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Before entering into network marketing, Kathleen Radu owned a traditional business with over 125 employees. Although this experience was invaluable, Kathleen still had an itch to achieve more. As a mother of 3, Kathleen decided to chase her entrepreneurial dreams and join a direct sales business. And in no time Kathleen reached top rank and hasn’t stopped since. In less than 3 years, Kathleen has built multiple companies earning her a 7 figure income. Now she’s here on Network Marketing Nation to share her 6 and 7 figure success story with you.

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Network Marketing Nation, Episode Fifteen

Kathleen Radu

You’re not born a winner or a loser, but you’re born a chooser. And at the end of the day we get to choose and design the outcome of our life and the journey that we’re on.

Vince Reed

You’re listening to Network Marketing Nation, where six and seven figure top earners share their stories. My name is Vince Reed, Internet marketing trainer and coach. Prepare to be inspired.

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Alright, I am extremely excited, I have on the line Ms. Kathleen Radu and here’s a little bit about her story. Before entering into network marketing, Kathleen Radu owned a traditional business with over 125 employees. Although this experience was invaluable, Kathleen still had an itch to achieve more. As a mother of 3, Kathleen decided to chase her entrepreneurial dreams and join a direct sales business. And in no time Kathleen reached top rank and hasn’t stopped since. In less than 3 years, Kathleen has built multiple companies earning her a 7 figure income. Now she’s here on network marketing nation to share her 6 and 7 figure success story with you. Kathleen what’s going on, how’s it going?

Kathleen Radu (1:42 – 1:48)

Hey Vince, so great to connect with you. Thank you so much for having me on.

Vince Reed (1:49 – 2:16)

I’m extremely excited and I’m extremely blessed because I really have the opportunity to speak to awesome people like you. So thank you for coming in and sharing these awesome experiences and stories with us. So you know obviously you got an amazing story, I’ve had the opportunity to kind of chat with you about it. Why don’t you share with us something maybe I missed in terms of in your short bio.

Is there anything there that you want people to know about your journey?
Kathleen Radu (2:17 – 3:42)

Yea gosh you know I was 27 years old, I was 7 and a half months pregnant. I had graduated from university and I had landed a really great job. It was a corporate job. Great income, pension plan, all of the things that people would normally look at think wow, you know you’ve got it made. And I walked into my boss’s office and just told him that I wasn’t going to come back after maternity leave and I he kind of looked at me like I was crazy. And he said what are you talking about? And I said I don’t know, but I just know that there has to be a better way. And I just took the bull by the horns and I ended up purchasing a company and buying up a bunch of little companies in the city and we became the largest company here in Victoria in our field. We had 125 to 150 employees and I did that for 4 years. I just remember when I look at the ceiling, you know what, this is not a better way. And so Im so grateful but I had enough. I didn’t know that I really know that I would grow up thinking I wanted to be a network marketer or be involved in direct sales. But I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit and I knew what I was capable of doing if I found something that I was really passionate about. So I’m so grateful that I had ended up here after the last 21 years.

Vince Reed (3:43 – 4:21)

That’s awesome, what an amazing story. And just for people listening out there, this is a person who had an amazing business, but is so passionate about network marketing, truly believes that it’s a better way. So all of you getting started, know that you are on the right track. So let’s get started. I had a few questions for you and something that gets me excited and I think a lot of people listening, they get started , they obviously have dreams of earning six figures or even 7 in their business. And you’ve done that.

Tell everyone’s who is listening how that actually feels to accomplish that goal and was that something that you set out to do when you got started.
Kathleen Radu (4:22 – 5:54)

