, you know, obviously you’ve had success and you’re an amazing marketer. You built businesses, by why you?

Why should someone new coming into this space get started with you? What is it you can provide them that’s different than the other distributors out there?
6:43 – 8:57 Cesar Rodriguez

Oh, well, that’s a great question and really it’s a question I kind of answer almost on a daily basis because we have tons of people that have been in network marketing before. Maybe they’ve had a ton of success or maybe they haven’t had a lot of success. A lot of them are really attracted to working with me because of some of the things that I have in place for our team. Number one, you know, I am a leader that leads by example. I’m not sitting on some high tower with a megaphone yelling at everyone saying, “Hey man, this is what you guys should be doing.” I’m out there in the field all the time talking to people, doing three-way calls for my team on a daily basis, letting them listen to how I coach, how I close, and really just selling back into them. So a lot of people in different industries in building – or different companies within our industry, I should say – a lot of them convert over to working with me and our company. Obviously, I’ll leave the name of our company out in particular but it’s a phenomenal one. There are a lot of pros to working with us and what we’re doing but specifically on our team, Vince, I think a big difference is with our type of compensation plan, there is a position that I can put people in where they literally will get 100% of the people that I bring on board placed underneath them, and whenever I do that for someone and I give them that sweet spot position, you know, I just talked to a guy today, I was doing a three-way call with a guy on my team and he had a person in Greece and we were on Skype doing a three-way call. One of the things the guy said to his prospect, he goes, “Hey, look man, I’ve been in this thing for like, a week and a half and I’ve got 18 people already on my team that Mr. Rodriguez has placed underneath me.” He’s like, “I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out, but it’s exciting.” So we build up a lot of people on our team, we give a lot of hands-on coaching, and we have an unbelievable team training site that we plug people in so everyone that joins us, they don’t have to worry about training their team; we’ve already got an unbelievable system set up for duplication. So we’ve got a cookie cut system and that’s why a lot of people like to join me and my team because we’re really kind of the only ones doing that really, even in our company that I know of.

8:58 – 9:42 Vince Reed

That’s awesome. So basically, you’re doing the work and out there actively in the trenches building your business. So they’re seeing your success when you’re getting it and that’s spilling over to them, which has got to be extremely motivating for someone who’s getting started. So that’s really cool, man. So tell me this: obviously it’s clear that you’re driven. Most successful entrepreneurs are driven. But what piece of advice would you have given yourself when you got started? Because I think sometimes it’s easy for us to forget what it was like when we were just getting started, when we were new.

So if you could go back, the veteran that you are, and talk to yourself that first day that you were at the mall, what would you tell yourself?
9:43 – 10:54 Cesar Rodriguez

Man, so much, but if I just had to keep it light, if I could just reach down the ghost of Christmas Past or something like that and just whisper in my ear, I would say – and it’s interesting you mentioned this because I’m actually creating a little training, a private team training right now for our team and it’s on this subject and I build very differently than almost anyone even within our company. We’ve got a very unique style and methodology that I kind of developed and one of the biggest aspects of it is posture. And I would just really sit down and have that conversation with the me back then and say, “Listen, we need to go ahead and step up your posture. Here’s how and here’s this formula for recruiting.” And I have this … one of the courses that I have is called The Immediate Yes Formula and I would teach myself that immediate yes formula for presenting and closing, because it’s literally the way to get people to make decisions immediately and without objections. So I would give myself a little posture pep talk and teach myself that formula.

10:55 – 11:40 Vince Reed

And I’m sure your early self would love it because – by the way, all of you listening: I’ve seen this guy in action live, it’s pretty amazing. No one better than Cesar at recruiting. So I have a question for you that I think a lot of people will get a kick out of: how did the first person sponsor you? Like, how did the person that brought you in, I mean I kind of know based on what you said earlier in terms of you filling out the application, but I’m also curious: was that the first time you actually were introduced or was there someone else that tried to pitch you?

How did the first sponsor actually get you on their team? What did they do, how did they approach you, and what captured your attention?

Because clearly if it got you into the system or into their business, then maybe there’s something to it, right?

