4: Cedrick Harris – How To Grow FAST And Stay A Leader

Cedrick Harris Bio

Cedrick Harris is a industry veteran in the network marketing and internet marketing world. He first got his start in Excel Communications 17 years ago where he was bitten by the network marketing bug and never turned back since. After Excel was bought out, Ced went on to become the President Of Marketing for the largest VA Mortgage Lender in the Nation, Mortgage Investors Corporation from 2001-2006 in the height of the real estate boom. After the real estate boom tapered off, he went fulltime in network marketing and internet marketing. Since 2006, Ced has become one of the most sought after marketers in the network marketing space. Today Ced is the top recruiter and leader of the fastest growing team in his entire company. Ced is known for getting in the trenches, building massive organizations, teaching his closing techniques, and leading from the front. Now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his 6 and 7 figure success story with you!!

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Vince Reed 0:00 – 0:02

Network Marketing Nation, Episode Four.

Cedrick Harris 0:03 – 0:15 (sound bite)

I would say first you want to form that person, and what I mean by form them, F-O-R-M them; the F stands for family, the O stands for occupation, the R stands for recreation, the M stands for money.

Vince Reed 0:16 – 0:25

You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Before we start our live interview, here’s a quick word from our sponsors. If you want to use the Internet to generate traffic and leads for your network marketing business, visit MyInternetTrafficSystem.com and get the very best lead generation training for top earners. Want to generate your own leads but building quality capture pages have been too difficult or expensive? MITS Pages is the solution you have been looking for. Visit MITS Pages, that’s M-I-T-S Pages.com, and create quality lead capture pages for free. Alright, so I’m extremely pumped up, I’m here with the one and the only Cedrick Harris. Cedrick Harris is an industry veteran in the network marketing at Internet Marketing World. Ced joined his first company Excel Communications over 17 years ago. After Excel was bought out, Ced went on to become the president of marketing for one of the largest VA mortgage lenders in the nation, Mortgage Investor Corporation from 2001 to 2006 at the height of the real estate boom. After the real estate boom tapered off, he went full time in network marketing and Internet marketing. Since 2006, Ced has become one of the most sought after marketers in the network marketing space. Today, Ced is the top recruiter and leader of one of the fastest growing teams in his entire company. Ced is known for getting in the trenches, building massive organizations, teaching his closing techniques, and leading from the front. Now he’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share his six and seven figure success story with you. So Ced, what’s going on man? Are you ready to rock and roll?

Cedrick Harris 2:04 – 2:19

I’m ready to rock and roll Vince. Another day in Hollywood, I’m extremely excited to be on this line here with you. I’ve learned so much from you over the years so I’m just humbled that you chose me to be on this interview and ready to rock and roll and teach some stuff to the Network Marketing Nation out there.

Vince Reed 2:20 – 2:38

Awesome man, I’ve been learning from you for a long time and the feeling is mutual. In fact, one of my very first events, you know, if there was one person that stood out from the stage it was definitely you. So I’m excited to kind of dig in and pick your brain a little bit and give the listeners some awesome value and content.

Cedrick Harris 2:38 – 2:39

Yeah, I appreciate it.

Vince Reed 2:39 – 2:52

So, obviously I covered your amazing story and, you know, watching you grow and just crush it has been awesome. But why don’t you fill in the blanks .

Is there anything I left out or anything people should know about Cedrick Harris before we get started?
Cedrick Harris 2:52 – 4:19

Well you know, that’s 17 years ago, when you started that bio it just made me sit back and think. You know, when I was first introduced to network marketing, you know, when someone starts drawing a bunch of circles in front of you, especially 17 years ago Vince, there was no Internet, there was no sexy PowerPoint presentations. It was basically someone confusing you with a bunch of circles and I wasn’t very good at geometry, but I was excellent at addition. And I’ll tell you that first bite of network marketing literally changed my life. Literally changed my life and even as I was in the mortgage industry and doing extremely well from that time frame, like you said, from ’01 to ’06, I was still dabbling here and there but I didn’t have a lot of time. You know, really didn’t have a lot of time because you were in real estate back then; it was very sexy. But it never went away, never left my blood so since that time frame has been one crazy run, my friend, so I think that you fill a lot of those gaps in their already and I would tell all the listeners that are out there, you know, when it comes down to this industry, there’s nothing like it. There’s just nothing like the network marketing industry, you know. Any industry … there’s a lot of great industries that are out there, but I’ve just never seen anything like this so from the passion standpoint and from being able to help people and being able to see people win, you know, that’s what it’s really all about. SO let’s just dive right into it, brother. Let’s do it. I’m happy to be here.