You know I don’t think I intentionally thought that I want to be a six figure earner or 7 figure income earner. I just knew that I needed to find a way, to be able to stay home initially with my children, raise all 3 of them and bring in a significant income. I mean I obviously started to get involved in the industry, I started to realize that was absolutely a possibility, and it feels amazing. But more than that, I’ve seen more people quit their jobs, work from home and make financial success and time freedom faster than any other profession that I’m aware of. For me it’s been life changing but when I was in direct sales, I had achieved so success but there were two things that I hadn’t achieved and that was financial freedom and time freedom. And so those became even more important than the 6 or the 7 figure income. And I knew that when I found network marketing years ago, I could achieve that. You know one thing I have learned is that success is hard, but being broke is much harder. And another thing I know Is that money doesn’t change you, being broke changes you because it’s all you think about. You think about how am I going to pay for my kids’ college education, or how am I going to make the bills at the end of the month? And that stress changes you, and my husband used to always say when we were raising our kids, you’re not born a winner or a loser, but you’re born a chooser. And at the end of the day, we get to choose and design the outcome of our life and the journey that we’re on. And I believe that network marketing gives everybody the level plane field to do just that.

Vince Reed (5:55 – 6:29)

That’s awesome. And you have me fired up right now. Gotta get to work. I love it. Tell me this, people get started and hear your story and obviously it takes a lot of work. I mean people sometimes just see the end result and they don’t realize the work you put in to get where you are. But tell everyone listening, why a person would join your team.

What makes you different than other distributors out there?

Hopefully I’m going to help them start to pick up some of the traits that obviously you have that made you successful.

Kathleen Radu (6:30 – 8:36)

Ok. That is such a great question. I think that a lot of people don’t take it seriously enough when they’re actually looking at a team or a mentor or a leader to follow. Because you really want to take the time to find like minded people who have the same, the same vision because that is really important. And one of the things that I’ve been so blessed with in my life is incredible leaders body hip and incredible mentors. I’m definitely one of those people that if you find somebody that you want to be like or achieve like, then you start to just learn what they do. And 3 years ago, when I was looking for an opportunity, my self and my best friend for years Becky Herly, and I knew we wanted to work with Kathleen Degalman. She was somebody who had an incredible passion for this industry, she had incredible success. And she also, really was big on financial literacy because it’s all great to make the money and all these great business, but it’s really what you do with that. And because of that, the three of us came together and with over 15 years of experience in network marketing and direct sales. We had a party planned. So we’ve got a little bit of everything. Kathleen has the expertise in financial literacy and making millions in the industry, and Becky and I come from a background where we are on relationship building, belly to belly, eyeball to eyeball. And collaborated and put together this incredible system, that really takes the guesswork out of what do I do next with the people that join my team. And we’ve been able to set up incredible community and point and direct people to a 30, 60, 90 day action plan that have the success that so many people want. I mean everybody gets into network marketing to be successful, we don’t get into it to fail. So we want people to have the best start, to put their best foot forward, and we just created this incredible team that I’m so grateful and feel so blessed to be part of.

Vince Reed (8:37 – 9:16)

Absolutely. And you did, you found people who you could work with. And you have fun working with. I think that’s important. All the time people look for anyone to join their business and if you look at (8:52)? Obviously there is typically higher in process. And it sounds like you’ve created a system that does a lot of that filtering for you. So you bring in good people, which is awesome.

Tell me this, if you could go back in time, in the beginning, that very first day when you got started, when you heard about this industry, what advice would you have given yourself when you got started?
Kathleen Radu (9:17 – 10:40)

Oh my goodness. That’s a big question. Younger me, well you know I think I would probably start with not being so hard on yourself. This is a journey and you have to at some point give in to the process of it. And it’s really important to enjoy it. And especially for women, you know women, you know theres this thing. The hardest critic of a woman is a woman. We’re so hard on ourselves, we’re always constantly pushing ourselves. When we compare ourselves to others, we slow down the process of our own journey and our own success. So Tony bobbins in one of my favorite, and I love his saying; the only person you need to compare yourself with is you, that is to be better today than you were yesterday. I’m an avid reader, im an avid listener, I believe that how you start your day is the most important thing you do. SO I get up every morning, make my coffee and I do my 30 minutes of what I put into my brain. What I put in that makes me a better leader. And leaders take action and I believe that when I look back and what I did, I was waiting for people to lead me when I started. And I just wish that I would have embraced It a little bit more, not been so hard on myself and really taken action to grow my business, the way that I saw my business, the way that I wanted it to be.