11:41 – 14:25 Cesar Rodriguez

Absolutely, like I said and you kind of hinted at I mentioned it a little earlier here. But I was just working at a mall, man, I was a 21 year old kid, I was about to graduate college in about a month and a guy just walked into the store, he was sharp, he was a super sharp guy and he just asked me if I kept my options open. And I was all about it. Matter of fact – he didn’t know this but I knew because I was graduating, I was networking anyway. You know, I had resumes under the counter at the retail store. So I was like, selling vitamins at GNC and passing out resumes to anyone that did anything close to marketing or anything like that because that was my major. So basically what really got me in is he did a great job of edifying his mentor and his sponsor. And he said, “Hey man, you’ve got to meet my business partner, Mr. Gregory.” And he introduced me to this guy, you know, I got on the phone, I set an appointment, I just did a one on one sit down with him. Actually, it wasn’t one on one; there was three other people there and he did like a little mini presentation to me and three other guys in a hotel, in the lobby of a hotel. And after it was done, I actually – I didn’t join right that second because kind of gave a money objection. Really, I was just a little scared, but it took me the next day, there was a big event going on. And I went to a hotel meeting and I saw someone give a testimonial. You know, I’m a bit of a mama’s boy, oldest of three. My mom was a single mom pretty much raising my sister. Nine years older than her. I always – I love my little sister to death, she’s like my daughter. My mom is real close to my heart and I heard someone give a testimonial about how they bought their mom a $30,000 brand new minivan and this was back, you know, 14 years ago. And when the mom was kind of like, “No, what are you doing? You shouldn’t have done that”, the lady just says, “No, mom, that’s okay, that’s just one month income for us.” When I heard that, it hit me on all cylinders. So I think the key is, facts tell, stories sell. You’ve probably heard that. That one story was way more emotional that I heard a person made $30,000 in a month and did something phenomenal for their mom, it put me in the picture thinking, man how cool would that be to do amazing stuff for my mom. And you know, since then I’ve taken her on tons of vacations and just really been able to help her out when she needs it. And it’s an awesome feeling. So the story is what got me.

14:26 – 14:51 Vince Reed

That’s awesome man, awesome. So you get in, you get started, and this is pre-100 people telling, you know. So I’m sure you have a lot of interesting stories.

So tell me your worst story of rejection.

Like the one where you literally almost didn’t make it to 100. Where you went home, sat on your bed and said, “What the heck am I doing?” There has to be one that just got to you.

14:52 – 16:46 Cesar Rodriguez

Oh man, you know I’ll tell you and kind of going off on this theme of the last question: the worst rejection I really got was from my mom because when I first got started, here I am all excited like, “Man, I’m going to be wealthy and I’m going to have time freedom and I’m going to have all of these things” and I’m all fired up, you know? And I’m like, “Man, I’m going to be able to take care of my mom” and then to try to expose my mom and tell her what I’m doing, and to have her say – and keep in mind, she’s the most supportive person in my entire life. Everything I did, I mean Vince, without her I probably wouldn’t have even been in college because she wrote my dog-gone applications. She had my back. And she made sure that I got into school. She said, “I’ll handle the essays, you handle these questions. We don’t want you to mess this up so let me handle it.”  When she told me, when I exposed her to my business and she said, “You’re an idiot.” She said, “I can’t believe you’re going to throw away your diploma and do this with yourself.” And that was pretty heartbreaking for me because here I was, I saw nothing but positive and my mom’s saying basically, “Use the diploma that you’re about to get and stay in that field, claim the security of a job” because that’s all she’s known. And that was pretty harsh to have my own mom call me an idiot, because I’ve done some pretty idiotic stuff in the past and she’s always had my back. I gave up playing soccer for a couple seasons to do skateboarding, and that was a pretty idiotic move because there’s no skateboarding scholarships and at the time that was a pretty dangerous thing to do. I was kind of a phenom at the time playing soccer. So that was an idea that I probably shouldn’t have done but I did anyway and my mom had my back. So for her to not have my back and reject me this time, it was pretty harsh.