Vince Reed 4:20 – 4:50

Well, you know, one of the cool things about Network Marketing Nation, even to be here you have to be actively in the trenches, still building and building your team and have earned six or seven figures in network marketing and obviously you’re a seven figure earner. Tell everyone how that actually feels to reach that goal because so many people get started with that vision of kind of getting there. And, you know, take them inside your life a little.

How does it feel to actually have accomplished that and to be able to say, “I’ve made $1 million in network marketing” ?
Cedrick Harris 4:51 – 6:32

It feels awesome, it feels really really awesome, Vince, but I would also frame it this way at the same time: you know, a lot of people reach a certain level of success inside of network marketing and they forget how they really got there. You know, they forget that they got there with that little person. You know, what the average people that are making $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 a month. So even though I’m currently a seven figure earner in this industry, my mother always reminds me of where I come from. So I’m constantly eating humble pie, constantly never forgetting how it all started. Because just like some of the people that are listening to this interview, you know, they may not be seven figure earners right now. They might be making $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 a month and that’s where it really all begins. SO I would tell people to constantly be eating humble pie and never think, never think that you are what your bank account says. Never think you are what your bank account says, whether good or bad. If your bank account has $1,000 in it, don’t think you are what your bank account says. If your bank account says there’s $3 million there, don’t think that you are what your bank account says. You know, constantly be humble and great things will happen, but I will tell you it’s a great feeling. You know, it really is that you don’t have to be concerned about the money side of life, you know, and you can start concentrating on the other parts of life. So I could tell you every day I wake up I’m blessed to be able to wake up and open up my eyes and be able to see and be able to hear and be able to help other people, but I’ve never taken for granted the opportunity of being able to make the type of money that I’m making, that’s for sure.

Vince Reed 6:32 – 7:09

That’s awesome man, and I want people … I always like to ask that question because I want you to think big, if you’re listening to this. I want you to know what it feels like and almost every person that has reached the levels of a Cedrick, you know, they’re always humble and they always are trying to help people and that’s the awesome thing about you in this industry. So tell me this, you know, you’ve made it, you’ve earned your six/seven figure income, you’re doing awesome.

But tell the people, you know, listening why should a person join Cedrick in his team?

Like, what makes your team different than other teams out there?

Cedrick Harris 7:09 – 10:09

We don’t just talk about it. You know, there’s a lot of people who play what we call the sign and drive. They sign somebody up and then they disappear and turn into David Copperfield. And I always tell people all the time that when you enroll someone into your company, that’s when it begins. It doesn’t matter if they’re a six figure earner currently, they’re a seven figure earner or they just now started in network marketing. You know, I always use the analogy of when a new person joins your team, they’re kind of like bringing a brand new baby into the world. And when you bring a brand new baby into the world, you can’t leave the baby boy or the baby girl in the woods and expect them to be able to fend for themselves after they’ve been stuck on an umbilical cord for nine months. They don’t know. So what makes it a little different from us is that we’re actually out there, we’re actually building in the field, we’re actually developing those relationships. You know, I just left New Orleans, Louisiana, this weekend and I was out doing a big Super Saturday training with my team out there. But I didn’t leave until yesterday morning, Vince, you know, and I was there on Sunday and Monday just fishing with the team, you know, numerous leaders that are out there that have fishing boats and we were out there having a blast and bonding and getting to know each other. Because I tell people all the time, money only comes from one place and that’s people. So the reason why people want to join us or why they would join us is literally because we actually do it. There’s, you know, the Internet – and you know this, Vince – the Internet can make people more of what they really are. You know that and you’re one of the real ones that are out there but there’s a lot of people that might be on video or online and you meet them in person and you would rather look at their video. You know, we actually are doing. We don’t just talk about it; we’re in the trenches, I’m travelling hundreds of thousands of frequent flier miles every year, whether it be Canada, United Kingdom, or different countries all throughout the United States. We’re building, locking elbows with the team and because we haven’t forgotten where we came from, you know, I always tell everybody that everything rises and falls on leadership. Everything. So how your attitude is at the top, is literally the same thing that you’re breeding inside of your team. So if your team sees you out there building, then they’re going to be out there building. If your team sees you arrogant, then there’s a good chance you’re going to duplicate arrogance. If your team sees you humble, there’s a good chance you’re going to duplicate humbleness. If your team sees servant driven leadership, well that’s going to be duplicated. So we lock arms, we work side by side, we do daily calls five days a week, we have live training calls on a regular basis, we have live opportunity calls that I conduct. There is literally something going on seven days a week because we truly understand that people get in for the money, but they stay for the feeling.