Vince Reed (10:41 – 10:53)

Absolutely. But just take it a little bit deeper. What specifically? How would you have done that? I mean, I know people hear that and they say whatever. Then one thing they could do to just kind of take that advice and just start with it.

Kathleen Radu (10:54 – 11:30)

You know what, don’t second guess yourself so much. I second guessed my abilities and I would’ve gotten on the stage sooner, I would’ve started doing presentations sooner, I wouldn’t have waited for people and I think that at the beginning I thought my age, because I was only in my early 30s. I remember thinking, gosh I don’t know enough, you know enough. Because you know more than everybody else in the room and that’s enough. I think part of that was just taking those steps to move closer to where you see the vision of where you want to be.

Vince Reed (11:31 – 11:51)

Awesome. Great advice. So this is a fun question, tell everyone listening, how your first sponsor actually recruited you on their team. How did that conversation go? Because I know a lot of people out there would be extremely happy if they would’ve got you under their team.

So how did that lucky person recruit Kathleen Radu on to their team?
Kathleen Radu (11:52 – 13:34)

Ok. Well I’m going to tell you two. I’m going to tell you how I got into direct sales first because this is a really great story. Again I was in my early 30s, I could not afford anything, I was invited to a home party, I literally went for the wine. I had 3 small kids at home and thought I could go and have a glass of wine, meet some other ladies, but I knew I couldn’t afford anything. I remember watching the lady that was doing the presentation and thinking wow, this is pretty cool. She comes up, she makes a little bit of money. I honestly though, I could do this. I could do this for 6 or 7 months. I could get enough in my bank account until I decide what I want to do. And so I just kind of jumped in, I knew that if I put my mind to something I could be successful at it. I went to the first conference I had after four weeks of actually joining that company. And I ended up staying with that company for 11 years and reaching the top rank in that company. So you never know who is watching, and timing is everything for people. And so I was so blessed that I got the greatest experience in direct sales and learning to build relationships with people. And when I got into network marketing, again it was that I had achieved everything except time and financial freedom in the company that I was with for 11 years. And when somebody talked to me about residual income, I was like wow, you know what? This is something that has been a missing part for me. And I honestly fell in love with network marketing. And I was an easy sell at that point because I knew what I could achieve and I knew that if I put my mind I could have the same success at networking.

Vince Reed (13:35 – 13:46)

Awesome. So pretty much you were an easy sell. You got in and you got started.

Kathleen Radu (13:47- 14:00)

Yea you never know who is looking. And I don’t think anybody could have looked at me and thought that I would or wouldn’t be successful in it. I just knew what I was capable of doing and I’m so grateful, that the people who have crossed my path have offered me an opportunity to be part of this incredible industry.

Vince Reed (14:00 – 14:37)

Awesome. So you had a lot of success. I mean people who earn 7 figures in anything, obviously you’ve done a lot of things. What people don’t often hear are things that we do that aren’t so great. And typically, with success comes a lot more rejection and failure.

That isn’t often talked about enough, so tell me your worst story of rejection.

Was there ever a time where you did a home meeting or you asked to tell someone about your business and every time you think about it you get this weird feeling. Is there any story like that that comes to mind?

Kathleen Radu (14:38 – 16:16)

Yes. I think when you talk about hard work and rejection and all those bits of things, it really hits home. Because there are a lot of times you feel like you are in the trenches and you’re just pushing that up hill. When I first started, when I graduated from university and had this degree, I really felt that I should continue on my path and he (dad) didn’t approve. He didn’t speak to me for almost two years and it was really really hard and he kept saying to my mum, you need to talk some sense into her. And I mum kept saying, just trust her, she’s always done things the right way, she always thought about everything through. But it was really hard for my dad and sometimes we wait so much for other peoples permission, we want approval, especially from the people that we love. And when we get it, it confirms for us that we’re on the right path. But when we don’t get it, it can really paralyze us. And it was really hard. And really got good at trusting my gut. I think that I was a better judge of what was good for me. Because I knew me. And I was more likely, I thought, to create a life that would make me happy. And I love my dad, and he came around when he saw my success. And he was able to celebrate in that. But it was really hard the beginning because I did want so much for his approval. And I just encourage other people that if youre waiting for somebody elses permission, don’t. Just do what you feel right for you. And then just go out there and they’ll come around. It just might take them a little bit of time.