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16:47 – 17:29 Vince Reed

Yeah, you know, parents they try to protect us but I’m sure she’s a proud mother now. Which leads me to my next question for you. You faced rejection, and for everyone listening, you’re going to have a lot of people that are going to think you’re crazy. People laughed at me when I got started in this industry. I went from the real estate industry to selling business opportunities from home. So everyone’s like, “What is this guy doing?” And it’s one of those things that definitely motivates and drives me, and hopefully you take that energy and you realize that there are people like Cesar that are making it happen.

So that being said, what’s your best story of success either for yourself or for maybe one of your team members?
17:30 – 20:08 Cesar Rodriguez

You know, so wow, if we’re going to bring team members into it, I’ve hit the top level in my first company. I’ve moved onto a different company now, but the first company I was in, I helped a lot of people at the top level in record time. It took me about two years, I wasn’t some coming out of the gate super success story, I had a lot of growing to do. One of the gifts I discovered that I had in the process was training. I had a gift for training and transferring the skills that I’ve accumulated over the years to other people. So I’ve got a litmus test of stories, I’ve probably helped a dozen people at the top level of our company. And what took me two years, I’ve been able to shave that down and have people do it in 90 days, 60 days, 49 days was the record and then I had another guy break it and do it in 39 days or something like that. So I’ve got lots of those stories, but probably my best success story was when I approached a guy in the cold market and I hadn’t quite had my first real leader or saw it. And this guy was on the phone, walking to his car and he had an Escalade and I was parked next to him in a broken down little Saturn. I mean, it had a cracked fender, it wasn’t looking good, it wasn’t clean. I was on my way to the gym with a visor and a no-sleeve shirt and I see this guy and he’s on the phone. And he’s walking into an Escalade and he’s like my age. And I’m going, “Man, this is a sharp guy, I should talk to him.” And I didn’t, or I didn’t at first. And then I asked myself – I know you’ve heard me say this $1 million question, Vince, What would I do if I was ten times bolder? The B10xB pattern interrupt question. Whenever you feel fear, anxiety, apprehension, you just say, “Hey, what would I do if I was ten times bolder?” I asked that question, and I said, “If I was ten times bolder I’d tell him to hang up the phone and I’d start talking to him.” And I did just that. I said, “Hey is that an important phone call or can you hang it up?” And he did and he was shocked, and I totally just interrupted his pattern and changed his state and he’s like, “What’s going on?” Well long story short, I ended up recruiting that guy and we ended up becoming best friends, we hang out all the time now, he’s my number one all time producer and ended up being my top earner. I made like, $40-some thousand like two years later just off of him and his organization and he made a whole lot more and we’ve become best friends ever since and his kids call me Uncle Cesar. So I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that for a story of success because it’s beyond business. We’re best friends.

20:09 – 21:08 Vince Reed

That’s awesome, man. I mean the relationships that you build in this industry I think is second to none. I always tell people when I was in real estate, no one was willing to share anything, no one was willing to tell you their secrets or what they’re doing to have success. And you get into this industry and you ask that question, man, you could be sitting on the phone or with someone for days. They’re just so open to help and I think that’s really cool. SO leading into the next question, obviously you’ve recruited a lot of people. You’re the number three recruiting distributor in your company is a big deal. You look at the events that Cesar’s company has and it’s like a concert. You would think that Michael Jackson and his four brothers are performing. It’s a huge ordeal and to be doing that well is awesome.

So what would you tell a person getting started in network marketing to do?

Let’s say they don’t know you, they’re just getting started. Is there anything you would tell them to do when they’re just getting started like a complete newbie?

21:09 – 23:26 Cesar Rodriguez

Yeah, you know, a complete newbie. If it’s someone on my team, “Close your mouth and don’t say anything to anybody until you go through our team training site and go through all our videos.” But to somebody who is a newbie on another team, I would just say keep the faith and just understand that those who you think will, won’t. And those who you think won’t, will. You never know where your next top earner is going to come from. I mean, one of the current guys on our team right now that’s just blazing it up and just killing it, this guy qualified for his car bonus BMW his first week working with us and came out of the gates killing it. Well this guy came from a young lady who’s been on my team for a year and really hasn’t done anything. That could be the first or one of the few people I know that she recruited. You know, so keep the faith and you just have to let this thing have time. Seeds, they all have different germination periods. One seed is going to pop out and start growing right away, but another type of seed for another type of plant is going to grow at a different rate. You don’t ever know. You’re just Johnny Appleseed out there who’s throwing seeds, or you might recruit someone who doesn’t do anything and you quit too early before they blow up and you find that person. So the original person that recruited me actually ended up quitting, believe it or not Vince, he quit and dropped out of the business before I really took a hold of this thing and ran and killed it. So he missed out on me because he didn’t have the patience to hang in there a year or so until I actually became the Cesar Rodriguez that people started to then see. So hang in there, you don’t ever know when you’re going to run across that person that changes everything from you. It’s the hand you shake or the hand you don’t, or the number that you get or the number you don’t. That could be your retirement. So hang in there, keep the faith, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. If someone doesn’t see the vision, then keep on moving and don’t let them affect you.