Vince Reed 10:09 – 10:33

Wow, that’s extremely powerful. And Ced is not kidding with you, I mean, every single time I see this guy on Facebook, he checks in and it seems like a different city every single day. And that’s just an example of what you’re doing and you being out there, still being there for your team and that’s why in my opinion, you’ve been so successful. But I know you’re racking up those miles.

Cedrick Harris 10:32 – 10:36

Yes we are, and they’re looking pretty sexy too, Vince, I must admit.

Vince Reed 10:36 – 10:53

Alright, well tell me this: You’ve had success, you know, it’s clear why people should join you, but if you could go back and you could talk to the younger you, that person that got started 17 years ago,

what advice would you have given yourself when you got started?
Cedrick Harris 10:54 – 12:47

Go faster now. If I would have known what I know today, there wouldn’t have been any procrastination, pacification, taking two or three days off, doing this, doing that, getting my hands involved in so many different things. Focus and go faster now. You know, tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, and you never know who’s going to join a network marketing company. You never know. The people that you think that will join, won’t. The people that you think that won’t join, will. So it’s literally all about going faster now. And just going through that chicken list early. You know, I didn’t go through my chicken list in the beginning, Vince. I really didn’t. I talked to people that I was comfortable in talking to and I talked to people that were at my level or beneath my level. And unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people tend to do. They talk to people that are on the same wavelength that they’re on as far as in a financial state of mind, and then people that they can convince that are maybe in a lower financial state of mind. So if I could go back 17 years ago, I would say talk to people that are in a higher state of mind financially now. Talk to people that have more influence now and work around the clock. Because residual is a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing and if you go faster now and you take that speed and you compress that speed that something that might have taken you 7 years to do but you compress that speed into 2 to 3 years, well you can take the next 7 off. So it would be compression. Compression and going faster now.

Vince Reed 12:47 – 13:26

You know, I always tell people all the time, you know, especially people that are kind of working the 9 to 5 grind and they’re doing that, which is fine for some people – it’s not for me – but if you were to tell that same person that got the 9 to 5 job that, “Five years from today, you’re going to be a millionaire”, they would come to work on time each and every day, they’d be extremely excited. But you tell a person, you know, that you could build a residual income in network marketing and you know, it’s always … I’m shocked when people aren’t willing to put in that kind of work and have that kind of freedom because it is very realistic that you can build that type of business if you’re willing to put in that same type of effort. So that’s awesome man.

Cedrick Harris 13:27 – 13:35

Do you know why, though, Vince? You know what one of the greatest and one of the worst inventions that was ever made on this planet?

Vince Reed 13:35 – 13:36

What was it?

Cedrick Harris 13:36 – 14:37

The microwave. It was one of the greatest and worst inventions. One of the greatest because you can cook a turkey now in 20 minutes. One of the worst is because you can cook a turkey now in 20 minutes. See, everybody wants everything right now. Everybody wants residual but they don’t want to put the work in up front to create that residual. You know, you don’t create a residual income after 90 days. You might have a little one, it’s not going to be instant. It takes a while to build and I always revert back to the old school Amway guys, you know, that have been around for 25, 30, 40 years that literally paved the way for all of us in network marketing. They took a lot of arrows. You know, I tell people all the time that he or she who takes the most arrows owns the most land. They took a lot of arrows. 28 years later, 30 years later, they don’t have to worry about anything. Nothing. That’s what it’s all about, but are you willing to put that time in if that’s what it takes?