Vince Reed (16:17 – 16:53)

Wow that’s a powerful story. And it’s funny. I speak to a lot of leaders, in fact there was one gentleman who I spoke with who is one of the top income earners in network marketing, period. In the top 5 I believe. And his family still to this day, they don’t talk to him. It’s really weird how people get fixated on own way of living and if you don’t do it their way, they can reject you. So I think that’s very inspiring, to keep going and realize that this is your life and you’re in a good place.

With that being said, tell us your best story of success for yourself and maybe someone on your team.
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Kathleen Radu (16:54 – 18:31)

You bet. I would have to say it is the video that went viral. My really good friend, and someone in my business Becky Herly did the video. It went viral with over 9 million views. It changed so many peoples lives. It was one simple video in a bathroom. One take. Nothing fancy but she was so relatable to people that I literally went loaded. And it happened on December 17th and I can tell you that it changed so many peoples lives. It was the craziest Christmas ever. My kids kept saying mom are we actually going to have a Christmas? Because we were on the phone 16 to 18 hours a day. And on the internet, just feeding all of these leads that we had. And I saw so many peoples lives change. People looking for us as hope brokers. And the video gave people so much hope that they maybe could get involved in something that was bigger than them. And the ties into that my mom who was diagnosed with cancer last year in the fall. She was quite sick through the holidays and we knew that her time was coming. But I was so blessed because I actually hit the rank of diamond the 31st of January and my mom able to celebrate. We had a lovely celebration dinner with my family and my mum was able to be there. She passed away just 5 weeks alter but it was such a beautiful gift. Not just to her but to me. To all of us who worked together. This real magic happened that changed so many peoples lives. It was just really great.

Vince Reed (18:32 – 18:43)

Wow. So inspiring.

And if you don’t mind, what was the video?

You don’t have to give us the entire script, because I bet people are probably wondering, what kind of video is this?

Kathleen Radu (18:44 – 19:23)

It was just a really quick little video. It was about 3 and a half minutes long. It was in her bathroom. It was applying a product that works very quickly. Becky has a really great sense of humor and she talked about being in Vegas and this is something that would make you look ten years younger. Sometimes we worry so much and we are our bigger critic. When we’re doing a video, we retake and retake and I think sometimes we just need to trust god and the universe and put it out there. And you just leave it open to whatever it is meant to be and certainly the people whose lives have changed. My life has changed because of that video.

Vince Reed (19:24 – 20:33)

Hey you know, the first thing that pops out to me when I’m coaching a lot of our students in network marketing, I tell them, the faster you can become a product of your product, the much easier it is for people to get attracted to you and your product. When sometimes people are so focused on the business opportunity, and you simply shot a video showing your product, and it exploded. So that’s a great tip and advice for people listening I would say. Would you agree?

Alright so, here’s a great one for you listening and I’m sure people who are getting started right now would love to hear your answer to this.

And that is, what would you tell a person getting started in network marketing?

They just signed on the dotted line, maybe some of them with products are hitting their door. And maybe the excitement of the opportunity has wore off and they’ve realized that they’ve got a business and they’ve kind of looking at this stuff, and this potential things that they can do. What would you tell that person now that they have a business and they have pretty much a huge opportunity to go as far as they want to take it?