23:27 – 24:03 Vince Reed

Man, that’s powerful. You have to be persistent and I always – real quick – compare that to people who are given the choice, would you rather have $1 million or would you rather have a penny doubled a day? It’s like a penny doubled a day over 30 days is a lot more. So leading me into the next question, that gentleman that kind of left before would be a prime example, before you blew up, the guy that recruited you.

What would you tell a struggling veteran in network marketing?

So someone that’s been in it for a while, tried several companies, and is just not getting the results that they need?

24:04 – 25:46 Cesar Rodriguez

What I would tell that person is to find someone that is getting the results that you want and find a way to get into their circle and basically model them. because that’s what I did. Vince, the turnaround thing for me – and I know you actually went through one of my courses there with the reality network – one of the premises of it was that’s what I did, I got around my mentor who I found out, you know, I ran out of my friends and family pretty quick with that first 100 people. You’ve got to keep in mind there was no Google, Facebook or anything like that back 14, 15 years ago from the time of this recording, this interview that we’re having right now. So it was like, my warm market, I didn’t really have a cell phone that had numbers programmed in it. So I ran out of people pretty quick within a couple months. And it was basically Vince cold market or bust. It wasn’t like a lot of Internet marketing stuff going on back then before Google. So what I did was I just locked arms with a gentleman that I knew  I wanted to get in front of sharper people and there was more people I didn’t know than I did. So I plugged into and just happened to be my upline’s upline, and he was phenomenal at the cold market, man. I just modeled him. I saw what he did, I learned his little phrases, I learned how he did things and I got into his circle and by copying him and talking the way that he talked and doing it the way he did, just adapting it to my personality, I was able to shave years off of my learning curve. So find someone that’s really killing it and find a way to work with them.

25:47 – 26:17 Vince Reed

Man, that’s awesome. So everyone needs a mentor and the most successful person that you probably know – if you’re listening – probably had a mentor. So definitely true. Alright man so this has been a lot of fun and this leads me to our time is money round. So I’m going to ask you about 5 questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less.

So what is the one thing you would tell a new team member to do?
26:18 – 26:57 Cesar Rodriguez

New team member on my team, like I said earlier, be quiet, go through our team training site, and don’t say a word to anyone until you do. But because everyone listening, that’s not very user friendly because you’re like, “What’s in the site?” Biggest thing that I would tell you to do is to make a monster list of people and get a good invitation script that works in your personal story on how to invite others. So craft a personal story that you can inject with any scripts already given to really personalize your approach to other people.

26:58 – 27:16 Vince Reed

Alright, cool. Awesome, so connect with people and work on your presentation.

What is the number one marketing tip for new marketers?

So if there are individuals that maybe have exhausted their warm market, is there anything basic that they could do to attract new people in their business?

27:17 – 28:08 Cesar Rodriguez

Well yeah, I mean number one, heck man, if they’re plugging into this, if they’re listening to this that means they’re plugged into you. You’re the guru when it comes to teaching network marketers how to market online. So that’s an avenue that I would definitely recommend maybe dipping your toes into while you also pursue offline. You said basic, Vince, I mean the most basic thing is learning how to go out there and bring up your opportunity with people that you don’t yet know in the cold market. And a lot of people think that’s really scary, but if you’re doing it right, it’s the easiest, most fun thing to do. The problem is most people are just teaching it wrong, most companies are teaching it wrong, most uplines are teaching it wrong. But the most basic thing you can do is learn a formula for going out there and talking to people that you don’t know.

