4 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Network Marketing Company

4 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing is an amazing industry. It provides people with the ability to be their own boss, create the ultimate work/life balance, and earn endless amounts of income.

Thousand of Network Marketers are joining companies each and every day, but the question is how do you know what company to join? Below are 5 questions to ask before joining a Network Marketing company. After asking yourself these questions, you will have a much better idea of what type of company to join and how you will create success within that company.


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Here are 4 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Network Marketing Company:

1. What Is My Passion?

First and foremost you must identify what you are passionate about before choosing a Network Marketing company. Most people find it difficult to create success in a business if they aren’t passionate about the products or service.

We’ve all heard the saying “work isn’t work if you love what you do”. Identify a company that has products you would buy yourself or recommend to a friend even if you weren’t paid to do so.

Creating passion around your business will help keep you focused in the future when you face the ups and downs of Network Marketing.

2. Am I Willing To Invest In Myself?

Once you have figured out your passion, the next step is to ask if you’re willing to invest in yourself. The path to Network Marketing success is not one you want to take alone.

You are eventually going to hit a roadblock in your business and you’ll want to seek advice from people that have done it successfully before you. This could be reaching out to your sponsor, upline or a Top Earner in your company… and this could cost money.

Investing in yourself isn’t free. This means you will have to put money into your business by purchasing products, programs, or coaching. The return on your investment 100% depends on your willingness to commit to what you purchased.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself and spend money to create Network Marketing success before joining a company, you will have the right mindset from the start!

3. How Do I Earn?

Once you have found your passion and are willing to invest in yourself, the next step is to figure out how you earn from your Network Marketing company.

Is the compensation plan easy to understand? If you’re going to be selling products, does the company give you a suggested mark up price to be profitable? Is it going to give you a quick return on your investment? When do you get paid out and what are the bonuses? Ask as many questions as possible!

Understanding these questions will give you a better grasp on what your day to day commitments need to be with your new Network Marketing venture. It’s always smart to share your compensation plan with someone who has Network Marketing experience and ask for feedback.

4. What Is My Plan Of Action?

By now you should have a solid idea of what you’re passionate about, if you’re willing to invest in yourself, and how to earn from potential companies.

The last and final question to ask before joining a Network Marketing company is “what is my plan of action?” First, see what type of training is offered to beginners. You can’t do what you don’t know, so make sure you have access to training and on-going support.

Second, your plan of action should revolve around a schedule. Most Network Marketers still have full time jobs when they first start. Balancing family, a job, and Network Marketing can be difficult – but is never an excuse.

Find your passion, be willing to invest in yourself, know how you can earn, and put together a solid plan of action and you will be well on your way to creating Network Marketing success!

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