Kathleen Radu (20:34 – 22:30)

Mhm I love what you said because I am a firm believer that you need a product of your product. Youre writing your story and you need to create that story and tell the story because that is what sells. People buy you and your story. And so you know, again, starting out, there is a statistic out there, I think it’s 90 percent of people quit network marketing after the first six or 7 months and the reason why is they exasperated their circular influence in friends and family and that’s when they have to grow and step out of their comfort zone and try things that maybe they didn’t want to have to try. So a lot of people think that’s too much so they don’t do it. This isn’t a get rich quick, but this is a get rich for sure if you work, this profession hard, smart and right. And the key is that you never quit. You will achieve everything if you just keep moving in the direction. And again all of these skills that we learn in network marketing, theyre learnt skills, so you can learn, everybody has that ability. That something we were born with. And there are so many incredible leaders out there, the internet has made it so easy to listen, read, write and learn. And it will allow us to grow faster. And especially if youre part of a team that has a great system. I love point guiding and directing people. If you’re not sure about how to do something talk to the person who shared the opportunity with you and ask them. This is a people helping people business. That’s what I love about it. Your success is directly related to helping other people be successful. And so don’t be afraid to put your hand up if you are stuck. I was just talking to a girl on a call this morning. And she was saying I don’t know what to do. And within 5 minutes she had a clear idea exactly what she needed to do. To move to the next step. Somebody has walked the path ahead of you, and the steps are there. You just sometimes have to reach out and ask for help. So don’t be afraid to do that.

Vince Reed (22:31 – 23:11)

Absolutely. And here’s an interesting question. It’s very similar but it’s very different at the same time. You know you have a lot of people that believe in this industry, they know what’s possible. Maybe they’ve tried different companies. They are in that situation that they’ve made 500 dollars. Maybe one month ahead, 2000 dollars but they can’t quite get over the hump. They’re starting to lose a little bit of hope, they’re not sure if their industry is legit, is what they believe and they’re starting to kind of lose hope.

And they consider themselves a veteran. What would you tell that person?

That person who has had a little bit of seasoning and they are just at a loss for answers.

Kathleen Radu (23:22 – 25:49)

Mhm. One thing that I love about this profession is that its full of sudden lies and lots of magic. And that in any moment one person, one video, one phone call can change absolutely everything for you and so many other people. I was there, and I’m going to share with you my story. I don’t actually talk about this very much, but I feel that this is a really good place because there’s more than one person out there that might be able to relate to it. When my mom was sick last year, we were really working hard to build a foundation with a company that we had been with for just two years. And it didn’t seem to be getting as much traction as we really wanted it to and I was getting discouraged. And I had been doing this a very long time and I had had success before. And so I was getting very discouraged and I remember calling Kathleen on December 1st and I said to her, you know what I just don’t know if I have it in me anymore to do this. Because honestly, I felt like I was doing everything right. I was persistent and I was consistent. But nothing was seeming to get any traction. And that was on December 1st. And she said to me, Kathleen just keep doing what you’re doing. And I said ok. And I had given myself to the end, and it thought you know what I’m going to really push hard through this time when it was really hard with my mum being sick and everything that was going on and I just knew that I needed to prove to myself that I could just stick. And I can tell you that I went from hitting a level that was three levels up in our company, to hitting top level at my company, by January 31st. So I was three feet from gold, and i didn’t even know it. I was three feet from quiting and I didn’t quit. And I just kept doing it, so you never know. It took me 20 years to do it, it doesn’t need to take you that long, but that’s the beauty of this business is that there is so much magic and so much suddenly that happens. Anytime something can change. And im so grateful that I didn’t and im so grateful that I listented to Kathleens wisdom. And I’m so grateful that I now can go inspire other people to never quit. Just do something different, adjust something, just look at it a little different. And step back a little bit. And everything will start to come into play and you will just be amazed and you’ll look up one day and you’ll be like wow I cannot believe that this is my life.

Vince Reed (25:50 – 26:30)

Awesome. It’s kind of like, there was an image out there, there was a person beating on this wall, and he quit, and if he would have hit it one more time, they would have gotten through. Its kind of like that. You know just keep beating on that door just so you can be able to get in. So awesome, that brings us to our time is money round. By the way, this thing has been loaded with a ton of value in content. Everyone listening is enjoying, I can wait to listen to it again. So, the time is money round is, im going to ask you a few questions and you have to answer them in 60 seconds or less. Are you ready?