28:08 – 28:15 Vince Reed

And also, Cesar has an awesome course for that, too. What’s the name of that course that you had where you’re literally walking down the street recruiting people?

28:16 – 28:33 Cesar Rodriguez

Yeah, so that’s reality networker. It’s .. they can check it out at RealityNetworker.com or at least get on the waiting list for it when I release it again. It’s live footage of me prospecting people and breaking the ice and all the psychology behind it. It’s a pretty fun course.

28:34 – 28:40 Vince Reed

Awesome, man.

Alright, so who do you look up to as a mentor entrepreneur? Who does Cesar value as a mentor?
28:40 – 29:31 Cesar Rodriguez

Okay, well I’m going to go with currently Ray Higdon. He is obviously .. he is a friend of both of us. I really actually joined his team specifically in our company so that way people that join me get me and him as leaders. And I just love his style, we’re like best buds man, we hang out, we travel the world together. So I’m honored to call him a friend and a mentor and that’s someone I really look up to. And from a marketing standpoint, without making you blush too much, you, because the way that you just start new projects and innovate and just crush anything that you go into, you’re kind of like the person that I have a marketing crush on I guess. I said it, I got my man crush Monday is Vince Reed, how about that?

29:31 – 30:20 Vince Reed

It was destined to be, man, it was destined because when I first met Cesar he was speaking at a live event and I didn’t even remember but I actually went up and bought a B10x Bolder wrist band that he was offering at this event. And I’m literally wearing it … I wear it everywhere. And every time I see Cesar if I lose it, I’m like, “I need another one of those bands.” Takes one off of his arm, slaps it on my arm, and then I wear it for a while. So it’s always mutual and I definitely respect what you do. Alright, so how should, you know, a person – and this is for the people that are listening –

how should they approach friends and family, because we definitely have talked a little bit about making a list and connecting with cold traffic, but what is a good approach that they could have in targeting friends and family and maybe even just people in their cold market. What’s a good script or something they could say that could break the ice?
30:21 – 32:25 Cesar Rodriguez

Wow, so because this is a 60-second or less thing, I’m not going to share my cold market prospecting formula per se because it might take a little bit too long. But I think the biggest thing when it comes to approaching friends and family or different people in the cold market, it’s to rapidly .. if you don’t have rapport already, you need to go ahead and build that really quick. And just get to the bottom line, so when it comes to friends and family, share a quick snippet about what you’re doing, where you’re going, and quickly get them in front of some information. And detach yourself. When you think about, “How should I do it?”, you should do it in a very unsales-y way and you should come from a position of strength and power and authority, because at the end of the day you’re doing them a favor. Alright, you need people but you don’t need any one person. You’re going with or without that person to the top. So you need to understand that and have that belief and understand what you have to offer and know that you’ve got the deal, and realistically if they knew better, they should be begging you to join your team. And when you have that sense of belief and that power in your court, then what ends up happening is the level of conviction that you come across to other people is strong. And people are attracted to what’s moving, and whether you are moving away from them or to them, people are attracted to it. So paint that picture of where you’re going with or without them, and then just basically reach out to them with the mindset of, “Hey listen, man, I’m on an elevator going all the way to the top.” All I’m doing, Vince, when I pick up the phone, it’s as if I’m poking my foot in that elevator door before it closes and putting my hand in and holding the door open just for another second to see if they want to go ahead and ride this bad boy to the top with me. And if not, I’m moving my hand, I’m moving my foot, that door’s closing, I’m going to the top anyway. So that’s my mindset, that’s the visualization that you should have when you pick up the phone and talk to any person, whether they’re cold market, whether they’re warm market, whether they’re wherever, you’re going with or without them baby.

32:26 – 32:55 Vince Reed

Awesome, man. That’s what I’m talking about, you got me fired up. Well look man, I really appreciate it, I’m going to end with this. It’s not my nature to not help you or provide value to everyone in the marketplace, so if there was one question you could ask me – you know, as you said earlier, I love traffic, I love helping people generate leads for their business. And it doesn’t have to be anything about that, but

if there was a question you could ask me about anything in business, what would it be?
32:56 – 33:24 Cesar Rodriguez

How do you do such a great job of just taking .. of really – I guess it would be outsourcing and delegating. You’re so masterful with leverage and the teams that you build. You know, and the people that you have around you. You’ve got the best guys to do video, you’ve got the best people that do traffic. I mean, how do you find such unbelievable people and keep them with you?