Vince Reed 14:37 – 15:00

Absolutely. So here’s one of the fun questions that I always love to ask and I’d be curious to know what this individual is doing today and if they stuck around long enough to see what you’ve blossomed into today as a network marketer.

But how did the first person / sponsor recruit you onto their team?

Like what did they do to get you? How did that meeting go?

Cedrick Harris 15:01 – 16:48

My first sponsor was a guy by the name of Manley Worrell. Manley actually worked for FedEx. I was at a company called American Frozen Foods and I was their sales manager and we sold 6 months of food at one time in a $2,000 freezer. So I had 15 sales reps that ran leads and they would come to your home and sit you down and sell you 6, 7, 8 months worth of food at one time – it was all meat – kind of like swans on steroids a little bit with the $2,000 freezer. And one of my sales reps went to Manley’s house and sold Manley 6 months worth of food in a $2,100 freezer. You know, he came back to the office and said, “Ced, this guy that I just sold tried to pitch me this thing called Excel Communications and it’s a network marketing company and they sell long distance. And I wasn’t interested at all, but I think it might be something that you should take a look at.” And he showed me this little booklet and I started going through it and looking at it, and then I said, “Hm, this is interesting.” And ironically, ironically Vince, 48 hours later – because we had a 72 hour rescission – 48 hours later, Manley called in to cancel his order. He called in to cancel it. I answered the phone. I started talking to Manley. I told Manley I was interested in Excel and maybe I should come out to his house and talk to him, by the way, as I talk to you I’m going to save that order because you’re not cancelling anything. So I came out to his house and I saved the order. He explained Excel Communications to me, a voila, the rest is history. The rest is history.

Vince Reed 16:48 – 17:26

That’s awesome. See, you never know, you never know if you’re [16:52 – 16:56  audio cuts out] You start, you know, making it happen, you have a business like any business and anyone that’s successful, we often get more no’s and more rejection than yes. So do you have a story?

Like, what’s your worst story of rejection?

Was there ever a time when you first got started where you started talking to people about your business and after that conversation you just wanted to go run and hide and it was just painful? Is there anything that stands out as that one time or maybe it was more than one that just hit hard?

Cedrick Harris 17:25 – 19:34

My worst story, Vince, my worst story is actually a story that I think a lot of people can relate to. You know, when we start off in network marketing our sponsor always tells us to talk to your friends and family. So I was in Excel, I went to my father. I said, “Dad, I need a favor.” And Vince my dad looked at me and he said, “How much?” And I said, “I don’t need your money” and he was like, “Awesome. So what do you need, son?” I said, “Dad, I just joined this company called Excel Communications and they do long distance. You’re with Sprint, they’re charging you .19 cents a minute. Excel does it for .10 cents a minute. I need you to switch your long distance.” My dad looked at me Vince and said, “I don’t know anybody that works at Excel.” I looked back at my dad and said, “You don’t know anybody that works at Sprint. I need you to be my customer.” My dad looked at me and said, “Cedrick, I’m not switching boop.” You fill in the blank. Now, I looked at my dad and I said, “Dad, you’ve got to be kidding me!” I’m like, “The kids come to the front door to sell Girl Scout Cookies, you have a mouth full of false teeth, you have one real tooth and you’re buying Girl Scout Cookies but you can’t even switch your long distance for your own son who you brought into this world?” He looked back at me again Vince and repeated himself. “Cedrick, I’m not switching boop.” And I tell you, I went outside and I sat down at the picnic table and I said, “I can’t believe this. My dad won’t even switch his long distance.” And for about 10 minutes, Vince, for about 10 minutes I was depressed for about 10 minutes. And at minute number 11, I said, “You know what, I can either allow this to destroy me or I could use it as motivation.” I decided to use it as motivation. It took my dad 13 years, Vince, 13 years before he joined me in network marketing. But he joined me.

Vince Reed 19:34 – 19:35

That’s powerful.

Cedrick Harris 19:35 – 19:47

It was crazy, it was crazy. So I would tell people that are listening: yeah, your friends and family, they might not do it in the beginning but you don’t know what they’re going to do later. So don’t take it personal. You can’t take it personal.