Alright, so question number one, what is your number one marketing tip for new network marketers?
Kathleen Radu (26:31 – 26:49)

Ok. I would set a non-negotiable 30 day goal and do whatever it takes to get there. Take mass of action to quickly jump start your business as fast as you can. So whatever that is, a rank, so many registered users on your team, whatever it is, set that non negotiable 30 day goal.

Vince Reed (26:50 – 26:56)

Awesome. Ok number two.

Who do you look up to as a mentor or an entrepreneur?
Kathleen Radu (26:57 –

I have so many but obviously Kathleen Deggelman. I’m inspired by so many leaders and I’ve had incredible mentors, I love Tony Robbins, I love Eric Ray. I love anybody who loves this industry and is passionate about keeping it alive.

Vince Reed

Awesome are you going to be at Network Marketing?

Kathleen Radu

I am.

Vince Reed

Awesome everybody is definitely going to be at that event. Ok let’s see, number 3,

How should I approach my friends and family about my business?
Kathleen Radu

Ok first thing make sure that you are all in. All in. Don’t be one foot in, or a toe in. Be honest with them, be authentic, and ask them to encourage you. If you ask them to encourage you, ask them to support you buying your product, they will eventually buy your product. And that’s how they will encourage you.

Vince Reed

Awesome. That was easy. That was too easy. I have got to give tougher questions. And for those of you who know me, im sure if you see anything from me. Its hard to do anything without providing any value to you.

So is there any question that you have for me that i can help you out with?
Kathleen Radu (28:03 – 28:10)

You know what there is actually, I would love your input about Periscope and what you think It’s going to do for our industry.

Vince Reed (28:11 – 30:20)

Oh I absolutely love Periscope. I do a Periscope every single week. And I also do live stream from facebook every week as well. But you have to have a verified page to do that but I think it’s something that’s awesome, I think that. What I like about it is the fact that, well now they have certain things to capture the information so you don’t lose the actual Periscope within 24 hours. But personally I like the fact that the message gives away in 24 hours, because it adds a sense of urgency for people to make sure that theyre on it. And if they miss it, you can send something out or some kind of notice that hey this is going to be down in 24 hours. I think it’s great, I think it’s great that people can instantly see you and you connect with them in real time. So I think that if there are people that are thinking about branding themselves or being a leader, I think utilizing Periscope is a great way to do it. And if you’re new to Periscope, you think I don’t have followers I think the best way to do this is to go listen to other peoples shows and start to connect with the people that you see. Listening and watching other people do their shows. That way you will make friends and will connect with people who are already experiencing and understand how Periscope works. But for you I think you should absolutely have I think one day a week or, you know you don’t have to do it every day but atleast once a week. Set a time where you have your entire team. Jump on a Periscope and you give them like a tip of the day, or a strategy or motivator. And they can plug their team in to that, I think it’s a great way to stand out as a leader.
And you know by the way, it’s obviously all connected to Twitter as well so, when you get in to doing paid advertising, and you start doing to ads to actually give twitter followers. When you do your live Periscope, it actually sends a status update to all of your people following you on Twitter, as well as a notification to the people that are following you on Periscope on your phone. So you get all your Twitter followers who will be invited as well as anyone who is following you on Periscope. So pretty cool deal. So was that valuable, did that help you out?

Kathleen Radu

That was awesome.

Vince Reed (30:24 – 30:37)

So thank you so much By the way, this was amazing. Is there anything, or any place, or anywhere a person can connect with you to get more information about you and connect with you on a deeper level?

Kathleen Radu

You’ve got Kathleenradu.com my website and that isn’t a company specific, it is just my page to help inspire. I try to blog on their pretty regularly and I would love people to connect on this. There is an ebook on there that ive put together as well so absolutely go there to sign up for my ebook and I’d love to connect with anybody.

Vince Reed (31:00 –

Awesome and we’ll also make sure we connect to you on social media on Facebook as well so they can find you there. So again, I truly appreciate it and I always get a ton of value out of these and I know people listening in will as well. So thank you again. And with that being said, that definitely concludes another awesome interview and we’ll definitely see you on the next one. Take care. Want to listen to additional interviews of 6 and 7 figure earners sharing their stories? Visit networkmarketingnation.com.