4 Tips To Get Your Network Marketing Team To Listen To You

4 Tips To Get Your Network Marketing Team To Listen To You

Successful Network Marketers have the uncanny ability to influence and motivate people by the masses. They communicate effectively by sharing their passion and vision, which inspires people to join their team!

Successful Network Marketers didn’t learn these types of leadership qualities overnight. It takes time, effort and heart!

Below are 4 tips to get your Network Marketing Team to listen to you. When implemented, you will be one step closer to becoming a true Network Marketing leader, influencer and Top Earner!


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Here are 4 Tips To Get Your Network Marketing To Listen To You:

1. Be Real

When you speak with anyone on your team or potential prospects, you must come off as real. This means relating to others through beliefs and struggles.

Have you noticed almost all Top Earners have some type of compelling background story? Usually they faced some type of hardship, failed multiple times, or struggled for years before they hit success. This shows they are authentic and real – anyone can do what they did!

So next time you’re talking with your team, doing a webinar, or giving a talk on stage, try sharing a story of disappointment or failure in life. Let people know you are real and reassure them that if you can do it, they can too.

2. Lead By Example

If you want your team to listen, you have to lead by example. That means following through with scheduled calls, reaching out to new team members, investing in yourself, and being a product of your product.

Take action and purchase a coaching program. Learn as much as you can and share it with your team. Try learning a new tool or system that will help your team build their business. Learn it, implement it, and then teach it!

Showing your team that you are willing to spend money, learn from the best, and then teach them everything you know will get them to listen to you and be inspired!

3. Tell Stories

Leveraging company products and compensation plan is not enough anymore. Facts and figures are good and will definitely help, but that’s not what people remember.

People remember stories and if you want your team to listen to you, telling stories will creates an emotional engagement/attachment and you won’t be forgotten!

Try and recall the last great speaker you listened to. What do you remember? Do you remember the facts/figures of their monthly residual? Or do you remember their story and what speed bumps they overcame in their journey?

Stories give people the chance to relate and will give people a reason to work hard for your team.

4. Be Consistent

Above all else, be consistent. The 3 tips I just shared with you will be completely ineffective if not done on a consistent basis.

Your team wants to see you working hard day in and day out. Working your Network Marketing business for a month, then taking a 2-month hiatus might work for you, but what you’re really doing is setting an example for your team.

Being a leader isn’t easy. Influencing others isn’t easy. Only practice will make perfect and if you be real, lead by example, tell stories and are consistent, you will be on your way to becoming a true Network Marketing leader, influencer and Top Earner! 

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