Vince Reed 19:48 – 20:07

Yeah, don’t take it personal. Wow, that’s awesome. If you can take that, I mean, there’s pretty much nothing anyone else can say that you won’t be able to deal with. And on that note, to change the mood a little bit. Tell me your best story of success.

Was there any type of personal success that you’ve had or maybe someone on your team that you’d like to share?
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Cedrick Harris 20:08 – 23:15

Personal success, I would tell you that my … from a personal success standpoint my very first six figure month was just exhilarating, to say the least, to say the least. To know that I was able to make over $100,000 in a 30-day time frame, it was exhilarating because I did it quite a few times in the mortgage industry, I mean, we caught the mortgage industry like lightning in a bottle. It was perfect time. I mean, everybody that was breathing was making money in real estate. But to be able to make six figures in a month in network marketing, that was definitely life changing, life changing and just monumental. As far as from a success story, from a field perspective I will tell you that I’ve got a young lady on my team that has three autoimmune diseases, Vince. Three. You know, and this young lady is in a wheelchair a lot sometimes, you know, she can’t get out of bed sometimes. She’s working from a headset and her laptop and there’s some days that she can’t do anything and then there’s some days that she’s about 85%. And to be able to see her go from where she was financially to now, five months later, six months later, you know, making $5,000 – $6,000 a week. Life changing. Life changing for her and she’s also what I like to call my excuse killer. So anytime someone says … they give me some sort of excuse on why they can’t do it: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have this, I don’t have that”, I say, “Hold on one second, let me introduce you to Dani.” And I three-way Dani in and I allow Dani to tell her story because she’s got five kids, she’s married, when she was diagnosed with these three autoimmune diseases, Vince, the doctor told her she needs to go on Disability, and Disability was $600-some odd a month. I mean, who can take care of five kids in a household with college and everything else with $600 a month? I mean, you can’t take care of yourself with $600 a month, let alone five other people. You know, so because of her determination, now she’s one of my brightest success stories. She was my first ruby on my team which is a very strong six figure income, and she’s my excuse killer. So I would say that’s been one of the biggest, brightest points in my life to be able to see someone like herself go from where she was to where she is today. And that’s what we do this for, you know, that’s what we really do it for. We do it for other people. We do it to help other people, because as we strengthen other people and allow them to achieve their dreams and help them achieve their dreams, we indirectly get ours anyway.

Vince Reed 23:15 – 24:02

Man, that’s awesome and what you just said, I mean, hearing your success and hearing the success of people who you’ve helped is why we’re doing this because there are so many people in network marketing where I don’t think they’re hearing enough of these stories. So no matter what you’re going through, know that it’s possible or will get said on the phone and he’ll put you on the line with his team to make sure there’s no excuses. So that leads me to this next question because there are a lot of people listening that are new to network marketing. And what would you tell that person just getting started, I mean, they just swiped their credit card, they’re new, they’re getting all their samples, they’re getting everything they need to get started.

What’s the first piece of advice that you’d give a new person getting started?
Cedrick Harris 24:02 – 26:21

Number one, don’t over think the process. We as human beings, one of the things that we do, we tend to complicate things that aren’t complicated. You know, so in network marketing in the beginning you might be doing some online stuff, you might not. But in the beginning your up line nine times out of ten is going to tell you to talk to your friends and your family first, to make a list. Now, what most of us do is we prejudge the list. We prejudge the list and I tell all my team members, Vince, if they look at anyone’s name in their cell phone longer than two seconds, they just act like they’re God. You’re not God, you don’t know if that person’s going to join, you don’t know if they’re not going to join. “But Cedrick, but Cedrick, I talked to them about three other businesses before.” “Great, now it’s number four.” “But Cedrick, but Cedrick they’re already successful.” “Great, they might not have time.” “But Cedrick, but Cedrick, they don’t have any money.” “How do you know that? People always find money for what they want to find money for.” It’s not your job to prejudge them, so keep it simple. You know, there’s a video that Will Smith did with Tavis Smiley years ago, and Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, I just love him, I love me some Will. And he said something on this video that was so profound. He said, “You know, it’s not my job to figure out … if there’s a light switch on the wall, it’s not my job to figure out how the red hit the blue. It’s not my job to figure out how they got the wires in the concrete. How they got them underground, how they got them out to the power pole outside. It’s simply my job to pay the power bill.” Keep it simple. So I would tell them don’t over think the process. If your sponsor says make a list, make a list. Don’t over think it, don’t prejudge anyone because one of the things that will really kick you in your butt and I see it happens every single day, Vince, that someone prejudges someone, they end up joining the network marketing company and now they’re upset because their friend or family member or someone that they could have talked to is in the company, but they didn’t talk to them first. So don’t over think the process. Keep it stupid simple. That would be the first thing that I would tell that newest person.

