3 Tips Network Marketers Can Use To Recruit More Reps

3 Tips Network Marketers Can Use To Recruit More Reps 

Whether your brand new to Network Marketing or you are a seasoned vet in the industry, there will always be a constant struggle of selling potential prospects into your business opportunity. If you haven’t walked across the stage, took pictures with a big check, recruited 100s of reps, or earned a bunch of money – you can still have success!

These 3 tips, when implemented properly, can give you that edge over all the other Network Marketing reps that have the same products and services you offer and give your business that extra boost!


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Below are 3 Tips Network Marketers Can Use To Recruit More Reps:

1. Leverage A Leader/Find A Mentor

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘There’s no need to re-invent the wheel”? If not, it means there is no reason to try to recreate something that’s already been previously created or optimized by others. Seek out your company Top Earners or well-known industry leaders and copy what they’ve done for success!

Most of the time Top Earners/Industry Leaders will have courses or programs you can purchase where they teach their method of success. Give it a shot! Try something new, especially if it’s proven to work for others. This strategy can save you a lot of time and money!

2. Learn A New Skill

If you’re struggling to find people to join your business, learn a new skill! I like to refer to this tip as: Learn – Do – Teach.

Outside of traditional warm market prospecting, try venturing into out-of-the-box strategies. In today’s day and age there are so many tools we can leverage such as social media, videos, blogging, the Internet, apps, events, etc. Focus on one, learn how to use it/leverage it, take action and implement, and then teach it to others!

Realize that if you’re struggling to recruit more reps, someone else out there is too. Learning a new skill can solve that problem for you, but it can also solve that problem for a future team member. Click HERE for 2 skills you can learn and implement today!

3. Join A System

There are multiple systems you can join that help recruit more reps into your Network Marketing business. Systems come in all different shapes and sizes, but the main purpose is to provide structure and tools that will streamline success.

Types of system you can leverage are training systems, coaching systems, blogging systems, and marketing systems. Joining a system makes your Network Marketing business more attractive because now you can provide a guided path to people that join your team. Most Network Marketers fail because they have the same products and services to offer as all the other reps in their company. 

In summary, don’t let lack of results stop you from building a Network Marketing business. These 3 tips will put you in a position to provide value to potential new reps and give you a major advantage over all other reps that have the same products and services you offer.

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