33:25 – 35:38 Vince Reed

Well to be honest with you, what I do is I get a lot of interns and they work with me before they’re actually making the big bucks, and I spend – the way that I pay them is I teach them the business from the ground level. So my operations manager from my company, my video team, obviously programming is a little bit different but even with our programmers that I’ve brought onto our team, we start off on a trial basis and I say, “Listen, I’m looking for people that want to be partners with our company, not just a person that wants to build us a website.” So I immediately, when I bring people on, I let them know I’m looking for long-term success and it’s not just about this project. So people kind of buy into that and I teach them the business entirely and then we basically hire from within. So people are kind of loyal to the business, they get to see me work each and every day, so they understand the work that I do and I put in, and I think that’s really the key. And lastly I would say, I know on the outside if you’re looking at the things I may do as a marketer, it looks like it’s a lot. But in reality, it’s really not. I’m really good at scheduling different things and being consistent and what the reason it looks like a lot of things that I may do like putting out posts and putting out information it’s because it’s consistent. Like if you keep seeing something new each and every week, in your mind, it’s like “He’s producing something every day”. But in reality, I might just be doing only one blog post a week or something like that. So what I’ve realized is that being consistent and setting a schedule of something that you’re going to commit to and do forever. And that’s really how I approach my business, is bringing people in for the long term and scheduling out what I’m going to do consistently and I put it in my head that I’m going to do it forever. In fact, when people bring an idea to our office, like one of our employees, I say, “Are you prepared to do this forever?” And seriously, I’m being serious with you. And when they do have a suggestion, I say, “You just gave yourself another job, hope you’re prepared to do it forever.” And I think that that’s really kind of been I think the secret to our success, is just the consistency behind what we do.

35:39 – 35:47 Cesar Rodriguez

You are the beast at consistency, man. You’re like the model of consistency, that’s amazing. I love it.

35:48 – 35:59 Vince Reed

Awesome. Well listen, I definitely appreciate you. Tell us where people can connect with you and find you if they have additional questions or they want to check out some of the things that you’ve done to help this entire industry.

36:00 – 36:44 Cesar Rodriguez

Sure man, probably the easiest thing to do is to stop by my blog. It is Cesar L. – the initial L – Rodriguez and that’s spelled C-E-S-A-R, the letter L, R-O-D-R-I-G-U-E-Z. .COM. So CesarLRodriguez.com. So if you happen to spell it wrong but you throw it in Google, you’ll still stumble on my site and I give away some pretty killer training for free. Currently I’m giving away a 7-day training series on prospecting, closing, and team-building. And there’s always fun giveaways on there and on top of that, there’s also about 100 videos there and on my YouTube channel, which is very well trafficked.

36:45 – 36:56 Vince Reed

Awesome, man, and we’ll make sure we put all of the places to connect with Cesar including his Facebook on the notes from this interview as well. So again man, I appreciate it. Any last words that you want to share before we let you out of here?

36:00 – 37:43 Cesar Rodriguez

I just want to say, I appreciate you, brother. What you’re doing here, you know, with Network Marketing Nation and just helping people to really get results, this is a much needed resource. And I wish I was just starting now to have all these resources and all this training at my fingertips. Because the amount of reading and the money I had to spend to get my hands on the type of training that you are giving by doing interviews and stuff like this, I mean, my gosh man, it’s amazing. So you’re just doing good things man, keep up the good work, thank you so much to you and every single listener out there that’s here on this call. I look forward to hearing from anyone that takes a listen to this. Just drop a little message to me on Facebook or something. Say hey.

37:44 – 37:50 Vince Reed

Awesome man. Well there you have it guys, the Cesar Rodriguez. I appreciate you man and we’ll definitely have you back soon.

37:51 – 37:52 Cesar Rodriguez

Anytime brother.

37:52 Vince Reed

Take care.

37:54 – 38:12

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