Vince Reed 26:21 – 26:44

Awesome, so on the other side, you’ve got the person that’s been in for a while – maybe they’ve tried a few companies like we all do. And I always laugh, I mean, that’s part of the process.

What would you tell that veteran, that person that’s struggling, they’ve been in a while and maybe they’re on the verge of quitting and they haven’t quite seen the results and the success that they want.

Is there any advice you’d tell that veteran that’s been in a while?

Cedrick Harris 26:44 – 29:01

Absolutely, first of all I’d tell them to focus on the farm team. Build the farm team. One of the challenges in this industry, Vince, is there’s a lot of what I like to call incest, there’s a lot of people that are in one company for three months and then they’re in this one for three months and they’re in this one for three months, and it’s like the same circle of people that are constantly doing different deals. Well, when all the dust settles, a lot of people are out there targeting leaders. And I always tell people to build the farm team. Focus on the farm team. You know, you might be struggling right now, you’ve been around the block, you might think “Oh my goodness, I’m tired of this, I’m getting frustrated, blah blah blah.” Focus on the farm team, don’t focus on “Oh, I need to go target these people that are making 40, 50, $60,000 a month. I know that they’re going to bring all these people.” And some of them may, but if they don’t get to that income that they want to be at in a 60-90 day time frame, well because of that invention called the microwave, now they’re looking for that 40-$50,000 a month, now they’re taking their people with them and some people that they’ve built relationships with that are on your team along with them. Focus on the farm team. Focus on the farm team, focus on those people that are making $1,000, $2,000 a month and develop those people. If you develop those people and bring them to 10, 20, $30,000 a month, you see, those people never got on stage before. Those people aren’t privy to a lot of the back end stuff that happens. Those people aren’t training all over the world, blah blah blah, so their egos aren’t the size of Jupiter. You build the farm team. If you build the farm team and you identify a couple of people on your team that have that potential and you lock arms with them and you help them solidify that $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 a month, they don’t quit. They don’t quit. They’ll stick around. They will stick and stay and then all of the sudden, they end up bringing you a venturer, they end up bringing you a Ray Higdon, they end up bringing you some rock star that totally is responsible for 80% of your income. So focus on the farm team. Focus on the farm team.

Vince Reed 29:02 – 29:12

Awesome, awesome. Alright man, well that leads us to the time is money round. So I’m going to ask you a few questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less. Are you ready?

Cedrick Harris 29:13

I’m ready.

Vince Reed 29:14 – 29:23

Alright, so number one:

what is your number one marketing tip for new marketers – or I should say new network marketers getting started?
Cedrick Harris 29:23 – 30:07

Number one marketing tip is don’t be afraid of video. People don’t read anymore. People love videos. People want to be entertained and educated at the same time. My speaking coach calls it edutainment. They want to be educated and entertained at the same time, so understand that people don’t read anymore, don’t be afraid of video whether it’s Facebook video, whether it’s Instagram 10-second videos, whether it’s YouTube videos, get content out there on videos. Utilize that cell phone that you have in your hand, but cut video after video after video, even if you’re afraid to do it. Do it afraid because videos go viral and people will follow your videos and by the time they’re ready to join, they feel like they already know you.

Vince Reed 30:07 – 30:27

Powerful. Video is definitely .. I would definitely agree with you on that. Absolutely. Alright, so another question here:

who does Cedrick look up to as a mentor or an entrepreneur?

Is there anyone that we would find in your phone on iTunes or in your library or someone that you keep close to heart that you look up to?

Cedrick Harris 30:27 – 31:07

Absolutely, Lisa Grossman is one of my closest friends, one of my closest mentors that I get a lot of sanity from and we have a lot of communication. She schools me on a lot of things. Dave van Hoose is my actual speaking coach. I learn a lot from Ray Higden, as well. I was actually on Ray’s team back in 2009-2010ish when we were in another company together. So I follow Ray a lot, I learn a lot from Ray, as well as yourself. So I would say that there is really a handful of people that I follow and then from an Internet marketing perspective, it’s Ryan Deiss. So those are the people that are in my phone that I pay close attention to.

Vince Reed 31:07 – 31:45

And those are great people to have and one thing I love about this industry is the way you’re able to network up. I mean, I look at the people that I was connected to before I got started and I’m sure you can do the same. I mean, it’s night and day who’s in my phone today versus before. So definitely huge there. Alright, so here’s another for you, another time is money round question.

How should a person approach a friend or family member about their network marketing business?

Is there a question, is there a way that you would advise them to reach out to their friend or family when it comes to network marketing?

Cedrick Harris 31:45 – 33:26

Yeah, absolutely. There’s going to be different conversations when it comes down to different products, so I want to kind of keep this general just because there’s thousands of different opportunities that are out there. But I would say first you want to form that person, and what I mean by form them, F-O-R-M: the F stands for family, the O stands for occupation, the R stands for recreation, the M stands for money. So when you’re picking up the phone, don’t just go straight into your network marketing pitch. Get them to talk about their family. Okay, everybody’s number one topic is themselves. Get them to go on a tangent about their family. “How’s the family, how’s everything going with your wife? How’s everything going with the kids?” Get them to talk about the family. After a minute or two, “Hey, how’s work going? You still working at the plant? You still a school teacher? You still a baseball coach?” Whatever the case may be. Get them to talk about their occupation. You know, the R stands for recreation. Get them to talk about what they do to have fun. “Hey, you been fishing lately? I know you always like to go fishing. You still playing basketball on the weekends?” Get them to talk about that and then you get into the money question. “Hey Johnny, do you keep your options open when it comes to making additional money?” It’s kind of hard for them to say, “No, I hate money, I break out in hives every time somebody says anything about money.” You know, but if you lead off with your pitch, it’s very awkward versus being a real person. So I would say FORM them: Family, occupation, recreation, money. Once you get into that money question, then at that point you can utilize whatever your tools are. Like for us, we’ve got a quick two-minute video that kind of catches their attention, so whether it’s a sizzle line that you have or video or presentation or something, then you lead off with that presentation from that point and take them down your cycle.

Vince Reed 33:26 – 33:56

I love that. FORM. That’s definitely one you want to rewind and listen to again, all of you out there listening. Well man, I’m blown away and you know me, you’ve known me for a while and it’s not like me to ever do anything without providing value to you as well. So if you could ask me one marketing question, you know I’m the traffic guy, I love traffic and lead generation.

It doesn’t have to be about that, but if you could ask me one question in terms of marketing, what would it be?
Cedrick Harris 33:57 – 34:12

It would be Vince: Twitter is one of the hottest places to be right now when you’re obviously spending a lot of time on Twitter. Give me one solid Twitter trick that’s working really really well these days.

Vince Reed 34:13 – 35:42

Well, you know, the one thing that’s cool about Twitter is the fact that you can jump into active conversations that people are having. So if a person says, “I want to lose a few pounds” to their friend, you have the ability to place ads and things right in front of them. If someone says – if you have a travel product and someone says that I need a vacation, you can put something right in front of them. So the actual conversations that people are tweeting serve as the key words that you can target, which is a lot different from other platforms where someone’s typing in a search term. So if you have an imagination, you can just imagine what you can do with that. And the amount of people that are tweeting that you can put information in front of. And now with Twitter re-targeting and with things like Twitter cards where you literally can have an image or a picture of your website show up in the newsfeed the second that person says that trigger word, they click on that, they’re taken to your website. You can then retarget that individual on Facebook. So you can say, “Hey, you just were talking about going on a vacation, you clicked on my website and now you’re over here on Facebook. What’s going on?” So there’s all these cool little things you can do on Twitter and I don’t think people quite get that it’s the conversations that are serving as the key words versus the actual words that people are searching. So again, think about what people would be saying at that very moment and that your product could serve and simply put that presentation in front of them.

Cedrick Harris 35:43 – 36:02

Wow, you’ve got my gerbils running now. Oh my goodness, my gerbils are on steroids right now. You are absolutely right, I never even thought about it that way and all they’re doing is conversing all day long, so to be able to put it … yeah, that was worth the interview for me all day. That’s it, I’m good there.

Vince Reed 36:02 – 36:19

Well you just made my day man. Well listen, where can people find you? Is there a website or can they find you on Facebook? Where’s the best place for someone to connect with you? And we’re definitely going to put all of this in the notes as well so people can connect with Cedrick as well from there.

But is there any place that you can recommend to connect with you?
Cedrick Harris 36:19 – 37:17

Absolutely, they can find me on Facebook just at Cedrick Harris, that is C-E-D-R-I-C-K. You know, they can feel free to send me a message, if they want to be friends it’s probably going to tell you I have too many friends right now and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t answer my phone calls. So they can send me a message and say, “Hey, I listened to Vince’s audio and I would love to be friends” and we can connect there and we can converse back and forth there. They can also check me out on my blog. My blog is being redone right now by the best of the best, so I’m really excited about the finished product. But they can check me out at CedrickHarris.com and it’s C-E-D-R-I-C-K H-A-R-R-I-S . com. So either at CedrickHarris.com or send me a message on Facebook or follow me on Facebook and we deliver out content every day and we do a lot of generalized content as well, so it’s not company specific all the time. It’s always bullets and things we recommend that people can utilize no matter what business that they’re building because I’m just an ambassador of the industry and I just love the industry as a whole.

Vince Reed 37:18 – 37:28

Awesome man, well I appreciate you for coming on. I mean, I know there were so many nuggets. I can’t wait to go back and listen to this again and again, I appreciate you. Any words in closing that you want to leave them with?

Cedrick Harris 37:29 – 39:40

In closing, I would tell everybody that’s listening that if you’re listening to this audio right now it’s because you’re following Vince in some way, shape, or form. And I would tell you that if you want to build a business and do it the right way and then learn from someone that you can trust, you know, there’s so many people that are out there that are afraid to introduce certain people to different people because they might raid their team or they might blast their list and do this or do that. And Vince isn’t one of those guys. So if I could just reciprocate back to you, my friend, and throw an alley-oop, I would say hey, if they’re listening to this audio, get Vince’s stuff. I’m a member of the mid system myself. Get it, get it, pay attention. The training that he provides is impeccable. It’s impeccable and it’s generic that you can use for any business, whether you’re doing it for Internet marketing, whether you’re doing it for network marketing, and you’re in a safe place. You’re in a safe zone, you’re in a safe zone that your team can by safe there, you can be safe there, and you know that there is always going to be value and Vince isn’t going to hit your list or hit your people and try to flip them in XYZ company or whatever the case may be because he’s generic across the board. That’s one of the things that I love about you, Vince, that I don’t ever have to worry about that because this industry is full of interesting people to say the least. And I use that word very loosely. You know, so to be able to know that you are a trusted source in this industry means a lot to me and I hope it means a lot to the listeners because you are always giving value. You’re a freaking value machine. You know, you and Higden are like, freaking value machines. You’re like the salt and pepper of the industry of value, value, value, so I would say get your stuff, pay close attention and learn and apply it. Because that one Twitter technique that you just gave me, I’m capitalizing on that. So we’re going to have to talk here in a little while to finalize some stuff on that because I want to learn more about that. That’s for sure. So that’s what I would say my friend. And thanks so much for having me on. I know you could have had anybody on the call and I’m humbled by the fact that you decided that you wanted to interview me, so I appreciate that my friend, I appreciate it a lot.

Vince Reed 39:41 – 39:55

A long time coming and the feeling is likewise. So you guys, there you have it, another interview. Make sure you implement the things that you’ve heard here because they’ll definitely help you become a better network marketer. And with that, I’ll see you guys on the next interview. Take care.

Vince Reed 39:56 – 40:12

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